Happy Boxing Day!

To all of our Peeps in the UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, & New Zealand (Thanks Wikipedia,) this BAROO is for YOU.

Harvey’s got his vid thing goin’ here.



  1. Happy Boxing Day from Canada

  2. Happy Boxing Day from London. Harvey is adorable!

  3. He EEZ adorable!!! PLEASE SUMBUDDY tell me that “mommy” was home
    soon to un-confuse poor gullible Harvey …… I haz a sad. 😦

    I’m gullible too.

  4. i do not like crowds so I don’t do Boxing Day in the stores, but now you can shop Boxing Day deals on the internet!! 🙂

    And would somebody get Harvey’s mommy out of that little black box please 😉

  5. MinglesMommy says:

    What a little sweetie!

  6. lisaLASSIE says:

    And look how much better he looks with his tail!!!!

  7. fleurdamour says:

    Happy Boxer Day!

    We need a Maru baroo, too, just to ‘fill in the box.’

  8. Can’t hear the sound so I am pretty clueless what is going on here….

  9. Jackie Rose says:

    Harvey’s mom was speaking to him over the telephone. He couldn’t figure out how Mom got in that little box. (Or how to get her out.)

  10. but puppeh is very cute

  11. Thank you for explaining, Jackie. Poor little guy. I used to call my house occasionally and talk to the cats through the answering machine, but I realized it probably just confused the heck out of them.

  12. Happy Boxing Day to all Commonwealth CO(o)’ers!!!

    PD. For a while I thought yawl had a special day for boxers (the fighting or the cute ones, didn’t know which), but it is a generally recognized truth that them Brits are an odd bunch… 😉

  13. “Confuse a Cat”. Monty Python had that down to a science, as I recall.

  14. I wish they had a job opening. I would be very good at it.

  15. I lof eet! I lof her voice! “Ahhhh veeeee” Just delightful!

  16. roastpotato says:

    Awesomely cute!!! Love fromhere in the UK with my friends from all over the world for Xmas! 🙂

  17. Happy Boxing Day to all you wonderful COers. For those who don’t brave the sales, it’s a day to stay in your jammies, eat leftovers and play with your presents. In other words, a perfect day.

  18. Happy Boxing Day to our neighbors across the pond (and Canada across the border)! Boxer puppehs are among the qtest in the entire world. The wrinkularity alone is heart melting.

  19. Please, someone box him up and send him to me! Barooo…

  20. I’ve done that when forced to travel (leave messages for Kyuri &Ezri on the answering machine). Glad I’m not the only one.

  21. lol…

  22. Amanda - Proud to be British says:

    I am a Brit who spent three years living in America – and my stock answer when the Americans did something ‘different’ was Americans are weeeeird 🙂 So maybe we’re all ‘odd’ – but at least us Brits get an extra holiday out of it 🙂

  23. should I even ASK what “forced to travel” implies?

    Or not?

    Are you co-starring in the next Hannibal Lector film or something??
    “Good Eeeeeeevening victoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeia….. would yew like a nice
    *slobber* cheeeeahnti????”


  24. LUV visualizing this, sk’mom. You in that particular MP bit.

    HEY checkitOUT!!??? You could also bring/ take skippy and he could be one of the cats to be confused!!! that would bring in TWO PAYCHECKS for the same gig. “course, you might have to use SOME of that pay, for KIBBLE for skippy …..

  25. It’s just that I hate traveling. I like visiting places; it’s the getting there I don’t like.

  26. YAY!!! Boxer puppy ON Boxing day. Yes, I’m a few days late…so what of it??