Heidi Who?

Seems that Seal has moved on. Here he is shown snorgling NBC anchorman Brian William’s daughter, actress Allison Williams.

(*Full disclosure- I absolutely stole the headline concept. Image found on the Buzz FB.)



  1. Mega side eye!

  2. fleurdamour says:

    PS – It’s a “Kiss from a Nose!”

  3. Mega side eye indeed, although more often seen in dachshunds. I’m pretty sure seals don’t smell like popcorn, though…

  4. This reminds me of the adds for “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific” anyone remember those? http://www.retronaut.com/2012/11/gee-your-hair-smells-terrific-ads/3-1223/

  5. Can you say “fish breath”, boys & girls?

  6. I think I actually used that for a while when I was in high school.

  7. And by the way, that girl is ridiculously beautiful.

  8. kibblenibble says:

    Icy cold wet nose. George and Minnie give me those all the time. 😯

  9. That side-eye look is all “Eat your heart out hoomins. This one’s mine!”

  10. One of my mother’s 3rd graders who had been to SeaWorld or Busch Gardens on winter vacay, wrote an essay about how she did not like being kissed by a seal.

  11. Well, so was Heidi. Men . . . You know the old saying- “Show me a beautiful woman and I’ll show you a man who’s tired of . . . smooching her.” 😛

  12. PS: IS there a singer called Sea Lion, ’cause that’s what’s snorgling Allison. 😛

  13. That’s crazy.

  14. Band called Sea Lion from Texas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VacYfUuyMA

  15. Best seal photo evah!

  16. Haha! Cute 🙂

  17. januaryfarmer says:

    I know the look of sweet nothings when I see it.

  18. Yes!!! He is so laying claim to his hoomin.

  19. “Hey, you got a bit of mackerel right here. Might if I go for it?”

  20. Stellar!

  21. No, Steller! 😀

  22. Allison is on the hit HBO Series “Girls”…I have yet to see it.

  23. She did not like it, Sam I am???


  24. She realy is, she’s in the HBO show “Girls”, which I find hilarious but is quite… racy.

  25. *really

  26. I think it’s soooo funny, but if you’re weirded out by awkward graphic sex scenes, I’d tread lightly. Start with the episode where the girl smokes crack, it’s just funny!

  27. She did not like it in a pool, she did not like it in a school.

  28. One of Theresa’s dad’s spit baths!

  29. *explodes with a full-on BWA HA HA this time*

  30. I know that show is awkward!Thats why I can’t wait to move out of my parents house!

  31. “Is that a mackerel in your pocket or are you glad to see me?”

  32. Right on, Theresa!