Maxi New Year + Bonus Tongue Action!

Welcome to 2013, People! Can’t theenk of a better way to kick off A Stubbular New Year…than to roll in some dirt! Who’s WITH me?

Christopher B. sez: “Submitting my dirty little Corgi who likes to roll around in the backyard.”



  1. Happy New Year, everyone ! May the CUTE be with you this year!

  2. I know another dogue who likes to roll in zee durt. Ah hope that this code leads to the right specific photo.

    *crosses fingaires*!/photo.php?fbid=371612686263771&set=a.357219897703050.83223.356281344463572&type=1&theater

  3. I’m glad I don’t have to wash him!! 😆

  4. How could anyone resist that face? I would let him roll around in the dirt to his heart content.

  5. Puppy plus dirt plus tongue equals one happy puppster!

  6. Do’h I forgot about using baby dog as a word… Pouts while waiting to get rescued from the Mod Lounge pulls out Oreos and chocolate pudding for fellow Mod Loungers.

  7. Such a cute baby! Dirty or clean, a corgi baby is the cutestest.

  8. PS: To see in the New Year- rolling in the dirt sounds like a good idea. Around these parts, some people take a dip in the Atlantic:

  9. Mmm, he looks it. *noms parts not covered in soil*

  10. MMMMMMMMMMM! Zeppoles ! Bookmarked THAT page !

  11. His HAID is just about bigger than the entire rest of his body!!

  12. 😯

    That is one dirteh dawg.

  13. skippymom says:

    He looks like my dear departed favorite library school teacher Allen Smith. (the face, not the dirty part)