Teddy Is Ready To Par-tay Tonight

Better hide the champagne corn. You can’t quite make it out- but The Tedster seems to be saying: “Have a Happy New Year’s Eve tonight!”

Via Zooniversity.



  1. rescue gal says:

    “Don’t knock over the bottle”!
    “Oh well” nom nom nom…..

  2. I’m pretty sure after the bottle fell he said “It’s all good.”

  3. TED-DY! TED-DY!

  4. I’d like to join Teddy in hitting the bottle and singing a rousing chorus of “Auld Lang ‘Pine.”

    Happy New Year, CO peeps!

  5. I bet those are the same sounds tracylee makes when she’s nomming earses. Just sayin’. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. When the bottle fell, what I heard was, “oh well!” I lurves Teddy.

  7. Ready to party, partay, shindig, kegger, hootenanny, mixer, raves, box socials?

  8. Teddy’s a bit of a mean drunk. Look at how he tosses around the glasses.

  9. w00t WooT!!

  10. an astute assessment (sp)

  11. psshaw. I got this one, folks.


    Is Teddy enjoying some CORN LIQUOR there?????

    *curtseys ever so cutely*

  12. LOL! And Oakley ever the Punster scores again. happy New Year……raises a glass to the Tedster.!

  13. I still want to know who puts seasonal costumes on (and takes them off) a porcupine, and what their hands look like after. But, yes, Teddy is a media star. The camera loves him, even if the love is unrequited. And his vocalizations are priceless.

  14. the love the camera has for Teddy = “unrequited”

    BRILLIANT, that. Muy, hysterically funneh.

  15. mauderules says:

    Corn squeezin’s is what we used to call it at Vassar.

  16. Fird wins!!

    Watching a Teddy vid is the best way to start the new year ❤

  17. Some people can’t hold they liquor Teddy can’t hold his corn 😆
    I wonder if there such a thing as a corn hangover?

  18. lisaLASSIE says:

    And “Auld Lang Spine”?

  19. lisaLASSIE says:

    Oh, what a thought! Earworm that is.

  20. lisaLASSIE says:

    Porcupines raised in captiviiy can be very sweet, tame, mild mannered and easy to handle. (yes I know from experience)

  21. Do tell.

  22. Nice play on words there, Gigi!

  23. And Teddy can’t hold his liquor either, as he’s just knocked it over. “knock oy over; knock it back”–Teddy can’t seem to grasp the concept.

  24. They still don’t have blunt quills, though, right? You have to take care about all the pointy ends?

  25. *Bows* It’s always nice to be appreciated. Thank you.

  26. Nah, not mean, just a sloppy drunk.