Throw Away Your Old Mascara

Hedgehog eyelash extensions save time and are a much cuter alternative! Not just for special occasions any more!

Thanks to Colleen O.,  Loki will keep us looking sharp.



  1. Hedgehog ears, the faintest shade of shell-pink, just ripe for the nomming and not a sign of Tracylee–all mine! *om nom nom nom*

  2. Oh goodie. You can have the earses and I’ll take the nosicle. Mmmmmmm.

  3. Kari Callin says:

    The Portable Hedgehog Eyelash Curler
    Allow the animal to attach to eye lash.
    Pull back slowly.
    Ta DA! Curly, moist lashes!
    Give hedgey a treat, and place back in pocket.

  4. I so want a hedgehog “pouts”

  5. I think it’s time to get a new eyebrow brush….

  6. sigh… you did get here first. fair is fair, I guess 😦

  7. His airs are a bit too close to many pointy things. I shall settle for his little teeny pawsies.

  8. *sigh* ears….this has not been a good typing week.

  9. remember, per Firdie, it’s always the keyboard’s fault.

  10. kibblenibble says:

    Teh pointy parts of teh hedgie look so pointy, but the soft fuzzy parts look so soft!

  11. an excellent juxtaposition & stuff.

  12. FIRD TO THA RESCUE (“Underdog” theme music plays in background), Gigi!!!

  13. YAY they’ve internalized the Policy Statement!!!

    GREAT coaching, tl 🙂

  14. heh heh pyrit …”keep us looking sharp” 🙂

    *looks around, for Sharpy* ….

  15. YEAH!!!! GO LOKI!!!!!!!


    It’s Melissa, Penelope Pickles mom!

  16. i hope one day I can get on here too. Seems harder to get in than heaven!!!

    LOL Good job lil Loki and Mom!!!