Friday Haiku: Take That

Burrowing owl chick

Is an excitable bird

And loves to hop up.

Photo from Peter Brannon.



  1. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Owl thinks “what a hoot”
    You didn’t get that iPad
    You asked for this year

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    Jump, baby owl! Jump!
    We survived Apocalypse!
    Time to celebrate!

  3. My mom always sais
    Neither a burrower nor a

  4. I cannot sufficiently express to you peeps my extreme love for owls. I love owls most immoderately. Especially leetle owls. Burrowing owls, as I have observed, are about the size of a beer can, the better to get them in six-packs.

  5. A lender be. Hoot.
    (Itchy trigger finger)

  6. MC Hammer hits
    Owl hippity hops around
    You Can’t Touch This… Bird

  7. PS: with no disrespect to burrowing owls, which are screamingly adorable, Northern Saw-Whet Owls are brain-blastingly prosh to the max:

  8. I want to pet him next!!! *elbows the way to the front of the line*

  9. I understand Theresa. I feel exactly same way about turtles. (Completely different side of taxonomic tree I know, but I’m just saying.)

  10. It’s Pidgewidgeon!

  11. So, Theresa, do people give you owl stuff? My great-aunt Alice had a thing for owls, and her house was FILLED with owl-themed knicknacks and gewgaws that people gave her. It was rather overwhelming.

  12. Oh I lurve leetle owlies so much *thud*

  13. Also gimcracks and tchotchkes.

  14. And doo-dads and salt ‘n’ pepper shakers?

  15. Then I hope you visit the various owl video cam/chat sites where you can watch owlies at home closeup AND chat with people who lurve owls and are a leetle on the silly side.

  16. Those too. And potholders

  17. Are you insinuating that our beloved Theresa is silly?

  18. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Thud.

  19. What is he after?
    Is it a game, can I play?
    Sweetly grump-tastic!

  20. I have all of those things (and more), but with cats.

  21. People tried to give me cat stuff, but I made them stop.

  22. Oh, I’ve seen that episode of “Frasier.” 😀
    Roz: Frasier, have I ever told you about my ceramic hippo
    Frasier: Oh yes, many times.
    Roz: The hell I have! Shut up and listen! One Christmas my
    Grandma sent me a ceramic hippo…
    Frasier: [interrupting] Roz, a hippo cannot possibly be as repellant
    as a rabid matador killing an epileptic bull!
    Roz: Was the bull wearing a pork-pie hat and fishing off a dock?
    Frasier: Continue.
    Roz: I made the mistake of telling her how much I loved it.
    Well, that just opened the floodgates. I got ice-skating
    hippos and hula-hooping hippos. Thank God for that
    Frasier: Oh, you mean they broke?
    Roz: Well, I assume they did when they hit the bottom of the
    garbage chute. But I blamed it on the earthquake, and the
    point is, you need to talk to your father now and be honest
    with him or you’re gonna be stuck with that thing until the
    next natural disaster.

    Anyway, the answer is no– I think because there are too many things I am silly about for anyone to keep track. Thank God. 😛

  23. You all WISH you were as silly as me.

  24. 😯

  25. My cat Francesco is ALMOST as silly as you.

  26. When I reach the ground,
    think I need a pedicure.
    …or, a clawicure?

  27. Ok, so the moral of the story is, I need to have more obsessions in my life… 😯

  28. THE BEST conversation thread EVAHR. The End.

  29. tee hee and also ha HA

  30. rudely knocks hilz over and leaves walker wheel marks on her back.

    *Is sent home for Not Playing Nicely with Others*

  31. to both Iva & lL: IK, R ???? ME TOO-WHOOOOOOOOO

  32. I do not have any Brain that Remains.

    I just mentally attempted to find either a 5-syllable descriptor or a 7 – syllable descriptor of either of these mind-assaultingly adorable owliepoos ….aaaaaaand
    I GOT PLENTY uv nuttin’. I’m certain that there are great haiku lines to construct but it’s LITERALLY TRUE that my brain has only melted little lumps of tar & pavement,
    since I looked at the gazelle pic and these two owliepoos;.


    *enters koo koo house*
    *locks cell door closed behind me*

  33. (PS: I did come up with a line or two, in which I liked the description/ vocab/ mood, but they kept ending with either 4 or 6 syllables rather than 5 or 7 😦 )

  34. to skippymom: the other day I was jabbering with one of the CO’ers about the “sharing my life with animals” “NOT with animals” contrasted …..
    she said that, after she had ended up with five rescues of both the canine and feline varieties living with them in their house, that her husband
    (or possibly Signif. Other; I’m not sure just now)

    “cut her off” and said no more animals while these are here and thriving.
    No kidding. Her words. I ’bout busted a gut laffing.

    BUT IT SO makes sense!!!!

  35. He’s playing Hopscotch (a.k.a. Potsy, in my neck of the woods)..

    Wanna see owlies do Double Dutch, now!!

  36. Hard to blame you, though. 😀

  37. The “koo-koo house”? *eyebrows*

  38. Errol coming in
    For landing at the Burrow
    Get your crash helmet

  39. fleurdamour says:

    Don’t you mean “eyebrow dots?”

  40. Koo Koo Kachoo!
    (yes, I know those are not the real words)

  41. fleurdamour says:

    For what it’s worth, I have a vintage macrame owl that I am immoderately proud of. His belly is a mirror! I’ve never seen one quite like it. I also have a small but choice collection of 1980’s unicorns.

  42. No, I don’t have eyebrow dots. Thanks for reminding me. *cry*

  43. oooooh oooh I had a macrame owl TOO

    no unicorns whatsoever but Ah surely DID have a macrame owl. I still remember the details of the large brown buttons which were his eyes. And the lower parts of his feet were macramed/ anchored to a particular Small Twig and he hung on the Wall.

    *nostalgic sigh*

  44. I’m pretty sure every house had a macrame owl in the seventies. I think it was a rule or something.

  45. I have totally “cut myself off” till I’m down to a “normal” number of cats. Through natural attrition of course. But…”normal” is a subjective term…

  46. fleurdamour says:

    I went on a Quest to find Just the Right Macrame Owl, located this dude on Etsy. I love the ones with twigs. 🙂 Verisimilitude.

  47. fleurdamour says:

    I am sorry. I will get you a koo-koo tissue.

  48. I’ve decided the “normal” number of cats is 32. Don’t tell my brother.

  49. Jack and Lille's Human says:

    I’m with you on saw-whet owls. They are softest things ever and close their eyes and lean back into head scritches.

    I’m attempting to share a link to a photo on facebook, and am crossing my fingers it will work. It’s of 3 saw-whet owls caught at Powdermill Nature Reserve outside of Pittsburgh.!/photo.php?fbid=341608409271311&set=a.314620545303431.65403.314292602002892&type=3&theater

  50., Glad it’s near the end of the Friday as true cute overload sets in!

  51. I would imagine a good beautician could set you up with a pair of eyebrow dots.

  52. I have piercing eyes
    What!? I am not hung-over
    I was born that way

  53. *pats la pauvre Therese a l’epaule, consolingly*

    “There, there.” aka

    “La-bas, la-bas”.

    Consolation en francais.

  54. thx, Theresa 🙂

    but I guess I’m behaving Imperfectly today.


  55. “a rule or something” = 🙂

  56. You need to uphold the dignity of your office now that you’ve won that prestigious award.

  57. Où? Où? O_o

  58. to fleurdamour and Theresa:

    this page has an embarrassing
    (THAT WORD IS SO HARD to spell correctly and usually on most words my spelling/ decent…grr)

    richesse of variety of diversity of all different sorts o owliepoo tchotchkes and knickknack paddywhack give a dog a bone (o sorry) so OPEN AT YER OWN RISK NO LIFEGUARDS, sexy or otherwise, are on duty.

    Theresa espesh; you should prolly bring a bottle of anxiety pills or smelling salts to the desk before opening the page below

    (ebil chuckle)

    also this has a macrame owliepoo, similar to the one I descr’d above. It’s way way larger than the one we had but the knotting, the appearance and the style of twine are all 97% a perfect match. It’s on the right side and done in a khaki twine.

  59. ooooooo skmom you are SO RIGHT. I forGOT all about how, if one is given a gift, one then has EVEN MORE OBLIGATION than previously, to be a Perfect Catholic.

    At least there was neither whining nor pouting. I’ve advanced through passive-aggressive expressions, to full-on assaults on the general public. THAT’s encouraging, huh????


  60. on a de quelques choix.
    [uncertain of my phrase structure/ plural form there…]

    Est-ce qu’on prefere visiter le magasin qui vend les madeleines de notre jeunesse,
    ou visiter un magasin des bonbons??

  61. emmberrann says:

    *de quelques choix?” j’y compends pas. I always thought that “quelques” implied the “de.” maiis, on pourrait toujours avoir tort.

  62. fleurdamour says:


  63. fleurdamour says:

    Weasleys scatter wide
    Harry is not fast enough
    New lightning bolt scar

  64. fleurdamour says:

    Catching the bright snitch
    Quidditch is nothing next to
    Errol off the chain

  65. Gasp! How dare you!

  66. It is extr. likely that my constructions are horrible. I haven’t seen the inside of a Frawnsche classroom in lo these 20-25 years now …

  67. *kin ah blame bein’ surrounded as a child by three knucklehaid older brudders who rather took a baboon’s approach to child-rearing ….*

    *brushes off your shirt and grins hopefully…*


  69. Is he purring?

  70. This above all, to thine owl-self be true.

  71. Haha! I lof eet!

  72. amazing x three thousand, J & L’s H 🙂
    Are all the pics of the owls? Is one of those pics of a falcon or a hawk??
    LOVELY regardless

  73. At one time I had NINE rabbits, all but 1 were rescues, cos I can’t say no to a needy rabbit. 😦 Sadly, through “natural attrition” I am now down to 5 (two of which are 10 yrs. old), and I’ve made a pledge to family and friends that my “normal” number of rabbits will max at three. (However, I made no promises about max number of gerbs and hammies!) 🙂
    I do have quite a bit of rabbit “stuff,” but my family/friends know my “rules” about what kind of stuff is okay, so I don’t have too much to deal with! 🙂

  74. The giant room-sized owl is a leetle scarwee! 😯

  75. fleurdamour says:

    A scritch in time saves nine.

  76. fleurdamour says:

    I guess you could call these owl-phorisms.

  77. Has anyone yet
    made a joke about looking
    at online hooters?

    And it’s a haiku, too! 😉

  78. Saw-weet.

  79. pretty fun stuff ’round here!!!

  80. Jack and Lille's Human says:

    There are all kinds of bird photos. The field station has banded (caught, measured, and released) more than half a million birds in the last 50 years. The avian ecologists there have just started the facebook, but they post cute pictures of adorable and unusual birds when they get them.