New Species Discovered!

Scientists exploring the jungles of Tsi-Tsi-Banga have discovered the first-ever terrapuss, an unknown breed of feline mammal with a hard shell.

Covered with thick green scales, or scalio, in scientific parlance, the shell protects every part of the terrapuss except its vulnerable back section, or talio.

The shell also provides the terrapuss with amusement, allowing it to while away the hours contentedly chewing on itself.

Via ColdSleeper.



  1. A sub-species of Felis Marutus.

  2. Correct *dingdingding* ! Further sub-cat-agorization: Top of mah next Cristmas list!

  3. Luff the wackadoodle eyes in the last pic!

  4. Jack Parlance. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. The terrapuss is smilingk! 🙂

  6. I had to scroll up to make sure, but yep! That’s our Not Mike! :mrgreen:

  7. emmberrann says:

    Pic #3: Nyanng-nyanng-nyanng! Also, wackadoodle eyes!

  8. Where was this exotic creature found and is it legal to own one? I must have eet.

  9. kibblenibble says:

    NOMTOM, you are keelingk me! 😆

  10. Wait, when you introduce a new species– especially when NTMTOM introduces a new species– you need an Instant Gong™ !

  11. All that’s missing is the David Attenborough narration. 🙂

  12. Rachael, I heard David Attenborough , who did you hear?

  13. My hamster did something like this once. I had gotten him mad for some unknown reason so he crawled into his half paper towel tube and wouldn’t come out, so I sat down on my bed to read a book and wait for him to calm down bit, when I heard something rustling and nibbling coming from his cage, he chewed the bottom out of the paper towel tube end to end. He was much more agreeable afterwards tho. 😀

  14. “The shell also provides the terrapuss with amusement, allowing it to while away the hours contentedly chewing on itself.”

    Best caption ever!!! diggin the whackadoodle eyes too lol

  15. This looks exactly like my kitty, only he’d be more appropriately called an “Orange Crush-puss”.

  16. Eet’s looking quite lizard-like in the first pic.

  17. I know this creature by its more common name, the purrtle.

  18. Tortoiseshell variety

  19. fleurdamour says:

    It’s beyond boxhab – it’s a boxhabitat!

  20. *thunderous applause to both of you! *

  21. 😆 What is the name of your “Orange Crush-puss”, PandaGrrl 😆

  22. That sweet kitty looks easy to catch and cuddle and snorgle 😀


  24. Its amazing, that even with all our new technology new species are always beingk discovered! What a fascinating critter…

    PS- what does eet eat?

  25. That kitteh looks shell shocked.

  26. Ha!

  27. Oh the teensy vicious fangs in the last picture!!


  29. Its own shell, apparently.

  30. Dewd, lay off the nip.

  31. Those SyFy movies are really going low budget, aren’t they? Even Roger Corman would’ve been appalled by this fx effect.

    Love those eyes those. Like Loki’s cat.

  32. *applauds*

  33. Guido Anchovy 😉 He’s a wild romantic rover.

  34. *Leonard Nimoy facial expreshe, one eyebrow lifted*


  35. YAYness

  36. Tabbyshrug says:

    A tabby cat getting into trouble? I don’t believe it.

  37. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav) says:

    So who tagged the terrapuss aka the purrtle? The language looks Japanese. Expect the Pokemon version to come out in the near future, then.

    Or – somebody warn Tokyo – the giant, fire-breathing, flying version. 😉

  38. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav) says:

    Yea verily. Could this be a baby Cattera – destined to grow up to be a flying, fire-breathing monster who loves children and destroys aliens?

  39. 😯 We need a fang-hance on that last peekture!

  40. Kitty-Pocket!

  41. could we call it a toof-hance, please??

  42. *snerk*

  43. ooooh MOST excellent, mem sahib!!

  44. eet’s wot he duz!!!