From Hoarder to Home

Sender-Inner Sharon D. says: “Finlay was rescued from a hoarder house of 40 cats, all orange, all fluffy and all related to an original orange fluffy couple. With practically no human contact, he and his “brother” Reilly (Mr. Nosevember!) were almost feral. The SPCA raided the house and were going to euthanize the lot of ’em.

VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) stepped in to provide foster and forever homes for these beautiful cats. Reilly and Finlay were two of the shyest kitties, so I brought them home. They’re noisy cuddle monsters, now. This photo shows Finlay at the groomer. He has silky fine fluff, that gets knotted. I brush and comb him, but he still needs regular trips to the groomer. His face is priceless in this shot.”




  1. God bless the rescuers of these precious kitties ❤

  2. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats (and two orange kittehs) says:

    He looks so worried. Poor dude. He’s super cute though and yay to VOKRA for stepping in!

  3. [sniff sniff…] bless you Sharon D!

  4. [sniff sniff…] what ceejoe said!

  5. kibblenibble says:

    I second that! Yay! ResQte!

  6. kibblenibble says:

    Oh, I guess I third that. 😆

  7. This picture brings tears to my eyes. Yes, God bless you, Sharon D. for showing these sweethearts some well deserved kindness.

    Cats eyes show his vulnerability, fear and gratitude all in one. Good luck with Finlay, he’s gorgeous!!! 😮

  8. Thank you to VOKRA and Sharon D and all of the other adopters who gave these kitties another chance! Please give Finlay and Reilly some extra chin scratches for me.

  9. Gorgeous kitteh! Love and hugs to all involved in the rescute.

  10. A home with marms is full of charms. Yay for VOKRA and Sharon!

  11. Also: TOE FLOOFAGE.

  12. Oh my gosh, Finlay, you are so cute I PINNED you!

  13. There’s Maine Coon in there for sure–lookit the big feets and neck ruff! What a beautiful boy.

  14. Me too! Sharon D., you are awesome, and what a handsome boy he is!

  15. Kari Callin says:

    I love the look on his face: ” Oh dear dogs, it’s… a bath tub!” 😉

  16. Carol Downes says:

    VOKRA does the most amazing work and on a shoestring, I’ve added to their burden many times over the years by trapping and helping them trap feral cats here in the East End. Big shout out to Maria who is out at all hours in all weathers, big TNR people her in Vancouver. Finlay & Reilly are living proof of the amazing work VOKRA does, check out their video’s on You Tube please 🙂

  17. Carol Downes says:

    VOKRA is always looking for more Foster Parents BTW……….

  18. Aww, so glad they got rescute. And hey, he’s got toe-floof!

  19. AWWWW! 😀

  20. Sorry I don’t live anywhere near Vancouver and I’m already trying to get another Kitty to foster, haven’t heard anything about her for three weeks or more and I’m getting a little nervous and sad.

  21. Is that anything like toufou?

  22. Maybe fifth that?! What an adorable scaredy face. So happy for Findley and Reilly and those other rescued kitties.

  23. Reminds me of the classic horror story, Tales from the Drypt.

  24. yes the toe floofage is epic.

  25. I wouldn’t be able to manage myself for one day working near situations where kitties (and most other critters really) weren’t in nearly optimum conditions. I’d be trying to slam people into the sewers to drag them from the muck downtown and into the worst jail cell in the bldg….only to later find out that somebody was in a medical situation comp;letely unanticipated….and then have to apologize for myself.

    I therefore shout HALLELUJAH and also HOSANNAH to ennybuddy who engages the TUFF situations and still is able to expend only gentleness to the animals, coming out from scary situations. Finlay, I would hug you so hard I’d probably deplete yer oxygen and that wouldn’t improve anything, huh??? Do any of the links at the orig story above, provide some kind of usps mailing address/ even a po box to which I could send some small smidgeon of a money order??

  26. Hilarious and pure NTMTOM. Thx for the memories!

  27. Toe-foo? You can get rid of that w/ soap & water & a little scrubbing.

  28. I have 5 cats all rescues, the most I’ve had at one time is seven. Yes, I know that’s a lot of cats, I’m actually breaking the laws since my town allows 3 cats per home. The last two, Penny and Boo were strays, should I have left them to fend for themselves or taken them to one of the already crowded shelter to maybe be put to sleep?

  29. kibblenibble says:

    Gigi, you are right to rescue them all. Cats are never all in the same place at the same time (unless it’s in your bed when you are looking for a place to lay) so anyone would be hard-pressed to prove you have more than you are ‘supposed’ to.

  30. kibblenibble says:

    “noisy cuddle monsters” Yay! 🙂

  31. SlaveToCat says:

    Nooo don’t send me back to that crazy cat lady. She keeps trying to herd her hoard of cats.

  32. I have heard that cats have no facial expressions. That is not true. That little guy’s face says a lot. Thanks for giving them a chance.

  33. Mindy McIndy says:

    What all of you do just imazes me. I just took in a couple orphan kitts and gave them forever homes. Your love for these sweet dear souls inspires me.

  34. Oddly, our Badger-cat gets that look in his eyes when I try to give him smooches on his forehead. Not big on forehead smooches, is Badger.

  35. By the way ,how are dem kittehs doinz?

  36. Meow!


  37. Whoever says that doesn’t know cats. They are very expressive. Though my cat’s default seems to be set to ‘confused.’

  38. *giggling in sympathy with both u and yr feline 🙂 *

  39. While waiting for the local animal shelter to reply to my offer to volunteer, I humbly thank you all who support animal rescues and shelter work. You are true life savers!

  40. This touches me on so many levels. Warm hugs and endless thanks to all those who selflessly volunteer their time, money and love to help those who need it most. Now I’m all weepy (but in a good way). *sniffle*

  41. Let me put it this way, I wish I was one of my cats 😆
    Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!!!

  42. Norbertsmom says:

    Ditto what Fird said. And yay for VORKA!

  43. Here is info for donations, Fird:

  44. Norbertsmom says:

    Ummm I have 7 cats (presently) and a dog. All rescues…LAWS SHMAWS! Yes 7 is allot, but they are all healthy and want for nothing (i.e. SPOILED ROTTEN). I do understand laws to prevent hoarding and such, but I could not walk away from a critter that needs help, or drop one at a shelter only to be put to sleep.

    I am blessed to have a wonderful network of people who help me get fosters adopted and do TNR. Though I would like to have some room in my own bed at least once in a while! :-O

  45. Heh heh, I have 10 cats, and they’re all rescues too, and most of them are very skittish, so they hide when anyone else is in the house, so nobody would ever be able to count them all except me. Plus I volunteer at the county animal shelter and know the director personally. Besides which, my house is probably cleaner than most “normal” houses. And they all get primo vet care. So there. It’s not the number, it’s the care they receive.

  46. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Amen to that!

  47. Big fluffy orange kitties are the best! I have a new respect for Garfield and his like after having the company of my super fluffy marmalade Puddin for the last several years. Animals know a good hearted person when they meet one, adoption is the best way to go!

  48. My most loveable kitty, a siamese named Hijinks was rescued from a hoarder home of over 60 animals. She is awesome. Given a loving home as I’m sure he has promise of now, Finlay will be fine. Thanks so much to animal rescues. They are wonderful.

  49. Many thanks and well wishes to those involved in the rescue. I’m sure the SPCA didn’t want to put them down any more than we did. Hooray for VORKA and fosters! Best of luck for all the kitties!

  50. Haha! 😀

  51. Who doesn’t? 😉

  52. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Glad someone could save these cats! I hope the person they took them from has gotten some treatment. Animal hoarders think they’re helping animals, but it never turns out well for the animals. They can’t stop “collecting” and it becomes overwhelming for them and they’re frequently incapable of adapting. This isn’t the same as some of you who have many, many cats and you shouldn’t take offense to this post. You take care of them, acknowledge you have limitations, and have adjusted your lives to accommodate them. Animal hoarders don’t do this.

  53. Now that is a kitty who is desperately repeating his mantra…waiting, just waiting, for the dreaded baths to pass.

    Hooray to all who stepped in to rescue two such adorable fellas!

  54. Norbertsmom says:

    I often wonder how something so small can take up so much room, and be such a blanket hog! My Norbert also seems to think that I need to have mice dropped on my head in the wee-hours of the night. Never during the day mind you, just at night!

  55. Bless his heart, he’s so scared 😦

    Thank you for rescuing the cats. We hope the hoarder accepts the need for treatment.

  56. Sharon, bless your great big heart for taking in these sweeties.

  57. I’m glad someone stepped in to take care of the cats! I love them, and I desperately wish I could have one. But just looking at this picture is making my eyes water, start to sneeze and face puff up 😥

  58. So glad to see this here! VOKRA is an amazing organization. Our kitties are VOKRA rescues also.

  59. Very sweet. So glad they have a new mom like you. Big hugs to all who rescued.

  60. Orange kitties are the bestest.

  61. My aunt’s cat will torment the mice then decapitate them and leave right where you can see ’em.

  62. AWW 😀 I am so glad that you are able to give Reilly and Finlay a loving forever home, Sharon D 😀 A BIG CYBER HUG to VOLKA for their help rescueing kitties 😀

  63. I live out in Coquitlam, Carol Downes, and I would just LOVE to help VOKRA 😀 I just know I would have to hold back from walking off with a couple of kitties or more 😀

  64. I meant “A BIG CYBER HUG to VORKA” not “VOLKA” :blush:

  65. awwww Olive you are the ne plus ultra of compashe and empathy!!!

    *pins a Purple Heart on your shirt, being cautious not to let the pin poke you and injure you further….*

  66. YAY You, and the kitte,hs and VOKRA!!!

  67. yay for you and yay for Hijinks, Marilyn 🙂

  68. yay doomchild & volunteering appl. 🙂

  69. @ Norbertsmom: ON yer HAID???


  70. amen about the “preventive maintenance” for the critterz.

    Presently there are no cats in my home to tell me what to do (and believe me I wish that there was at least one). Hence my frequent visits to CO. There have been such frequent medical nonsense swallowing up 2/3 of my time, finances, etc, the past few years that I wouldn’t be able to keep a kitteh in the style to which I am accustomed to maintaining fur them. I”d be likely to schedule and pay for the vet visits before getting any cheerios at all, each month …..jeopardizing payment for the roofbeams & carpeting….

  71. COOLNESS CEEJOE THX I shall forthwith and posthaste (etc etc)

    Your obedient servant,
    Fird of Birfle.

  72. That is one of my hugest dislikes for the SPCA anywheres… they are so keen to put animals down. Big thanks to my fellow Vancouverites 🙂

  73. I’m a little behind here…I JUST saw this now! Thanks for all the lovely comments, guys! Rescue kitties are the best. I’ll give my boys (and my girls, Abbie and Heidi!) scritches from all of you!

    Here’s the whole lot of ’em on my bed:

  74. VOKRA is amazing. It’s incredible the amount of lives they save every year. I’m so glad to hear that those beautiful orange kitties are safe and loved now.

  75. He’s very lucky to have been rescued… oh his face. “Mummy,don’t let the scary groomer have me!”