Gotta Dance!

Get ready! It may appear that Miss Foxy Brown is simply being over-the-top-super-cute when in fact she is auditioning for Dancing With the Paws!

Miss Foxy Brown is ready for her big number, Tonya N. Photo by Russ D.



  1. Aww! I’d love to dance with this puppy!

  2. Pomeranians’ itty bitty muzzles just slay me.

  3. LOVE the dance costume! But, where are the sequins?

  4. skippymom says:

    She is very cute and very talented.
    (how come she isn’t getting more comments? I kind of feel sorry for her)

  5. Aw, such a face full of sweetness – and anticipation!

  6. I’ve said before how we had a Pom named Jeannie when I was a young girl. She would danse for Smarties just like the one in the photo. (Yes I know chocolat is not good for dogs but we didn’t know at the time) Ever since I’m a sucker for Poms and I call them all Ninie wich was my nickname for her.

  7. Too many new posts at one time, so people may not be scrolling all the way down.

    Miss Foxy Brown is definitely a cutie.

  8. mmm, Smarties. I used to love them a lot, but I think they’ve changed the formula or something. The last time I had some they weren’t as good as I remembered. (For those in the US who may not know, Smarties are like M&Ms. The product that the US labels Smarties, Canadians call Rockets.)

    I think it’s adorable that Jeannie would dance for Smarties. I wonder what Miss Foxy Brown is dancing for? Treats, or just because she is happy?

  9. As always, not enough guys in dance class.

  10. warrior rabbit says:

    No! No such thing as too many posts!

    Just the other day, I found myself wishing the CO posting team was a little more international/follow-the-sun. Like, that there was an Aussie poster or something. Why? Just so that there could be posts at 2 am, which is when I happened to be looking. (I was awake and wanted cute, dammit!)

    And frankly, shouldn’t the world revolve around cuteness (and my wishes, not uncoincidentally)? Hmm? Aifinksoyes. 😉

  11. Not all dance costumes have sequins, and besides she looks better without it.

  12. I can relate to that first hand. :/

  13. My friend wrote a Pomeranian song that I have just remembered, it’s very simple. It goes “pom, pom-pom, pom Pomeranian …” over and over again until you try to stuff your shoe in her mouth.

  14. 😆 I don’t know if they changed the recipe or it’s because we grew up but I agree that they don’t taste as good now as they did then.

  15. Hey WR…I’m an Aussie poster. 😀

  16. If she had sequins, I’d worry she had been playing with glue, and then rolling in said sequins.

  17. warrior rabbit says:

    You are an Aussie commenter. I mean a poster, a la Crazy Pants and Pyrit… Able to supply *fresh posts* for us to squee and splode glitter and fall over ded at. It’s a distinction Theo was a little militantly persnickety about, so I learned it.

  18. warrior rabbit says:

    [grabs shoe in preparation for either Theresa or Fird, who will start singing it, you know they will]