Get It Fresh!

Finding fresh cute in the middle of winter can be tricky. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without. CO is here to supply you with fresh cute, all year ’round!

Plump and squee-liscious Bella, brought to you by Christine D.



  1. The bonus disapproval is extra.

  2. I wonder — perhaps all bunnehs are experts at Disapproving Looks, b/c everywhere they go, huge roomsful of people all become blithering baby-tawkers,
    “loookit da baybee awwwwww”

  3. skippymom says:

    If you buy a six-pack, they throw in the disapproval for free.

  4. I was at the pet store yesterday buying food for the cats and a man in front of me plopped a baby dwarf bunny on the box in my cart! He was soooo soft and tiny, he fit in the palm of my hand with room to spare! 🙂

  5. Since he was in your cart, did you take him home?

  6. Gigi, you may mail b.d.b. to me at

    “Special” Delivery

    Cell # 13
    Bellevue Center for Animal Addictions.


  7. In that case, I’ll take an assorted six-pack, please.

  8. 260Oakley says:

    OK, where is this pet store that gives baby buns with purchase (bun per customer, I’ assume)? I’d be delighted to get one; my cats… eh, maybe not so much.

  9. all ya gotta do is to buy cat kibble at the pet store….leave bb. on the porch inside a carrier ….go inside and feed kibble a los gatos …

    and then stroll in past them, whistling a tune, with the bunny holder!!!

  10. lisaLASSIE says:

    Wait just a minute hereGigi. We need clarification and resolution. So some complete stranger forced a babbeh bunneh on you against your will? Was police action taken? And did you buy the bun and take it home? Fight the man for it? Come on, tell us more.

    Nosy peeps: I mean, enquiring minds want ato know.

  11. lisaLASSIE says:

    Or maybe your cats would like baby dwarf bunny just a little TOO much!!! 😮

  12. That is one hot, cross bun.

  13. I’ll just leave this linky-doo right here for yall to enjoy:

    His name is Waffles!

  14. oops, it was supposed to go in the Corgi posts…stupid melted brain!

  15. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    I second the request. Was it the shop owner encouraging you to buy a rabbit, knowing you’d never be able to resist? I hate pet stores that sell animals, but I can’t help but feel so bad for all the animals there and I would just want to buy all of them. I think my adopted bun came from a pet store because he was so young when I got him so I have a soft spot for rescuing pet store animals.

  16. OK let me reply more or less in order 😆
    1- The store is Mondou in Longueuil, Québec, Canada
    2- Yes the stranger did force that bun bun on me against my will (well I didn’t protest too much)
    3- The store sells only pet food and toys and stuff like that, the guy was a customer and had a box of baby bun that he obviously was trying to sell, the clerks didn’t stop him but were not encouraging him either.
    4- I didn’t buy the bun because I have 5 cats (see Okley’s comment for reason) but did I pet the cute little thing.
    5- I also do not like pet store that sell animals and I don’t approve of someone who will sell an animal to anyone without knowing if it’ll be treated well.

  17. When I got my first bunbun, I found it difficult to leave the house at times.

    “But…but… there is CUTE going on! I might MISS IT!!!”

  18. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    I was about to say it was weird a person would sell animals at a pet store he didn’t even work at, but then I thought about it some more and I guess I kind of get it. If you were irresponsible and had an unfixed pet and ended up with a bunch of animals, a pet store is a logical place to go. But there’s a lot of scumminess involved when a person decides to profit off the animals instead of just acknowledging their mistake and taking the animals to a shelter.

    What was in those sympathy cookies, extremely judgmental chocolate chips? Or is it the disapproval from the rabbit rubbing off? *puts down the pitchfork, has another cookie*

  19. skippymom says:

    You could have just called in ded.

  20. Mr. Buns declares himself as not FRESH.. Harumph.

  21. I gotta say, I don’t think I COULD convince myself that there were sufficient temptation to leave the bunny one.

  22. WOT THA — ??

    *deceased human being*

  23. SO WHO CARES for all the rationality?

    Sell yer house, somebody else can care for the cats (sorry cats) and you can buy a new house to keep the bunny!! See? Problems solved!!!

  24. Vitamin CO: the only vitamin *sighentiffickally proven* to prevent winter colds, winter, cold, flus, flues, flews and la grippe.
    gods bless CO, its fearless leader, the Mods and we, its healthy and happy millions o’ winter minions [see you on the flip side, Southern Hemisphere].

  25. I eventually realized that there was an unending supply of cute with bonus rabbitude, so it would still be there when I got home.

  26. lisaLASSIE says:

    Now that is one of the besty excuses I ever heard. If I had an employee who called in ded after looking at CO, I would completely understand. Assuming that the same thing hadn’t happened to me.

  27. Squee-liscious indeed!

  28. I believe that if a baby bunny suddenly appeared in my shopping cart, I would ignore all of my rational thoughts and consider it a sign from the Universe that I am supposed to have that bunny.

  29. MUST snorgle floppy bunneh earsies!!!!! Squeeeeeeee! *grabby hands thru the monitor*

  30. Exactly! 🙂

  31. We should have an “add to cart” option!

  32. Eeeeks! Someone get the defriba-majigger!

  33. Of course his name is Waffles!! Holy smokes!

  34. BunnyBink says:

    Not sure if you’re being serious dear, I but I have two lovely little dwarfs and three cats, in my experience cats and bunnies (even the occasional dog, lol) get along splendidly! In fact, it’s nearly always the buns who are the aggressors of the pairing!