Top Ten Cutest Photos of 2012!

top-10 (1)People! Voilà the OFFICIAL Cute Overload Top Ten Cutest Photos of 2012. How did we come up with such a ranking? With the help of the Department of Energy’s Twenty-Petaflop (20,000 trillion calculations a second) Supercomputer “Titan,” we were able to crunch tonz of data to come up with the best of the best. Here we go- fasten your lap straps, trays in the upright position!

[Top 10 Videos up next! -Ed]

Cue the Cute Lang Syne music!

#10 Cutest Photo of 2012:
Experience the Hedgie-Gro™ Difference!

We treated the hedgehog on the right with Hedgie-Gro™ brand Hedgehog Chow; the hedgehog on the left, another leading brand. And just look at the difference!

Mama hedgehog and baby hedgehog (who looks like it is riding a roller coaster and yelling “whee!”), found by Heather!

#9 Cutest Photo of 2012:
Rainforest fluffballs


People, please check out these fluffy little Tribble-like dudes. The Honduran White Bat! According to Wikipedia, Honduran White Bats have snow-white fur and a yellow nose and ears. These bats are tiny, only 37-47 mm long. They live in leaf tents in the rainforest, natch. I’d never seen these creatures before alert Cuteporter Terri H. informed us.


#8 Cutest Photo of 2012:
The Happiest Tortoises on the Planet

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Give You:  The Happiest Tortoises on the Planet.

“A strawberry?! My favorite!!

A strawberry?  MY FAVORITE!!

Raspberries Another strawberry?!?!?!? MY FAVORARRGTHMMGPTHOMNOMNOM!!!!!!!1!!!

RASPERRIES??!!?!!  MY FAVORITE!!!!1!!!!!1!

#7 Cutest Photo of 2012:
My parents asked me to puppy sit. This is what I sent them 15 minutes after they left.

Brilliant poster Massachoosite posted this image and cap-shons over on Reddit. Bone Appétit! [groan]

#6 Cutest Photo of 2012:
BFF’s To The Max: Misao And Fukumaru

Cuteporters Saffron & Nancy F. are reportin’ that photographer Miyoko Ihara has been taking photos of her grandmother Misao and kitteh Fukumaru for the last 13 years. One day, Grandma found an odd-eyed kitten in the shed…

It’s all captured in the new book Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat.

Via Buzzfeed Animals.

#5 Cutest Photo of 2012:
It’s Been a Long Week

Ready to face the world again!

Thank you for sharing your sudsy buddy, 四川 成都

#4 Cutest Photo of 2012:
Wow-worthy Pet Portraiture

Amazingly creative pet-tographer Seth Casteel has a new series of Underwater pup photos:

We like it (officially, on Facebook!) See much more over at Seth’s Little Friends Photo site.

#3 Cutest Photo of 2012:
I’ll Miss You All Summer

I can’t believe that you’ll be moving up a grade and they’re holding me back, just because they say I’m… (snif!) slow! It’s not my fault! I’m supposed to be slow!

Another of Ant’s Quality Foraged Links.

#2 Cutest Photo of 2012:
Well Would You Look at That

A pig in a blanket.


Brock, you sent us this picture. I do not think it means what you think it means.

#1 Cutest photo of 2012:
Seventeen Dynamic Duos

There all sorts of reasons why things pair up. We have recently received a glut of awesome duos. We have compiled and organized some of them for your viewing and squeeing pleasure.

Parent and Child Duos: Bound together by blood and love and stuff.

One sided Duos: When one is an inanimate object.

Friendship Duos: Sisters and brothers from other mothers.

Duos of Convenience: Sometimes it’s handy to hook up.

Uncertain Duos: When the outcome is unknown.

Our thanks to (in order of appearance): Ajdin Samurai, Christof Stache, 1-Ace, JChip (puppy with stuffy and girl with dog),,, Skip, JGState 1 (grey kitty with tan dog and Cavalier with tortois), No Name, Pixdaus, Isleshocky, Attack of the Cute, Ajay Vichra, Picturedude and Artemis.

There eet is, the Top Ten Cutest Photos of 2012. Lotta copying/pasting on this one, yep! We’re already hard at work on the Top Ten for 2013, so keep those submissions coming!

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  1. When my Nellie “helps” me like Fukumaru, I call it “Nelping.”

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    They’re all wonderful in every way but I do think my fave is the lady and the cat, that one photo with the lady smiling and kitteh on her shoulder .. beautiful.

  3. skippymom says:

    Re: Number 9: I don’t remember seeing those bats last year, but we first saw them several years ago. I actually remember that that original post was the first time Fird Birfle, who was then using her real first and last name, showed up to comment. Also remember that Von Zeppelin (RIP) and I were joking that the little bats looked like a craft project gone wrong.
    Yeah, I know which stuff is important to keep in the ol’ memory bank, you betcha.

  4. Yeah, I thought those cute little bats were from more than a year ago. Being a former auditor, I would like to request dates of original posts to verify that they were all from 2012. 🙂

    Also, I call major gyp on #5 – only one hovertext for all those pics! 😯

  5. skippymom says:

    But reading multiple hovertexts is such hard work, don’t you know.

  6. fleurdamour says:


  7. Well met! I approve of this list.

  8. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Nope, wrong, sorry. Misao and Fukumaru #1!!!

  9. *somebody rang??*

    *shifty eyes*

  10. skippymom says:

    Do you remember that, Leslie? Am I right that it was the first time you showed up here?

  11. Definitely, Misao and Fukumaru is No. 1

  12. The woman and the cat were my favorite. Such a wonderful friendship!

  13. I just read through that whole thing, and I can’t believe I didn’t make a comment… (Yes, it’s Friday afternoon and almost time for me to go home. Why?)

  14. So hard to choose a favorite…..they are all wonderful 2012 memories courtesy of CO. But Misao and Fukumaru have taken my heart away with them, and they are Number 1 for me!

  15. I agree. Those pictures are the very definish of “warm and cuddly”.

  16. Is it me or

    “#3 The Happiest Tortoises on the Planet

    On August 21, these mashed-potato-strawberry-chomping torti took the audience to their happy nomming place (H.N.P.). Mashed potato photo by Iona B., Sent in by Benjamin C.” – 2009


    #8 Cutest Photo of 2012:
    The Happiest Tortoises on the Planet

    Ladies and Gentlemen, We Give You: The Happiest Tortoises on the Planet.

    “A strawberry?! My favorite!!“-2012

  17. whoops sorry about that, saw POPULAR POST 2009

  18. All these posts are so precious! The entire collection brings so many vague but very happy memories of my brain exploding, melting, dissolving, evaporating and transforming into clouds of glitter 🙂 Thank you, CO!

  19. Bats? All I see is a leaf full of banana-flavored marshmallows. Thanks, don’t mind if I do.

  20. It’s so hard to chose a favourite., it like a new box of chocolates I want them all.

  21. fleurdamour says:

    They also have pig noses. Amazing.

  22. How are we supposed to survive this much cute, all condensed into one post?

    *falls over, and then proceeds to melt into happy glitter goo*

  23. *plop*

  24. I hadn’t seen the pig in a blanket before… May I neeble him?

  25. Psst… #10 was submitted by Hilary. But that’s ok, whenever people forget my name they call me Heather instead 🙂

  26. the best part about this countdown is the fact that instead of only having 10 photos, you guys have 10 segments. So we get more bang for our buck! That’s how come I love this website!

  27. Confectionery technology has truly outdone itself this time. I bet those evil Japanese are somehow responsible for this, even. CURSE YOU, JAPAN!

  28. Thank you for showing us these wonderful photos!

  29. Those bats would not do well in a haunted house.

  30. Hi Skippymom.

    My most-concise answer is “duh??? Ah dunno….”

    You very well may be entirely correct? but I don’t have direct memory of which picture was the earliest pic.

    I’m so sowwy; I truly don’t recall. If we had a series of the CO photos, here by the dates…I might be able to backtrack/ recognize, to approx the right group of photos .:(

    I would take a stab, that I’ve been lurking here at CO for perhaps 4-5 yrs now
    I do recall what BROUGHT me to LOOK FOR CuteOverload before I knew about it. The local (Jax) paper used to have a little column printed on the same page, and to the left of the TV schedule for the day: “internet sites we like”.
    I seem to think it was a local columnist’s suggestions and not a nationally-sourced column. Anyhow, one day that column suggested CuteOverload and another one that I still like which is Humanclock. com. I’m still hooked on BOTH items. Humanclock is the Third Grooviest Thing Evahr, after Meg and Skippymom.

    Just in case anybody’s interested in H’clock also, I’ll place a link for that, below.. There are a BUNCH of different sub-pages. If you visit and wander among them, the homepage, with the deer in the pic at top center, is where you would click to begin to watch the time shift among different photos automatically.

    People all over the world (sometimes Cleveland sometimes Taiwan)
    locate an item or a place which show a series of 3 or 4 digits/ numerals and take a photo of that item. The moderator then attaches those photos to a time of day (3:45, 11:10) so the pic on yer screen changes every 60 seconds and you have no prediction to location which is about to come up. His homepage from which one navigates is a bit quirky like an English garden maze . But overall the site is way cool.

    If you set it in your personal computer/ home, there is a sub- page with variations; you can select any of about 50 different background colors for the little image onscreen among other things.

    Again, sk’mom I apologize for failing you on this question 😦

    Otherwise I hope everybody has a groovy night!!!
    “Like, peace, man” !!!!

    Love, L


    Yes, the little white bats turned up in 2009:

  32. YAY for Theresa’s navigation…
    however, part of sk’mom’s question was whether it was or wasn’t the first or near the first CO post where I wrote in. Locating the orig. post does answer whether I wrote in but not wh. it ” was my first time” 🙂

    But thx for answering part of it!!

  33. Those are my favorites, too. I just melt when I look at them.

  34. I just LOVE the pictures of grandmother Misao and her kitteh Fukumaru 😀 I just got to get the book 😀

  35. Oh, I thought you said TEN photos…..

  36. I am one of the cuteporters that submeeted Misao and Fukumaru. 🙂 It makes me feel happee that people like it so much! I bought the book and when am feeling blue, look at the pics and then feel better. Have to admit, I am envious of Big Mama’s life. Looks pretty wonderful.

    The vids and photo are so cute, I cannot pick a fave. I loff them all. Although the kittayn with the sock monkey…so fuzzy and adorable. I want to pop it in my mouf. 😀

    BTW, good news for my 16 year old orange tabbeh…after many months of trying, his thyroid level is back within normal range! As in humans, it takes a bit of time to find the right dose of meds for, in his case, hyperthyroidism. I have already noticed he seems much happier and is eating well. Am feeling veeeeery happy!!!!!

  37. I like the capybara + brown bird and also the fawn & kittayn pics !!! 🙂

    Also / Saffron: YAY for tabbeh chez toi !!

  38. I could look at Misao And Fukumaru all day long. They just make me happy.

  39. *wildly waving glitter-spraying pom-poms* for Saffron’s submish of Misao And Fukumaru photos. … and… *cartwheels* for orange tabbeh … oops second leg didn’t make it over…need a stretcher, stat!

  40. Thanks CO for another year of grins and giggles (chortles, chuckles, guffaws, shrieks, howls, ROFLMAO, amazement, awwwws and love) 🙂 😀 ❤

  41. hereyago, Emmm!!!

  42. Desdemona says:

    Yes, I agree–I was going to say you guys are cheating. Your top ten photos actually consists of 60+ photos. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

  43. It really is a moving and wonderful photo story. My favorite hands down!

  44. Those hedgies are the cutest freaking things I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!

  45. Mine too; Misao and Fukumaru are really something special.

  46. The cutest posts of 2008 seem to get lost every year! But if you look at victoreia’s comments from last year, she has found the 2008 best-in-cute:

  47. Hurray for good tabbeh news!