What Day Is It? Caturbunday!

Let’s mix and mingle and double and dabble our 2 favorite days together into one! Please, allow yourself a little extra time to enjoy.








Thanks to BFFs Kara the cat and Melba the bunny, two shelter rescues who share a special bond, for helping create the bestest new day of cute evar!


  1. Wow! That’s the orangest cat I ever saw —- Want!

  2. Interspecies Snorgling, innit?

  3. I think the bunneh is actually the exact same size as the kitteh! meow ❤

  4. Never seen a cat that mahogany color before. Gorgeous.

  5. fleurdamour says:

    E-bun-ee and I-purr-ee

  6. The color combination is amazing. Very warming.

  7. Kara’s coat looks Abyssinian perhaps?

  8. Love the love.

  9. kibblenibble says:

    So sweet. I love Caturbunday. ❤

  10. OK, so I read that four times, thinking “what the hell is that supposed to mean?” and I just got it. Time to go home.

  11. Fluffdacity of it all. Fluff Overload!

  12. I think yes.

  13. body yes but lookit the difference in HEAD sizes 🙂

  14. however I think that I *DON”T* see the leetle triangular ear tufts that I thought were/are another indicator of Aby breedingk. My guy Salinger’s head looked almost like that of a fox w/ those ear tufts …

  15. si Senorita, esta verdad.

    Also in one piktcha the keety shee (he?) eeZ smilingk, evair so preeeeetty.

  16. Warming, yes. The last picture looks like Indian spices. Delicious.

  17. Perhaps,but way into the red range..
    Thought both were rescues — well,purebreds need rescue sometimes too.
    Beautiful cat&bunny

  18. As performed by Paul McCatney and Stevie Bunder

  19. Brilliant!!

  20. Fird, can you use your special influence to get Pyrit to add an IS tag?

  21. Yay! Redundant Dept. has just approved the use of I Shall Leeck You and Interspecies Snorgling tags together on the same post, but just this one special time!

  22. SlaveToCat says:

    I can’t wait to see what the kids will look like.

  23. Eboneeeey and marmalaaaaade…

  24. Queen of Dork says:

    *thinks to self* “hmmmmmmm. that’s totally adorable. clearly, this CO is trying to keel me.”

  25. What about bunercat day?

  26. Well, sk’mom….until 48 hours ago I thought that my only Special Influence
    was the ability to prompt the Big Green Moderayshun Machine to come on.
    But here; I’ll give it the Ol’ College Try.

    Hey — pyrit??? Look REEEEEEALLY closely at this piece of artwork:

    (hums hippy-dippy Ravi Shankar tune in the background…)

  27. Well whatever they look like you can be sure of a few things. (1. Permanent look of disapproval. (2. Meows and purring. (3. Hopping. (4. Climbing various vertical objects.

  28. I still didn’t get it until I read 260O’s pun below…

  29. and check out the difference in butt size! *runs away before being stoned by blorpy bunny fans*

  30. That is either one giant bunny, or one teeny weensy cat. 😮
    Either way, they are an adorable duo.

  31. Or could be disapproving cabbit with many pointy ends.

  32. Cinnamon! I love cinnamon!

  33. The cuddles, the cuteness, the colours! I am overwhelmed.

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    Very sweet. I endorse caterbunday!!

  35. This kitty’s colour is STUNNING! I love everything about this post!

  36. I bleeve kitty is a ruddy (meaning “red”) Abysinnian. I had a sable Abby and my SIL had her sister who was a ruddy. Sweetest. Kitties. EVER.

  37. Lookit the smile on Kara’s face! And Melba looks just so relaxed… Amazing snorgling pics! > 3<

  38. It took me 6 tries but I finally got it too. I am nothing if not quick on the uptake. 🙂

  39. Hovertext = creative brilliance!!

  40. Yup, that’s an Abyssinian. They are affectionate, hilarious, and hell on wheels. My Abby-Tabby mix is quite the hugger, but if I don’t help her find a hobby, she rearranges my shelves. Anyone else with a very energetic cat?

  41. Nicely bun. I mean done.

  42. ewes not fat ewes fluffy!

  43. rearranges your shelves? ha!

  44. 4leafclover says:

    I think bunnies love anything carrot-coloured!

  45. warrior rabbit says:

    Fird, now that you’re an honoree and have some sway, would you see about Eyebrow Dots as a tag? Kthxbai.

  46. warrior rabbit says:

    I’m hoping mine get to that point. Right now the kitten thinks Daphne is very interesting because she moves. So there’s a lot of chasing. Sometimes nose touching and even a lick or two, but no snorgling.

  47. I’d name that cat melange. How adorable they are together.

  48. Kari Callin says:

    “I want you to get me a bunny, George! A bunny to love, lick, and have for my very own!”

  49. Aaannnd this is why I refuse to buy rabbit cat food for my kitteh.

  50. I don’t know that much about bunnies….

    So how did it get up to the top of the cat tree? Can they climb things?

  51. I was managing to still breathe until…the fifth picture from top–*THUD* Ded! I tell you…DED! *thunk*

  52. Is the rearrangement an improvement? 🙂

  53. They can jump pretty high as long as they are sure of the landing space. My first bun could jump approx 3 feet from floor to top of lazyboy-type chair! 🙂

  54. oh my gosh i love them! i always wanted kitty/bunbun friends, but my little holly bunny passed away before i got my kits.

  55. So sweet!

  56. Love Abys. They’re such elegant little screwballs. 😀

  57. PS As much as I like Abys, I think.I like Somalis even better. They have such hilarious expressions

  58. Kitty’s smile says it all. “Happiness really is a warm bunny.”

  59. if you ignore the bun jowl, it’s pretty similar. Ear size, on the other hand…

  60. ha! I read “blundercat,” which would also be entertaining.

  61. ok, wait no i was looking at the pic from above. head-on the difference in *face* size is quite dramatic.

  62. *clap*

  63. Hey, I sent a link to this story and pics to CO a month or so ago but didn’t see it get posted, so I thot it wasn’t qwte enuff. Glad to see it finally made it here!

  64. larissa4david says:

    I sent CO a link to this story and pics a month ago, but as it wasn’t posted then, I thot it wasn’t qwte enuff. Glad that it finally made it here. Bunneh-Feline-Friendsters for life!

  65. Somehow cabbit sounds like a vegetable… An exceptionally cute vegetable.

  66. This might take me to a specific lounge, but I was totally expecting the hovertext of that second pic to be “Butt to belly”

  67. i just melted into a big puddle of goop.

  68. Alice Shortcake says:

    You know they’re the best of friends because Kara allows Melba to eat in bed.

  69. ❤ Kar wins!

    Bunneh and kit are soooo prosh! I thought I would get some chores done around the house today but am now rendered useless from extreme qte. 😀 ❤

  70. Me too. It is now my mostest favorite day of the week. And, I seems to be bunneh approved! 🙂

  71. That should read “it”. I don’t know if I’m bunneh approved or not.

  72. Yay for caterbunday!! Only…. I weeesh my two were more like theeese. So adorables. My bun loves to snorgle the cat, but kitteh only lets bun close when I’m not around (or when he thinks I’m not around).

  73. Same here, Theresa 😀 “Cinnamon” is a nice name for a ginger (orange) kitty 😀

  74. it sounds as though le chat is the Alpha in this lil three-way 🙂
    He wants to be sure the bunny knows to WHOM YOU belong!!!

  75. Get one of those feathered cat toys for her, supie, and play with her 😀 You both will have fun and you will get your dear sweet kitty to not want to rearrange your shelves 😀 A cat tree will also make your dear sweet kitty not want to rearrange your shelves because she will have something to run up and down on 😀 What is the name of your dear sweet kitty, supie?

  76. Same here, peg4x4 😀

  77. Thanks, y’all! Her name is Gracie. I adopted her from a friend of a friend whose cat had a litter. So I’ve kind of deduced on my own that she has Aby in her. Large ears, oval-shaped paws, ticked fur that is striped but burnt orange under the black stripes, doesn’t like to be picked up, but VERY affectionate. She’s incredibly busy all the time, and we are constantly playing fetch. OH MAN, do we like to fetch. I got her at 8 months and thought she’d chill a bit, but she’s still full of beans 6 years later. I love her! You guys think she’s part Aby? I think she does need a tree, Theresa. That’s a good idea. P.S. Her “sister,” a really laid-back black domestic shorthair, thinks she’s a total nut. 🙂

  78. Yes I believe you are correct Fird. And kitteh follows me around keeping an eye on me….. with bun often following him (when he’s not munching, which is like, most of the time).

  79. That’s a lovely way to put it. She is gorgeous … and a goof.

  80. YAY for fuzzy peeple!!!

  81. love your descriptive images, supie! never occurred to me to help the pets find a hobby….

  82. *BUT*

    you’re Talking Goop. So that’s *GOTTA* add that extra appeal ,
    in the Marketing Campaign!!

    or — let me make this more accurate. You’re Writing/ Typing/ Word Processing Goop!!

    OMG I just REALIZED something. jen, pardon this indiscreet question (I’m not asking in general nosiness) but is your age *MORE * than about 35?

    If you haven’t already had the pleasure, please let me introduce you to one of my ALLTIME FAVE poets and to perhaps his Best Work.

    The Goops,
    author: Gillette Burgess
    ca. 1900

    Here is a link to the text. I couldn’t figure out a page with two or three stanzas; it was all or nothing…. anyhow enjoy a bit of it.


  83. Mine, Salinger was remarkably investigative but somehow he managed to jump SO VERY precisely that I believe I’m correct; that he would leap from s/thing else onto a windowsill with numerous knickknack// figurines and NOT knock ONE of the items off the windowsill; I remember watching this and feeling all surreal that none of the six or seven items budged.

    He really liked to be held though. Due to living really close to some woods, I had him fixed (sorry ’bout that, guy!!) at the youngest age that veterinarians felt it was medically okay to do so. Best pet/ personality I’ve ever experienced. HE WAS DEFINITELY in the Gifted Class at Kitty Kindergarten. Had the cat’s eyes eyeglasses and everything.

  84. *giggle*

    Fats Waller: “One never knows, does one??”

  85. that’s what my Hypnosis Effort above, was trying to do (the whole hippy-dippy sound FX etc?) ….but it seems pyrit has escaped my intentions.

    I’ll keep tryin’, tho, warrior rabbit!!

  86. Ooooohhh…”fluffdacity”. That has to be my favorite new word.

  87. Squeeeee!!!! Paddy McWhiskers needs a pet bunny too! 🙂

  88. Maybe it would be kinda fuzzy like a peach?

  89. You’re lucky Salinger liked to be held. Gracie and I have an arrangement where I must lay down on the couch and assume the Hooman Submission Position (i.e., not threatening to scoop, grasp, or snuzzle). Then she deigns to lay on top of me, dangle her paws in my face and head butt me until I’m delivering proper, non-constraining scritches. Occasionally, I must wear her like a scarf.

  90. It looks like the best carpet in the world 🙂

  91. Ha — yes, you spotted the hay, too!

  92. My bun Riley is just that shade of orange! He’s a Red Satin, and purebreds surely DO need rescue, too. Mutts or not, they’re all perfect to those of us who adopt rescues.

  93. Ahahahahaha!

  94. I wish I was the bunny. Or the cat.

  95. I fall in love with them…

  96. Akshually, it’s lust a little above average size for a bunbun. Some are as tiny as 2lbs and some as big as 20

  97. Oh gods yes – My bun cleared a 36″ gate last week and nibbled a hole in my new boots!

  98. sleekityin says:

    It looks like a sorrel Aby. (We had a sweet-natured one like Kara and he didn’t really have big eartufts unlike his normal and blue cousins.)