Queen (and King) of Manipulation

It makes me sad when you don’t do what I want to do.

No, no, just go on with your day and I will wait here, all alone, on this bed with no company except this hard, plastic, red bone.

That’s a hoomin! Good hoomin! My love is your treat.

Sent in by Elly C., owned by Miss Daisy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Note the tiny, yet triumphant grin, complete wif leetle teefs, in the last pic. 😆

  2. Mine does this to me EVERY DAY I have to leave for work. The worst is when she tries to go out the door with me, then gives me the bewildered Bostie eyes when I shut the door. I’m a terrible doggy mama!

  3. had me at “baroo”…

  4. I’m volunteering to replace that hard plastic bone in that bed.

  5. tommygirl says:

    haha sometimes the caption/hoovertext is so funny that it wins over teh cute!

  6. sabrina rose says:

    So young, and yet she has all the moves! What a little darling!

  7. poor Gaz haz a sad 😦

  8. nicely conceived strategy GIgi!

  9. CP: Well described !!! Very excruciatingly bittersweet Trip of Guilt there.

  10. Typical Cavvie! Mine would give me that look any moment he wasn’t eating or being rubbed. He’d even team it with a trembling bottom jaw sometimes, trying to convince me he could burst into tears!

  11. Nooo, stop with the sad face! I will do whatever you need me to do right now. *sniff sniff*

  12. This kind of cuteness should be illegal.

  13. Ooh the spaniel “J’Accuse!” face. 😆

  14. My Chi once went and sat next to the heater, huddled over and shivering, when he realized I was about to leave him on a cold November morning. His Christmas present that year was a new fleece-lined bed and matching blanket.

  15. I know, I love it!

  16. She looks so soft…

  17. “Sent in by Elly C., owned pwned by Miss Daisy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.”

    Fixed your caption.

  18. pupfanatic says:

    Daisy, would you like my money? All the money I will make? How about all my present and future food? All of it? Okay. I will sleep on the floor, please take the bed. Oh, don’t forget my soul. You already have it.

    Dear God, this face could cure all diseases, famine, and world problems.

  19. pupfanatic says:

    When they try to walk out the door w/ you…oh that hoits!

  20. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a lovely breed. My friend has one and he’s not only cute, but obedient and has a golden disposition. AND they’re lap dogs in the extreme – what more could you ask for?

  21. Oh man, my bunny did this to me this morning. “No, no. Go to work. I’ll just sit here in my litter box, not even hopping out of the cage. Feeling unloved and alone. Like I’ve never had my head scratched in my life. But you go.”

  22. When I go visit my friends’ dogs, they’ll sometimes give me this look. I’ll gasp melodramatically and pet them, “Oh my gosh! It’s obvious no one -ever- pets you -ever!- Not even me. Not even right now, while I’m petting you! So deprived!”

  23. I”d NEVAH make it, out da doah…. 😯

  24. amen.

  25. Cavvies!!! This post makes me miss mine (passed away last February). She was the sweetest, and could explode heads with her cute but oh so sad ‘don’t leave me’ stare

  26. aw Alissa, I’m so sorry to hear she passed. Know that you enhanced her life.

    Maybe she and my guy Salinger are playing poker “upstairs” together (S. is/ was a mostly Abyssinian/ tabby feline quadruped).

  27. so sorry your cavalier passed away. You can never replace them.. But there’s other cavaliers out there who are desperately looking for the same love and affection you bestowed on your little one.. If you ever plan on getting another cavalier, please get one who deserves to be treated like the king /queen we all know they are..