Cute Animals Beating Up Toys

Let’s see what we have here. First one, “Nico who went out for the first time. Hatch which caught the castration operation.”

Um, OK.

And the bottom one is Mika putting the big hurt on her stuffed frog.

BONUS NICO INSTAGRAM ACTION: “Contemplating The Meaning Of A Tomato.”
Nico photo and vid from Hacth427. Mika vid from Thechellyroach16.



  1. I love this so moish.

  2. Wait, I thought Mika was a stripey kitteh? Now you’re telling us Mika is Max Stubbular’s bebeh cousin? I’m having a confusion here.

  3. Same name, different animuhls!

  4. I think that perhaps I must be a Martian b/c the text above/ accompanying several of the current posts reads a bit like Lewis Carroll…..however on to the CRUCIAL part of the analysis:

    There now will be an adjustment to your existentialism/ philosophy handbooks.
    We will now have an additional chapter. Following the chapters on Kafka, Ernie Kovacs, Proust and Salvadore Dali will be a chapter all about Niko and the
    tomato. [“tomahto?”]. Thank you for your cooperation.

  5. *protests*

    they can’t DO THAT!!!! ‘Spesh if they’re both CUTE. ‘Tisn’t FAIR~!!!!

  6. ps the music accompanying Mika’s vishus attack on le grenouille is pretty enjoyable.

  7. “Grenouille” is quite simply the best word in the Froinche langwich. Grenouille, grenouille, grenouille!!!! Lurves it.

  8. phred's mom says:

    So much fun to say! Much funner than “frog”!
    N’cest pas? You bet! Pour certainement!
    Certo! Indeedy! …and so forth…

  9. WOW!!!

    had aucun idee that a froggie wird for froggies would happy so menny peeps!!!

    YAY for happeez et pour les grenouilles aussi.

  10. Years ago, I had a ferret named Tuco. I was at the clinic one day, waiting for Tuco’s appointment, when a couple came in with their dog, who was also named Tuco. I was surprised, because I never expected anyone else to choose the same name. (I think they even spelt it the same way that I did.)

    Regarding these pictures, it almost looks like Mika’s toy is bigger than her. Good for her, showing it who is in charge!

  11. “tuco” DOES seen to be an unusual name. Izzit a commonly-used word/ noun/ name in some culture? Mexican,e tc? And do / did you live in a community of that particular culture when you had Tuco?

  12. It’s possibly Mexican. It is the name of “the ugly” character in “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. The original name was either Psycho or Blondie (there were two ferrets, but someone else took the other one), and I didn’t care for either name. Blondie reminded me of Clint Eastwood’s character in the movie, so I looked it up and decided I liked the name Tuco. I think the other people also got their name from the movie, but I can’t remember.

  13. emmberrann says:

    PS: Ah bleeve eet ees LA grenouille, even eef la grenouille ees eetself masculin. Voila! Tout a fait comme la baleine, ze whale, tu sait.

  14. as a former teacher of english as a second language, i cracked up at the description of the first video. “caught the castration operation” = morbidly and hilariously cute!

  15. Those ‘tocks on Mika! Look at ’em!! Gahhh

  16. maybe that is why it read weird to me? “caught” ???

  17. Chubbeeeee. Corgiiiiiiii . Puppeeeeee. That is all.

  18. Love Mika! Also love that sublime piece of music he was cavorting to. Hoped there’d be a credit at the end – anyone know what it is and by who?

  19. Mika says, “I’m gonna show this here frog who’s boss… just as soon as I catch a short nazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” 🙂

    It must be exhausting, being that qte and lugging around that chubby tummeh all day.

  20. @ emmberrann:

    “HO-kay and merci buttercups!!!” Ah shall attempt to recomembaire zat.
    “ave, ‘ow you say, a guuud day 🙂 “

  21. I think the phrase “corgi being cute” could be shortened to just “corgi.” The “being cute” part is assumed.

  22. Dunno about Mexico, but in Puerto Rico a “tuco” is a nub, like the small protuberance that passes for a tail at the tock-end of Pembroke Corgis like the beautiful, delicious, scrumptious morsel of a pupster that is Mika!

  23. Agree. “Corgi being cute” is the epitome of redundant; “cute” and “Corgi” are synonyms!

  24. Not that Mika, the Other Mika

  25. love the “eers blowin’ in da weend” in Nico’s video

  26. Emmberrann says:

    ‘Allo Zere, Mlle. de Birfle! Bonne annee! Et enfin, “backatcha, hunny-chile!”

  27. ka CHING