Top Ten Cutest Videos of 2012

top-10Back with one more 2012 Greatest Hits Rewind (sounds like MTV from back in the day, doncha’ know) AKA the OFFICIAL Cute Overload Top Ten Cutest Videos of 2012. As with our Top 10 Cutest Photos of 2012, we uploaded all the data to the DOE Twenty-Petaflop Supercomputer “Titan” to determine the list. Totally scientific and such; close prox to Silicon Valley has its perks.

#10 Cutest Video of 2012:
The Bark Side

No, they did not just trot in a whippet wearing the AT-AT costume at the end…

(Editor’s Note: video removed by owner.)
MobileMeeshe does it again!

#9 Cutest Video of 2012:
THIS JUST IN! Sloths in onesies!

GET OUT! [pushing you against a wall] this is PURE REDONKULOUSNESS!

Chief Sister Occifer spotted this one on our other favorite site, Dlisted.

#8 Cutest Video of 2012:
Gee, We Just Had Cupcakes at Mine

Bet your going-away party wasn’t as awesome as this: On his last day with four lion cubs, this “Men of C.O.” calendar candidate gets in some serious snuggling.

#7 Cutest Video of 2012:
The squeakingks!

The chubbular regions!

The learning to walkings!

It’s entirely too moshe! — wait, is that a poop on the floor? [facepalm]

And introducing: FAVE FRAME™ (My favorite part of this movie, the new video equivalent to the Cute Overload Xtreme Close-Up)

Super-Sender-Inner Josh N. sent this one in after emitting a Super Squeal.

#6 Cutest Video of 2012:
Somebody Switched to a New Shampoo

The kind that adds extra bounce.

Maybe this time they should’ve tested it on animals first? Sent in by Miriam who found it on DogWork

#5 Cutest Video of 2012:
The Four Stages of Waking Up

Denial. Denial. Denial. Bargaining.

Ingrid H. sent us these sleepy British Shorthair kittens looking for the snooze button.

#4 Cutest Video of 2012:
Scottish Fold Demands Pettin’

Those Scottish Folds are sooooo demanding.

[tap tap tap]

A link found and dutifully brought back to the colony by Ant.

#3 Cutest Video of 2012:
Bathtime for Sloths

OMG 28 seconds in!
OMG 28 seconds in!
OMG 28 seconds in!

Brinkie McBrinkersons sent this anerabuhl video in. Holy crap.

#2 Cutest Video of 2012:
Happy Caturday, Citizen

The cat you see before you is real. It is the happiest cat you have ever seen. You watch the video many times. Soon, it becomes hard to move. You feel a happy melting sensation in your brain. Speech becomes difficult.

Remain calm. Doctors are coming for you. They will take you to a nice room with other happy people. You will share your opinions about soft drinks and political candidates. You will rate movie trailers. The doctors will write down what you say.

When you awaken, you will be at your desk. You will remember nothing. Thank you.

#1 Cutest Video of 2012:
Rambo, the Paradox Paradog

In the webcomic The Oatmeal, cartoonist Matthew Inman sometimes shares the eccentric habits of his Shi Tzu puppy Rambo, such as in the recent comic My dog: the paradox (not safe for work and perhaps lunch). Inman recently shared a video of Rambo in a less eccentric mood from his Facebook page.

There eet is, the Top Ten Cutest Videos of 2012. We’d love to have your video in THIS SAME SPACE for next year, so keep those submissions coming! (Helpful Hint: don’t send in a whompin’ huge video file the size of New Hampsha, or link to Vimeo or sumfin’–upload to YouTube and then email the link. It’s for the best.)

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  1. Mary (the first) says:

    This is truly Overload!!

  2. tommygirl says:

    #8 makes me heart melt into goo ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. #8 is still my favorite ofthe year. I mean, it’s cute enough that Mr. CO there has a lap full of lion cubs huggin & kissin’ upon him, but that Scottish accent just kicks the whole thing into overdrive.

  4. luvstehQte says:

    after a double viewing of the adorable scots-man with the lapful of cubs, i think i need to go lie down for a while. whoa.

  5. Oh! Here’s one that deserves honorable menshons!
    Woah, I say woah!

  6. Just watching number eight made me pregnant and I’m not even a woman!

  7. I’m confused…the Inman video at #1? It’s not even interesting, let alone cute…

  8. Video #6: One of many reasons why it’s *not* necessary to put music behind cute animal clips! Now it won’t play :-/

  9. #6 doesn’t work

  10. tommygirl says:

    Scary thought!

  11. PandaGrrl says:

    What? The TINIEST of elephants didn’t even make the list?

  12. Well, between the time it first ran and now, The Man decided to block it, so we just went in with a CO Ninja HOT FIX and now it—-voila!—works. The Man always keepin’ us down.

  13. I know it came late in the game, and I’m not even sure if it was posted at CO, but I really liked:

  14. Yeah, that one befuddled me too. I wondered if it was a typo.

  15. Yeah, what’s up with that? That video is boring, just like Matt’s cartoons.

  16. Baby sloths turn me into a babbling fool every time!

  17. *giggle*

    Yup. I posted it, within another column, here on Christmas week. But here on CO it hasn’t had *its own* column.

  18. I think it must have been KYM, then, where I saw it first. I knew it was either here or on there. They are the only ‘places’ I visit.

  19. WHAT?! No scared baby red panda?

    I STILL watch that one and laugh.

    Oh and baby elephant too.

  20. I agree. it’s not even as cute as the other 9, much less many others that didn’t make the cut.

  21. And what about the otters stacking cups?

    This election was rigged, I tell ya, rigged!

  22. CO, you are deding me!! This is not FAIR! I’m really ded.

    (What on earth are they doing to the baby sloth? shaving it and wrapping it in bandages???)

  23. I wondered that myself. Then I turned the sound on.

    Getting rid of a bad case of mange.

  24. hello there! I discovered CO a short time ago -maybe 2 months- and I enjoy it soooo much. I have just signed up in order to comment on video 8: I don’t know who is cuter!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is the first time I want to be in the animal’s place!!!!!! yes, the guy is cuter!!

  25. I’m with you Lucy E. There can’t POSSIBLY be 10 videos cuter than the scared red panda.

  26. AWW 😀 I just LOVE the videos of the sweet kitties 😀

  27. pupfanatic says:

    That’s IT. I’m moving to Scotland. If I heard the accent correctly (on the guy, not the cubs.) The hottest guys come outta there (James McAvoy, will you marry me?)

    Oh, the cubs are cute, too.

  28. pupfanatic says:

    That’s what I wrote! Wanna move there w/ me. I’m sure those Hot Scots think us American girls are SO sexy, rt?

  29. pupfanatic says:

    You have come to the right place.

  30. The video may not be THE cutest, but the comic that went with it was so beautiful it made me cry 😦

  31. Laura DragonWench says:

    Okay, I seriously need to find that lovely Scottish lad and stalk- um, I mean, find him and express my appreciation of his affection for the animal kingdom. So, does anyone know in which direction I should start looking? 😀