Teddy Is Ready To Par-tay Tonight

Better hide the champagne corn. You can’t quite make it out- but The Tedster seems to be saying: “Have a Happy New Year’s Eve tonight!”

Via Zooniversity.


  1. rescue gal says:

    “Don’t knock over the bottle”!
    “Oh well” nom nom nom…..

  2. I’m pretty sure after the bottle fell he said “It’s all good.”

  3. TED-DY! TED-DY!

  4. w00t WooT!!

  5. I’d like to join Teddy in hitting the bottle and singing a rousing chorus of “Auld Lang ‘Pine.”

    Happy New Year, CO peeps!

  6. LOL! And Oakley ever the Punster scores again. happy New Year……raises a glass to the Tedster.!

  7. lisaLASSIE says:

    And “Auld Lang Spine”?

  8. I bet those are the same sounds tracylee makes when she’s nomming earses. Just sayin’. :) :) :)

  9. an astute assessment (sp)

  10. lisaLASSIE says:

    Oh, what a thought! Earworm that is.

  11. When the bottle fell, what I heard was, “oh well!” I lurves Teddy.

  12. Ready to party, partay, shindig, kegger, hootenanny, mixer, raves, box socials?

  13. Teddy’s a bit of a mean drunk. Look at how he tosses around the glasses.

  14. Nah, not mean, just a sloppy drunk.

  15. psshaw. I got this one, folks.


    Is Teddy enjoying some CORN LIQUOR there?????

    *curtseys ever so cutely*

  16. mauderules says:

    Corn squeezin’s is what we used to call it at Vassar.

  17. Fird wins!!

    Watching a Teddy vid is the best way to start the new year <3

  18. I still want to know who puts seasonal costumes on (and takes them off) a porcupine, and what their hands look like after. But, yes, Teddy is a media star. The camera loves him, even if the love is unrequited. And his vocalizations are priceless.

  19. the love the camera has for Teddy = “unrequited”

    BRILLIANT, that. Muy, hysterically funneh.

  20. *Bows* It’s always nice to be appreciated. Thank you.

  21. lisaLASSIE says:

    Porcupines raised in captiviiy can be very sweet, tame, mild mannered and easy to handle. (yes I know from experience)

  22. Do tell.

  23. They still don’t have blunt quills, though, right? You have to take care about all the pointy ends?

  24. Some people can’t hold they liquor Teddy can’t hold his corn :lol:
    I wonder if there such a thing as a corn hangover?

  25. Nice play on words there, Gigi!

  26. And Teddy can’t hold his liquor either, as he’s just knocked it over. “knock oy over; knock it back”–Teddy can’t seem to grasp the concept.


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