New Year’s Eve Keese!

The New Year’s Eve keese is a cute tradition for anyone! And we want you peeps to have thirteen of the cutest New Year’s Eve keeses to ring in 2013! Yay! (throws confetti)













Melissa S.’s cockatoos, kissing camels shot by Alex, Ant‘s bunnies & kittens, Halie E. at the Sloth Sanctuary, Pixdaus blorp, pony pals by Olga Itina, Cheetah kiss via The Telegraph, Komodo dragon hug via Tumblr, Squirrel kees via Daily Mail, Sterling & chippie by Alexander G., puppy glomp by D13Coates, and Lindsay C. with Buckley!



  1. AWWWW! <3<3<3<3!

  2. Auggggghhh! Two chubby tummied marmie bebbehs! *splodes in a profusion of glitter and confetti*

  3. Needs Cheering says:

    I love the hover text that are always present on this site.
    when a post contains one picture – it is a simple thing to hover the cursor on the pic.
    But when the post contains multiple pictures like this one – it becomes work.
    Lately, there are a LOT of posts with multiple pics.
    So, how about moving the hover text to normal text to make it easier for us ?

  4. Okay, I officially state that the year may NOT change to 2013 before I have given a kees to a beluga or a camel, or two three sloths or two spotted ponies.

    *taps her toe while waiting for the kissables to appear*

  5. Reblogged this on patriciaddrury and commented:
    Lots of kisses for the New Year!!!

  6. WOWzers!! Que c’est MAGNIFIQUE, pyrit!!!

    *kisses fingers together (in that Chef gesture)*

  7. It’s really hard to pick a favorite but puppy glomp wins the day for me. Slobbering sloths take a very close second and the chubby marmie kittehs aren’t far behind. What a fabulous series of photos!!

  8. Oops, I used the word for a baby canine and now I’m stuck in the Mod Lounge. I guess I’ll sample the horses d’ovaries all ready and waiting for tonight’s big bash. 🙂

  9. Squee! Princess Bride hovertext reference. YAY!!!!

  10. ….and, yet, (horses’) d’ovaries didn’t put you into solitary confinement??? 😯

  11. Yup, my sentiments ‘zactly…

  12. I really love the picture of the puppeh eating the other puppeh. And the poor little guy who’s being eaten is looking up like, “Um? Some help here?”

  13. Slothreesome? Scandalous!

  14. And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you on CO, hooman or otherwise, whether you have two legs or four, fur or no fur, feathers or no feathers, scale or no scale, spines or no spines, etc.


  15. Alice Shortcake says:

    I have been known to mention bluetits and gingernuts with impunity.

  16. This post makes me very, very happy. Best wishes to all, CO and commenters alike, for a wonderful new year.

  17. Readies the Imperial Kitten Glitter Canon and the Rainbow fireworks for tonights countdown. Trays of Champagne, Shrimp, and Chinese food will be arriving shortly in the mod lounge. Kittens and chipmunks kissing makes me giggle.

  18. kibblenibble says:

    Happy New Year, all you CO peeps. *mwah*

  19. Hey you all, if anybody wants to come by tonight I will be cooking chicken tikka and palak paneer. There will also be free-flowing martinis and plenty of catnip.

  20. bookmonstercats says:

    Well, that sounds worth the Mod Lounge for, STC.

    *takes deep breath, and prepares to type all the things that will land me there…..*

    Happy New Year to all CO Peeps and our anipals, furred, feathered, scaled, clawed, pawed, hooved, toed, monoped, biped, quadruped…………

  21. Can you explain what you mean by “work?”

  22. Makes me want to go smooch my marmie but he’ll just give me the pushy paws of protest (i.e. feet to my face whilst he meows pathetically like I’m trying to kill him). Sigh.

  23. Hello from Paris says:

    I wish I have somebody to kiss… 😦

  24. He gives you The Heisman!

  25. I would explain, but it requires me to lift my hands from my lap, and touch my fingers to the keyboard of my laptop in a way that is totally exhausting.

  26. I keep telling Francesco “This is called affection, you are supposed to enjoy it,” but he is sure I am trying to kill him.

  27. phred's mom says:

    Un grand besous a vous!

  28. phred's mom says:


  29. Gets in line behind doomchild for beluga sloths and ponies. Carrying protest sign and including whiskery walrus in demands.

  30. Dang, I wanted to wait til the very end of the comments to say this. Well, actually I never would have said it nearly as well as demundh did. I’ll just add six or eight or ten (crabs) or hundreds (centipedes) or thousands (milipedes) of leggies.

    Here’s hoping 2013 is happy, healthy and cute for all of you.

  31. A happy & nom filled Cute Year to everybody !!!!

  32. My favorite too – although I think some remedial kiss training may be necessary 😉

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    Lol. I personally loooove the hover texts and am disappointed they don’t work on the iPad. Booooo.

  34. Enh… enh.. enh… It’s sooooooo hard.. moving my index finger a fraction to get the hover text.xx

    Needs Cheering, hon.. Since you have to scroll to get to the next picture, just keep the pointer lined up with the pictures and use the wheel on your mouse. The hover text just comes up automatically, no ‘work’ required.

  35. Hugging allimagators? Who would have ever thought..

  36. *giggle* re. Sharpy

    and thoroughly appreciating la Therese’s work-intensive effort to avoid word-processing.

    WR — I’m not uber-familiar with the internecine variety of gimgaws and doodads on gadgets these days. Howsomever…

    y’know how there often are individual small mouses/ mice/ meeses for sale for maybe $6.00 or so at a Wmart or an Office Depot?

    Look at the ports/ jacks/ thingamabobs on yer Thingamabob. If a $6.00 “extra” mouse has the correct sort of jack/ port/ tip thinggie, it just *MIGHT* be that Apple (and or the other electronics co;s) made an extra port for auxiliary stuff….. and you might be able to “plug in” an extra mouse and it could synch up and navigate (as the B 52’s put it ) “aROUND and around, and aROUND!!!”

    Again I emphasize: I DUNNO. but lots of times other gadgets include auxiliary use jacks/ ports “just in case” so I’ll bet it’s worth a try for $6.00.

    love shack. Baybeeeeeee…..

    (Tin ROOF. RUSTED)

  37. BAHAHA! Yes!

  38. Hello from Paris says:

    😀 thanks! Un gros bisou a vous aussi !

  39. Needs Cheering says:

    No it does not.
    Maybe it is Firefox, But I need to move the cursor off the pic, then bring it on again to see the hover text. It is just annoying when there are a lot of pictures in the post.

    And the real question is Why ?
    Why not just put those clever bits of hover text (which are great !!, love them) where people can just see them. I am sure that there are a lot of people who don’t know of this feature and lose half the fun of the site.
    It probably made sense when the site started, does it still make sense ?

  40. okay. so following is a definition of Not Working Effectively. Thus, if you invert these statements to the “opposites”, you will have (allegedly) Effective Workers,

    noun, verb, bummed, bum·ming, adjective, bum·mer, bum·mest.

    1. a person who avoids work and sponges on others; loafer; idler.

    2. a tramp, hobo, or derelict.

    3. Informal. an enthusiast of a specific sport or recreational activity,
    especially one who gives it priority over work, family life, etc.: a ski bum; a tennis bum.

    4. Informal. an incompetent person.

  41. *whispers*

    Did SHE say “IMPUNITY”?????? 😯

    *clutches pearls*


    Now just WAITAMINNIT! You’re in PARIS?\
    Don’t Parisians/ Parisiennes generally just approach some good-lookin stranger, and hogtie him or her, and bring them home, to look at their “etchings”????

  43. *ahem*

    as a nearly lifelong Floridian, whose own parents were also raised in Fla, might I
    express the possibility that those two ‘gators were most likely “negotiating terms” rather than “hugging & kissing….” Juuuus’ sayin’ ……


  45. Looks like the tango to me.

  46. HNY, CO peeps. Hope ’13 is better than ’12 for us all, everyone!

  47. phred's mom says:

    All I have is the old IPad, so
    the hovertexts are a mystery.
    Boo and Hoo.

  48. phred's mom says:

    I love it when you talk technical.

  49. phred's mom says:

    You rang?

  50. phred's mom says:

    She did, indeed. My pearls
    just went skittering all over
    the floor. Kids!

  51. phred's mom says:

    Classes begin 8PM sharp
    at my house. Of course.

  52. phred's mom says:

    If only.

  53. phred's mom says:

    I would express my honest characterization
    of 2012, but would prolly be banned from
    commenting ever again. 2013 can only
    be better, Insh’allah, etc. Happy, healthy,
    prosperous New Year to all here at CO and

  54. The squirrelio is so happy! Look at that smile!!

  55. pupfanatic says:

    The 2 pyuppies!: Fird, help HELP!!! Brown paper bag? Xanax?

  56. ok pupfanatic, usually I’d go for a stuffy toy, but I’m going to try something a bit more esoteric/ “spiritually ” soothing. Click on the link below.

    As you look at the image, hum

    I’ll check in with you again later 🙂

    –Nurse Birfle

  57. and just WHAT IN BLUE BLAZES is “tikka” or “palak”??

    Fried chikken & dumplings in a different location???

    (jist playin’ witya; except I really have not heard those terms, even having lived overseas)

  58. Those cheetahs look pretty flush. Too much champagne?


  60. I just fell over onto my fainting couch!

  61. ’12 not so good, so am hoping ’13 is better! Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to CO mods, peeps, and their anipals.

  62. WANT!

  63. I think it’s the watusi, meeself! 😉

  64. Acme Birdseed says:

    The Crocodile Rock, perhaps?

  65. Say no more. Management has been alerted.

  66. and rotfl, btw.

  67. sorta like Madame d’Ovary? without the arsenical hall, of course.

  68. skippymom, if you’ll make me some butter chicken (is that chicken makhani?) I will marry you.

  69. Hard to beat kissing bunnies for cute.

  70. Dewd. I have been known to hurt people to get to some good palaak paneer.

  71. Are you sure that those are alligators? The size, snout, tail, etc says maybe something else to me.

    Not to mention standing upright. If the ones down the road from me could do that, they’d be stealing more cars and opening the gates to our pools.

  72. but Saffron? that doesn’t start with a “t” —

  73. to Acme Birdseed (who I suppose has watched the occ. Roadrunner cartoon?)
    The below reflects my assessment of your suggestion’s wonderfulness:
    (I hope computers at my home at CO and at your end all agree with one another to produce a desired sound FX)

    [audio src="" /]

  74. pupfanatic says:

    Gets in line behind Lisa Carol waiting for all of the above PLUS the baby klipspinger/klisproinger, you know, shrunken babbeh antelope lil guy.

  75. I know, jujube 😀 I just want to cuddle and snorgle those two marmie kittehs 😀

    Happy New Year, Everyone 😀

  76. pupfanatic says:

    Ohhh, Fird. That’s kinda like tres existential like. It’s SO esoteric that it must be known by others not in my immediate circle. Raindrops hanging from wires? Bubbles contemplating their place in the universe?

    It did the trick, it did get me to breathe. Is it okay if I chant “xanax” instead of ooooooohhhhhhmmmmm, tho?

    You are a mighty good caretaker there Fird (is the word.) I just will haveta to look at the puppehs, buns, and blorps kissing and then go right back down to the raindrop pic. Well, there goes my New Years!!!

  77. lisaLASSIE says:

    Ahem. (Raps pointer on podium.) Now CO Peeps, I know that you can get easily overwhelmed, confuzzled and even temporarily blinded by the Cute. But if you had read underneath the pics, you would have seen that so-called alligators/crocodiles are Komodo dragons. As proved by the following, copied directly from under the photos: “Komodo dragon hug via Tumblr”. Thank you, that is all.

  78. Yeah, it’s SUCH hard work… moving that cursor about 1/2″ to get the hovertext. I also use Firefox, and it comes up automatically. Maybe you need to upgrade from your Commodore 64 computer.

    Go troll another site.

  79. Wow, and I thought ramaki was a questionable hors d’oeuvre.

  80. We can put a silent T at the beginning.

  81. Happy New Year CO friends 😀

  82. Would that be Welsh, or Gaelic???

    I’m fine wiffit!!

  83. sure pupfanatic — xanax might work jist fine.
    Meantime, to quote Sir John of Lennon:

  84. lL: NICE job with tha whole “raps pointer on podium” thing, there!!!

    We’ll be giving the principal some very positive recommendations on your presentation, maam !!! You have a VERY promising career in front of you.

  85. Ah shall not attempt to provide earworm references, pour tout/ tous (?) les images ici, however Ah wud laak to pronounce my earnest approval pour les chevAUX (not pour les chevEUX, different item entirely) …and also to provide ce chanson-ci in reference of this post.

    (I recommend you sit back some in yer chair and get a goofy, dreamy-eyed luuk een yer eyez….)

  86. yes yes entirely correct one should SURELY NOT overlook that lil guy!!

    Uber-cuteness indeed. I entirely concur.

  87. Needs Cheering, your name now makes total and complete sense to me.

  88. Roflmao– commodore 64. :). I use mine as a doorstop.

  89. Needs Cheering says:

    I think you are the one with a problem.
    I made a simple request, and you take it as a personal insult and must call me names.
    Grow up.

    Other people may have different needs than you.
    What about smartphones and tablets who don’t have cursors – does it work for them, did you think about that ?

  90. phred's mom says:

    Indian (as in Asian subcontinent), Fird,
    and definitely yummy. Must be some
    in Florida, no?

  91. That’s exactly what i waz thinkin!

  92. scuse me, but those are actually some sort of monitor lizard, maybe Nile monitors; Komodo dragons are, by the way, a kind of monitor, but those two are NOT komodos.

    Thank you 🙂

  93. Too much BLOOD.

  94. I lurve all of ’em….

  95. baileysgrandmom says:

    AND…it is dark and rainy in the old ATL, so I am sleepy still, even after brekkie and a huge mug of java, so I read that as “whiskey walrus in depends…” and nearly fell out of my chair WUNDERIN’…
    (In case this reply gets out of line, it was to have followed Lisa Carol’s comment.)

  96. victoreia says:

    I would help sweep up the glitter, I just joined the pile……

  97. victoreia says:

    The pertinent point is that some people have difficulties seeing the hover text. Whether on something with a touch screen, or someone who is having other issues, personal attacks are out of order. A little snark is understandable, but rudeness isn’t.

    I have a laptop PC (only four years old, running Windows 7), an iPhone, and occasionally use an iPad. On the iPhone and the iPad, I can’t see the hover text; on the laptop, I sometimes have to move the cursor off a picture and back on it to see the hover text. (And yes, I use the latest version of Firefox.)

    Someone suggested (a while ago) that there is a bookmarklet shortcut to use with the iPhone; I’ve never been able to make it work.

    So I can completely sympathize with Needs Cheering’s frustration.


  98. victoreia says:

    Sadly, the iPad does NOT have an extra port for a USB; it only has a spot to plug in the synch/power cable. I’ve recently seen (online) that there are some gadgets that will allow for a USB on the iPad, but I don’t know if it’s available anywhere off-line.

  99. Happy New Year!
    Alt text on any iOS device:
    (I use it on my first-gen iPad, works great.)

  100. Way-uhl, verr’ likely there be sum SUMWHAR in Fla….Ah’ll hafta do some researchifyin’ …. but Ah ain’ seen them wirds in the Folio which is a kinda nightlife newspaper here in Jax each weekend ….. Ah do lahks me sum CURRY …. but them two wirds she sed are new to ME …. Thankye Ms. Phredmom!! 🙂

  101. and I can let the Universe know that I personally have NEVER seen victoreia even have a Strong Opinion toward commentroversird here on CuteOverload
    so let’s agree that in re. various different electronic gadgets, a Glitch is occurring (sp?) which presently prevents access on some Gadgets,
    to one of the most-popular aspects of the photos on C.O and that Needs Cheering intended constructive input to an eventual solution, about this glitch, rather than intending what my parents used to call “bellyaching ”

    I’m sure that Meg & Co now have made note of the situation. They really are groovy, responsive folks who hope for Nifty Results when such is within reach of the resources of CO. Hopefully, they can locate/ identify/ suggest a solution for the needs of gadgets other than laptop or desktop computers on which hovertext cooperates.

    Pax Hominibus.

  102. princess guinea and ariel says:

    it’s valentines day, a month early!

  103. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I am continually amazed at the things that land you in the mod lounge when my username is A OK everywhere but the Bioware forums (where I had to resort to “Blue Footed Fowl”)