These ‘Tocks Speak For Themselves.

And HEY let’s go to the Fave Frame™ Action, why not?


Bouncing Chubbular Fur Heads from Stephanie T.



  1. Floofular chubbularity. That is all. *ded*

  2. 1: That is the most floofage I’ve seen, since the last lionhead bunneh was in town.
    2: theeee myoozique eez the Captain Kangaroo myoozique …..or else Pretty Dang CLOSE TO the Captain Kangaroo Myoozique!!!

  3. Gah! Teh floof iz kelling meh!!

  4. It’s the music that takes this from really cute to OVER THE TOP CUTE!

  5. Them’s certainly are fluffy tocks!

  6. Stinkin’ cute little dog/bears!

  7. If stinky gross stuff didn’t come out of butts I’d be nomming those ‘tocks!

  8. Firdie: This ring a bell?

  9. The interaction of floof and chub is unbearable. 😯

  10. The leetle yips and when they zoom back and forth… DED

  11. Now that’s what I call fluffulence!

  12. Now those are some cushie tushies!

  13. my momma just recuted a little dog that looks just like these little fellows…his name? bear, of course!

  14. Yes, they are dedifyingly prosh, but somehow the idea of ‘tocks speaking alarms me.

  15. Fluffy puppy bums!! Fluffy puppy bums!!!! AAAAAHHH!!!

  16. I love that they’re so young, their tails haven’t curled yet! Love them Chow Chows!