Hangin’ Out On A Sun-Day

Jus’ hunkered down in ma kitteh sack. Soakin’ up some solars. You know?

Gabrielle K.: “This is Gus as a baby. He survives by his dad (Zachary B.,kibble provider) and his mom (me, the photographer.) Hope you enjoy!”



  1. Looks so cozy!

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’ll bet he’s dreaming about turning into a beautiful butterfly…

  3. I’m confused. I hope this kitten is still alive and soaking up sun days, but should we be offering condolences? I.e. is the caption correct or meant to be “survived by”?

  4. When my parents had their golden, Paulie, my mom was known as The Petter and my dad was The Driver. Anipals have a way of getting what they want from their hoomans. And this adorable kitteh obviously has his hoomans wrapped around his floofy leetle paw. 🙂

  5. That would be so cool if kittens could fly! They’d fluffer around the house and hover over the counter when I make sandwich.

  6. You mean they don’t already do that to you?

  7. I need a human sack to relax in. But I doubt anyone would bring me treats. Sigh.

  8. I had a similar first reaction, but after second reading, I think it refers to the hoomin couple who provide the means of his survival and take pictures of same. But I’d be more than happy to go visit just to make sure.

  9. I would Carla ‘cept there’s no kibble in the house. Would you settle for Irish coffee and chocolate-dipped biscotti?

  10. Aww! Iz a ‘lil sunshine kuddle kitteh look zo cute. Yez you do …* rambles on in baby talk as brain turns to goo *

  11. Yes, but they don’t have wings you see.

  12. Yes, indeed!

  13. Obviously an expert in hooman training techniques.

  14. And one other thing… his name is Gus! I totally love that name for a kitteh or a puppeh. 🙂

  15. As I read it the text, this pic was taken when good ol Gus wuz a bebbeh, happeh and vigorous and breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide…..and now he isn’t on this mortal plain, but his peeple still think of him fondly and often and they carry his memory in their hearts and in this pic. So condolences are a lovely generous concern and one certainly could do so but I think (?) his passing might not have been a recent event.

    but I do and think things that are incorrect, approximately 900 times a day, some days fortunately less so ……those things having been specified,

    *YAY* for Groovy Gus, Gabrielle K (“mommy”) and Zachary B (“daddy”)!!!

  16. 😦 NO FAIR they SHOULD HAVE wings!!!


    Are yer parents known to be SUCKAS for peeps too, or do they have spines which wobble around Golden Retrievers??? MIND you, I’ve known a lot of folk to rhapsodize about the wunnerfulness of G.R’s in general so they must be quite the Playas…..

    btw, I am SUCH a SUCKA for cats and GP’s and bunnies and horses that I don’t own EVEN ONE of any of ’em presently (or should I say “I don’t do housekeeping for any of them presently”?)…. ‘cuz my stoopid uncooperative body parts are trying to keep me busy by behaving badly or not at all the past few years so I’m kept busy just maintaining my dance card with medical offices so don’t think I call yer parents suckas w/o including my own self in that category. When a cat allows me to keep him in my house, they usually eat more rarified (read $$$ and medically particular) food than I do myself ….

    Peace and fuzziness to all.

  18. fleurdamour says:

    The cat is NOT out of the bag.

  19. oh yeh and GOATS esp pygmy goats. I roll up into the foetal position and roll around on the floor when I see a baby pygmy goat.


  20. fleurdamour says:

    It’s a pawpoose!

  21. fleurdamour says:

    Catterfly, purrval stage

  22. Try Ursula K. LeGuin’s Catwings books, to feed your fantasy. They’re incredibly sweet and delightful.

  23. The next time a kitten adopts me, I must knit a little sun-bag for the pawpoose (thanks, fleurdamour!).

  24. Me too.

    I wonder if your brain goo and my brain goo have any differences. Color or texture or sliminess thereunto appertainin’ ???

  25. Sheldon Cooper sez: “baZINGA!!!”

    well-done, fda 🙂

  26. AWW 😀 I would of gently taken down that kitty pappoose and gently cuddled sweet little Gus 😀 Of course, Gabrielle K, his mom, and Zachary B, his dad, would make sure I did not walk off with dear sweet little Gus because I would be so tempted to do so if I knew dear sweet Gus needed a loving forever home 😀 But dear sweet Gus has a loving forever home judging by this picture where he hangs around (pun not intended) being loved on 😀

  27. 🙂


    My childhood kitty Bill absolutely hated to be kissed. I used to joke and tell him I was going to put him in a mesh bag, hang it from the ceiling, and kiss him through it until he learned to like it. Gus’s picture is just what I imagined it would look like!

  29. megamissystar says:

    Hims Nibs is thoughtfully packaged for ease of snorgilfaction.

  30. Wonderful, I’ll look them up!

  31. Pocketful of sunshine…? Fluffy, fluffy sunshine.

  32. Gus is the name of my car 🙂 It’s a little car, needs a little name!

  33. That is pampering to a whole new level. Literally.

  34. lisaLASSIE says:


  35. lisaLASSIE says:

    (((Fird))) here’s hoping that you can get your various parts under control and in working order and then yourself a cat or 2 or 19.

  36. Fird, my parents were very kind people – if you were a nice person, they would give you the shirts off their backs. And if you had 4 legs, you were automatically considered family. They acquired their golden rather late in life but their world certainly did revolve around him. A sweeter, more gentle and loving dog you will never find. I sure do miss them all.

    And I wish you a future full of good health, my dear. *hugs*

  37. I wouldn’t know but I’m rather cat crazy right now. I haven’t seen ma kitteh sense teh 15 of December, TEH FIFTEENTH! I neva thot I would miss anyone dis much in mah whole life. 😦

  38. I want one! (Either the sack or the kitty, I don’t mind)

  39. Maine cocoon cat?

  40. Maine Cocoon Cat? (Sorry in advance if this is a duplicate or triplicate post; having trouble signing in.)

  41. warrior rabbit says:

    That doodle is pretty schweet!

  42. WAIT WOT???

    “of all the kittehs in all the …”
    How did a kitteh who hated to be kissed, end up in YOUR universe?
    unless he had used to be @bused or feral, that’s “just wrong” !!!!

  43. OHHHH NOOOOOOES Kaya!!! That’s scawwy!!

    1: eez male or female cat person?
    2: eeef male (and please pardon this indiscreet question): “Haz Hee *cough*
    been “surgically adjusted”???
    3: Salinger got out of my house one time before “the big surgery”….since I lived right next to some woody area, he went gallivating about. Eventually, about a week later he showed back up again, with a macho new notch (I”M NOT KIDDING LITERALLY a small triangle now missing off the top of one ear), looked at me and said “hi”, then immediately fled to the farthest darkest corner of a closet, under and behind a huge stack of stuff for about 48 hours. Sure looked like he had been on a bender to ME.

  44. (ahhhh that hug felt NICE. and yeh 19 sounds about right!! That way I can do my thing for diversity. ‘Course each of them would — not joyfully — be socially introduced to a local veterinarian who might have some “adjustments” to make to their social lives 🙂 )

    Thanks to the max, for the medical morale-booster!! It isn’t about bone breaks/ orthopedics or huge surgeries presently (for which I am grateful)
    but a spectrum of energy and mobilityt-limiting soreness/ swollen parts that won’t get back to normal; and these situations have been problems for several months now … I keep wanting to yell at my various body parts:

    “GIT OUTTA MAH WAY, ya uncooperative Galloot!!!!

  45. *warm fuzzies*

    it sounds to me, like you internalized their approach (kindness to others) Rachael.

    (RIP R’s parents and their GR)

  46. The cat is female, and weather or not she has been spayed I do not know (I think she has but I’m not 100% sure). And there are a LOT of dogs in my neighborhood so if she did get out and I hadn’t seen her for a week she would go from ‘missing’ to ‘presumed dead’. Of course if a dog wouldn’t leave her alone she’d claw the ******************** out of ’em.

  47. WINGS????!!!??? I have enough problems with the boys. If they could fly, I’d have to live in my car and leave the house to them. Besides, you know how annoying it is when a bird poops on you…..

  48. AWW 😦 I hope your dear sweet kitty will come back home to you, Kaya 😦 Check every SPCA and Animal Hospital in case she came in there.

  49. Thanks, Theresa.
    But she’s not missing(thank goodness). I had been visiting her at a pet food store for a while (they were helping an animal shelter and thanks had pets you could adopt there). We got along really well and sometimes she wouldn’t let me leave (a.k.a. Sitting on me and refusing to move.). But when the pet food shop had to close she would have to go back to the shelter, I thought that was the last time I would see her. My parents talked about her when we got home and decided that we would apply to foster that night, we still haven’t heard anything.