I Believe I Can Boing!

Look at the boinging!

Look at the flying!

Look at the zooming! (woah, get-a-trash-can-dizzy warning @ :52 )

Look at eet and respect eet!

Vena Z. wants us all to get googlie-eyed over the world’s dizziest and rarest baby Dama Gazelle at Smithsonian Zoo, born Sept. 4, 2012



  1. Cute! She reminds me of my four year-old daughter/tasmanian devil.

  2. oh my goodness, those little legs look so fragile!
    He/she has the… je ne sais quoi… joie de vivre…?

  3. This is the boingiest boinging I have ever seen.

  4. Now, is this boinging or sproinging? Can I get some clarification please? 😉

  5. Wheeeeeeeeee!!

    Gee, the New England Patriots can use a running back on the team this year…or would it be a sproinging back? Calling Coach B!

  6. Don’cha just wish you could climb out of bed and go about your life with this kind of exuberance every day (and not just on vacation)?

  7. Now that you mention it, I think this is actually sproinging. I think in sproinging, the sproinger moves forward with each sproing, whereas a boing just goes straight up, repeatedly.

  8. awwww man I don’t even NEED TO activate the mo-pix to collapse from the uber-cuteosity!!!!!!


  9. Two of her buddies:

    The Original Sproinger ne Plus Ultra:

    and their cousin, recently introduced on Animal Planet, The Amazing Pipsqueak
    (with, unfort., a bit of a commersh.)

  10. Are you serious? When I have a vacation, the whole point is to sleep as much as possible.

  11. hmmm, evidently the clip of The Amazing Bea
    might not have been cooperative. Just in case, I’ll set it up from a different webpage instead, here. *ahem*

    *fancy wavy-hand motions*

  12. NOT an exaggeration. HI SK’mom!!! DIdja see that about 10 min after your last collapsing comment the other day when you left your (wirk?) I finally got back home from my doktor’s appt and found the Meg’s exciting post for me, here on CO???

  13. *giggle*

    so really we could call that a sleepcation???

  14. Zoom Zoom. Brought to you by Mazdear. Also, please to note the delightfulness of the tiny, flicking tailio.

  15. Stressfactor says:

    Oh, and look how far little bebeh has come! I’m assuming this video is of the same little one before those legs started working right…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kf6ZmSgnGRM

  16. Of course, Toygoata is also know for making sproingy vehicles.

  17. Yes, yes. You are definitely onto something here. “A boing just goes straight up…” Just a moment while I consult Science. Please stand by………..

  18. I did! I read through that whole thread this morning. Congratulations on your award, enjoy the glory!

  19. Well, Ive just completed an exhaustive meta-search for relivant literature in the field of “Sproinging” vs. “Boinging” and have lttle to no current data, let alone conclusions.

    I did find this one study (below) but it barely confronts this most important issue.

    It is therefor, my scientific opinion that Dr. Skippumom’s definition stand and that any subsequent research be directed at either contradicting or substantiation her findings.

    Best regards,

    JNYJNY, (esq., chicken admirer, neighbor’s cat feeding, and dog poop shoveler.)

  20. fish eye no miko says:

    The kid’s a real charger!

  21. Please disregard previous link as I am in no way talented in embedding video.

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    I wish I had even 1/10 of that much energy. (or beauty!)

  23. Yes, same one. So sweet.

  24. Amazing the transformation, isn’t it?? From “YOU CAN DO IT!!! STAND UP!!!” to “WHEEEEEE!!! Watch out for the sproinging maniac!!” Mama probably has moments where she longs for the wee wobbly baby who couldn’t stand up yet.

  25. So sproingy! I think I know who her best friend is gonna be….(now where is that, Bea?)

  26. januaryfarmer says:

    Did you see the smile on her face?

  27. Is a bebeh gazelle called a gazette? 😉

  28. YES!

  29. KittySnowball says:

    Never give animals redbull.

  30. already provided maam (?) see up above, timed 11:48 🙂

  31. Look at the PRONKING!

  32. warrior rabbit says:

    There was some boinging here. I saw some straight up-and-down pogoing action (rabbit slaves sometimes refer to it as popcorning).

  33. I hope I enjoy my workout even half that much this afternoon… What a little cutie!

  34. Or a vay-coma! That doesn’t work as well, spelling-wise.


  36. d’aww – Pipsqueak was on the one and only episode of Animal Planet’s Too Cute : )

    ALSO if you’re an Animal Planet fan! – take a look for the show Growing Up Lion – one of the Tiger Rescue’s lionesses, Sheba, is on it!

  37. I’m not sure it get boingier than this.

  38. Born on my birthday, so I assume that’s my birthday gift. I’ll pick up next week.

  39. pupfanatic says:

    Fird, now that you’re all famous and stuff, you have a responsibility to clean up all explosions and initiate revivals from the brink.

    So, since I’ve been boinged fatally close to fatality w/ this lil boinger, can ya help a gal out here?!

  40. pupfanatic says:

    @ Rescuegal- here is the official scientific answer (and I even called Stephen Hawkings for clarification)

    Boinging is totally, like, freakin’, so adorable you could like, die.
    Sproinging is totally, like freakin’ so adorable you could like, thud.

    All clear?

  41. Kind of reminds me of Pepe LePew, non?

  42. that seems a logical inferrence to me as well, MsBoop 🙂
    I think that one is deductive reasoning??

  43. affirmative.

  44. but — but — it didn’t star YOU, tl???? ;(

  45. 🙂

  46. sure. How would a popsicle and a lionhead bunneh do?? 🙂

    only? am I the only staff 24/7 in charge of EVERY explosion? That level of responsibility could kinda harsh my mellow from time to time… Is there, like,
    a schedule and shifts on/ off or something???

  47. C’est ca, precisemment, ceejoe 🙂

    D’accord, alors!! & stuff.

  48. Hear, Hear!!!

  49. Well here you can get a Sproingy-McSproingerson with bonus Tailio Iglesias!

  50. Sproingboing says:

    Boinging and Boinging
    In circles is all she’ll do
    Living in a zoo

  51. My nephew was the same at 4. He actually called him Taz.

  52. I adore the Growing Up series. I’ve seen that one. Sheba was a cutie. ^_^ I’m also glad I’m not the only Pipsqueak admirer. It was so cute when she was headbutting the little pups and they were so confused. Deathly cuteness.

  53. *sings*
    I believe I can boing.
    I believing I can sproingy sproing.
    I hop about every night and day.
    Bend my knees and bounce away.

  54. If you could only harness that energy. think of the things you could get done!

  55. pupfanatic says:

    Yeah, you do need to take breaks from explosion cleanings and such. Well, maybe you’ll get paid OT? Hire an assistant?

  56. Awww, no one’s gonna see your post since it’s buried now. I did, though, and it is awesome!

  57. This post should be called “Everybody Prance Now”