Welcome to Total Transformation!

Hello Everybody! It’s time for another episode of, “Cute Starts With P” and today we’re going to turn a Pom into a red Panda!
(studio audience applause)

(Studio audience gasp!) Ta daaa! It’s a miracle! Um, if you look real close…

Miss Foxy Brown wants her money back, Tonya N., photo by Russ D., red panda via The Daily Cute


  1. pyrit is (as always) precisely correct! AND they bof have (drumroll, please)

    EYEBROW DOTS (begins making demonstration signs WE WANT EYEBROW DOTS TAG WE WANT EYEBROW DOTS TAG with neon crayolas…)

  2. Mary (the first) says:


  3. OK, OK, we’ll see what we can do, gotta fill out forms, in triplicate, get approval from the boss’s boss’s boss…
    Meanwhile, remember eyebrow circlettes?

  4. “from the boss’s boss’s boss …” :) that is SO EXCRUCIATINGLY
    TWUE of corporate and gub’ment work. Turning the papers into one’s own, immediate supervisor is actually just a formality. THEN you wait about two weeks to receive confirmation from the b’s b’s boss that he rec’d the application and that it’s “under consideration” ….

    not only a military family dependent but
    also the YOUNGEST of the children so definite
    lowest convceivable posishe on the Totem Pole …


  6. emmberrann says:

    3 Words: eye.brow.dots.

  7. yaaaaayyyy eyebrow dots!

    and Miss Foxy Brown?! that makes me grin!

  8. yayyy neon crayons!

  9. 8-O wow and I thought I was enthusiastic!!!! *giggle*

  10. How bout a new tag for the New Year?!?!

  11. fluffy! Fluffy! FLUFFFFFYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

  12. The Pom is like a red panda with a Don King haircut!

  13. or a Don King Hair NOT cut :)

  14. fleurdamour says:

    Foxy Brown… or Redd Foxx? Stage Three of the transformation.

  15. That is AMAZING.

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    Clearly twins separated at birth!!

  17. psst – hey, y’all… can I borrow those pompoms? and maybe some glitter? I have a little celebrating to do – it’s now offish that “mr. tl” actually will be my very own Mr. TL!

  18. Woohooo, congratylashuns. On your new pet. Or husband. Whichever.

  19. *giggle*

  20. Shakes pom pom doing the happy dance and shower tracylee with glitter!!!!

  21. Yea, ques up Pachelbel’s Canon to play in the background.
    Gigi please stop shaking the poms, they are getting a little dizzy. ;)

  22. thanks, gigi! that’s a lotta glitter : )

  23. Wooooo! Congratulations tl!!!

  24. yaayyy thanks : )

  25. woo HOO for tl.

    Does Mr. Tl KNOW, into what, he has now gotten himself?
    Or did he bring a rescued animal to the table???

    Love, Leslie aka Fird aka Resriechan aka hey you

  26. yep, he’s fully aware – he’s been around since my first days with Miss Schnozz – helped me pick her out at the kennel and everythin’

    he does bring a little mutt pup of his own to the table, too

  27. Are his pup and Miss Schnozz going to get married?

  28. they’re both girls. and I don’t think the schnozzmeister goes that way.

  29. What about Oh No?

  30. ye’re right I didn’t list that!!! I don’t think that I’d make a convincing scam artist, huh??? :)

  31. BBC newest tv program

    Fluffy Eye for the Bald Guy

  32. The only difference I can see is that the red panda has more prominent eyebrow dots.

  33. fleurdamour says:

    It even looks like the Pom is eating bamboo.


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