I Didn’t Get The Xbox 360

Ah means I liked the fur coat and the big box o’ “Baked Delights Hugs, crispy doggeh snax with soft savory centers made with beef AND cheese.” The Porsche Cayenne is neat, too.

But ah was hopin’ for the Xbox 360.

Toby, from Sarah L.


  1. Does that carpet have eyes ? Is that what I’m looking at ?

  2. XBarks

  3. fleurdamour WINS!

  4. I’m with you Toby, I too didn’t get the thing I was *hoping* for… sigh…

  5. I’m with you Toby, I too didn’t get the thing I was *hoping* for… sigh…

  6. hexogenesis says:

    Oops haha sorry for the double post!

  7. Sorry to hear that. But on the brighter side, you look lovely lying on that rug:)

  8. well-handled there Monisima :)

  9. When you get opposable thumbs you can have an X-box. I promise

  10. In our house we’d say, “now you can get it for your birthday.”

    In the meantime, how about some belly rubs?

  11. belly rubs fer YOU or belly rubs fer Fluffy Guy??? ;)

  12. Doggeh looks like a Muppet.

  13. That was my thought too — puppy or muppet?

  14. I was just going to say that! Haha.

  15. *gasp*! those paws look more delicious than the earsies!

  16. kibblenibble says:

    I know! Like giant oatmeal cookies! :-)

  17. And once again, as others are distracted by the earses or feetsies, the nosicle is mine, ALL MINE!!!

  18. I want to plant my nose in the pom pom on top of his head.


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