Time Waits for No Dog

I remember my youth.

I was adorable and precocious.

I think back to those times and I miss being young.

But, then I look in the mirror and I remember that young or old I am one good-looking bitch!

Tia is not the only one that admires her, Toni Q.!



  1. fifthsonata says:


    I was reading along with the post quite nicely and then in my head I hear “bitch” and burst out laughing.

    *insert nerdy voice here* I get it, I get it!

  2. Picture of Dorian Greyhound

  3. Mirror mirror on the wall.
    Who’s the bitchiest of them all.

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    Lol! And she is a good-looking bitch, no lie.

    Cue the “think of the children” complaints in… Well, I’ll guess 27 comments in.

  5. Nice ear flops! She is one beautiful glamorous girl all right.

  6. I feel pretty…..

  7. My dog gets that look every now and then.

  8. Love that 2nd pic with the little blade of grass between her leeeps….

  9. YES THAT’s quite an Artistic Statement you’ve made there 260.

    I wonder whether any un-aged whippersnappers out there (am I really separating myself from the “whippersnappers”???? 8-O) have encountered the concerns and dilemmas of Mr. Dorian Greyhound???….

    *moseys out onto the porch and painfully settles into the Ol’ White Rockin’ Chair of Elderliness, begins a-whistlin’ a traditional tune….*

  10. We admire your self confidence and hope that all dogs, guys and bitches, have your confidence level too:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  11. *”GIRL-DOG FIGHT!!!!!!!” 🙂

    (I’m visualizing the ineffective “wave my hands toward other girl but not looking at her directly so she can’t muss my makeup or hair” GirlFight scene)

    GIrls, Females, Divas and most especially, Bitches (in the
    Female, Canine Quadruped Sense):

    WE DO NOT ADVOCATE USING VIOLENCE IN ANY MANNER (except possibly to overcome a terrorist — wonder how long THAT word will keep this comment in Tha Brig??? — or a R@pist. Period.

    does anybody suddenly smell pastries? I’m thinking that the madeleines of my youth are being made somewhere nearby —- Anybody? Proust? Sartre?? Kafka???
    Ernie Kovacs, perhaps??? Ferris Buuuuuuuuuuueller??

  12. didja read all the Hoovertexts here today, v ??

    By the way, have we noticed less of you lately? I don’t mean less bodily presence but the idea of your not writing in as often as we’ve become accustomed?
    I had to hold on tightly to mah Teddie Beauw to cope with my Separation from Victoreia’s Delightful Sense/ Humor and Cutesy Things, the past 14 weeks or so
    (ok so the 14 weeks part might be *slightly* exaggerated….)???

    or am I just totally imagining this??

  13. (ps: in re. hoovertexts, might I draw yer attenshons to that of the 4th pikcha???)

  14. There’s nothing more adorbs than a puppeh but I am such a sucker for the older dogs.

  15. Let’s see if anyone flips out over the use of the word ‘bitch’ after I got lambasted for doing so in the comments recently.

  16. Alice Shortcake says:

    Put out another rockin’ chair, Fird – I’ll join you on the porch just as soon as I’ve found my dentures and my concertina.

  17. older or not, those ear flaps are still completely nommable

  18. “We will nom no ear flap before its time”

    — (not) Ernest nor Julio Gallo.

    Grammar Police note: in this case “its’ is the possess. of “ear flap” phrase, NOT the contraction “it is/ it’s” as a helping verb. Thus, no esta apostrophized.

  19. *knocks on office door of the Big Green Moderayshun Machine*

    I know that my little rants are sometimes a bit odd. But this is a comment which actually SAYS “owwie things bad” (but uses a different word, which no doubt brought on the moderayshun….) and has remained under Mod for 24 hours now ??? pleeeeze have a look-see soooooooon?????

    Hands Being Wrung in Consternation

  20. *Guffaws heartily*

    NOT ONLY dentures but a concerTINA no less???? WELL-done, you 🙂

    *gets the best rocker and places it to frame the
    (depending on time of day) Sunrise or the Sunset….*

  21. Well done.

  22. 1. Try tellin’ that to Tracylee. 2. Thank you for your attempts to keep apostrophes in their proper place(s).

  23. so this is fun.
    Do we have TWO commentroversies ignited in just a few comments, here? THAT’s quite efficient of us; conserving use of resources, etc !!!

  24. Below is an url which I hope will function; it is abbreviated from a veeeerrrrrrry
    long url regarding the term “flip”. Hopefully my computer skillbag is in a good mood today.


  25. YAY thank you mods. I have been released from Tha Brig!!

  26. pupfanatic says:

    Dorian Greyhound! Brilliant. I luvs me some Oscar Wilde.

  27. pupfanatic says:

    A one track mind Tracylee, that’s on a good track.

  28. darn. it did NOT do whut Ah thot it wud do.

    kinnot figger itout. Sorry ’bout that.

    It was trying to be a graphic of an acrobat “flipping”; but the orig.
    graphic/ screen, used a very long code; so I attempted to combine two clever things Evidently that’s trop difficile for my alleged brain to coordinate.

    Uncle. 😦

  29. (just realized my wording there might have been slightly unclear.
    Placing the best rocker there for ALICE to enjoy!!! 🙂 )

  30. Jillerbot says:

    You *had* to end it in a meanie word?!