You Otter See This! (Sam I Am)

386610_10151162146381990_360719025_n“Sutro Sam” has decided to pay the people of San Francisco a visit. Sam The River Otter gets his name from the fact he now resides, at least for the moment, at an old San Francisco landmark known as the “Sutro Baths.” quotes Megan Isadore, co-founder and director of outreach and education for the River Otter Ecology Project as saying, “This otter is the first otter recorded in decades and decades in San Francisco, and as far as I know he is the only otter in San Francisco.” CBS5 and KCBS Radio have more coverage here, and KGO 7’s coverage is here. Welcome, Samuel- enjoy your stay! (Of course, he has his own Twitter account.)



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Thumbnail from the River Otter Ecology Project FB; photo 2 from Jouko van der Kruijssen Wildlife Photography FB; remaining from Sean Havey, The Chronicle/SF.



  1. Somebody otter give him a big wet kiss 🙂

  2. I will!!!

  3. 2nd pic — otter back-toe beans! OMG!!!!!1!swoon!

  4. Little fish head nom nom nom

  5. What a handsome fellah you are, Sam. Perhaps he’s checking out this ‘fixer upper’ as home for his bride-to-be.

  6. Now the people of San Francisco will head down in droves to see the otter.. Just give him some space, folks, don’t be dumb.

  7. Give the reisdents their otter, and let the tourists have all the seals on the pier.

  8. If I flood my apartment, will an otter come take up residence with me?

  9. Yes, in the CBS5 article it even says: “Wildlife experts noted that Sutro Sam is eating well and should not be fed. And although he is not afraid of humans, they said it’s a bad idea to let dogs and other pets get too close.” I think people will realize thees.

  10. Oh, I wouldn’t hold my breath, Brinke.. A few years back, while I was still living in Colorado Springs, a moose took up residence in a city park. People were idiots.. approaching the moose with their barking dog or their children, like the moose wanted them to come up to it and pet it or something. Moose vamoosed.. not surprisingly.

  11. emmberrann says:

    No, but your neighbors might have something to say to you about that.

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    I hope he won’t be lonely, the only otter in S.F. !! He needs a mate/friend!

  13. A moose on the loose?

  14. That’s what I was thinking. I hope things work out for Sam. He’s certainly a pioneer among otterdom.

  15. Eh.. he’s not that far from others.. There are a bunch in Napa valley, or just down the coast in Monterey.

  16. No rush? ISWYDT.

  17. awwww Sam, you’re such a cutie. I hope you have fun in your fixer-upper, before the rest of the otters come and take your prime real estate. 🙂

  18. That funny little old man face just keels me!

  19. I think it’s just Jamie Hyneman escaping Alcatraz again.

  20. Flufferbutt says:


  21. The Sutro Baths can be quite difficult to maneuver….and if my fellow San Franciscans arrive in “droves,” Sutro Sam will have more than enough places to hide and keep a safe distance away from people should he feel so inclined. It’s actually quite dangerous down there and not that easily accessible.

  22. Blue Footed Booby says:

    They’re lucky. Moose can be grumpy, and when moose get grumpy, they get stompy.

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    No, people are pretty stupid. The seals at La Jolla Shores, for instance. Wild and will take your hand off. They had to put up ropes and signs to keep people away from the mommy and baby seals because people kept trying to get close, get pictures, etc. I guess people think they’re too cute to bite. Ha.