Fird Birfle: 2012 Commenter Of The Year!

Let’s face eet, People. You are the reason why Cute Overload is so popular. You support our site and then Tweet or Facebook your friends, and that way, The QTE grows. So here we are, heading towards the last day of the year, and we wanted to recognize our Commenter Of The Year. Someone who always visits the site and always chimes in with an engaging comment or two four. So Fird Birfle, thank you and Congratulations. You’re our very first Commenter Of The Year. A new 2013 CO Calendar zooming your way!

Photo from The Interwebs.


  1. YAY FIRD!!!!!!!!! :-D

  2. What Kaya said!!! Woo hoo, with pompoms!

  3. :)

  4. yay Kaya :) mille mercis

  5. YAY Kaya !!! :)

  6. Wer to ger, Ferd!

  7. Ermergerd, Fird Birfle ers jerst thert kernd of nerm!

  8. ermagherd, congerts Fird!

  9. :) btw I really like your (?) GP sketch avatar/ thinggie there ——>

  10. That dog is wearing the Dickin Medal ,the animals VC awarded for gallantry PDSA.
    Held in the highest regard by the people of the UK, it has often been awarded posthumously, I believe this is Buster
    Buster – Springer Spaniel
    Royal Army Veterinary Corps
    Date of Award: 9 December 2003
    “For outstanding gallantry in March 2003 while assigned to the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment in Safwan, Southern Iraq. Arms and explosives search dog Buster located an arsenal of weapons and explosives hidden behind a false wall in a property linked with an extremist group. Buster is considered responsible for saving the lives of service personnel and civilians. Following the find, all attacks ceased and shortly afterwards and troops replaced their steel helmets with berets.”
    A true war hero

  11. First of all, Congrats to Fird! ^_^

    Second, thanks to you, diddleymaz, for that info. It was gratifying to learn of this hero dog’s exploits.

  12. also thx JenDeyan!!

  13. DewiCasGwent says:
  14. YAY BUSTER!!!

  15. Elaine From L.A. says:

    Congrats, Fird!!! Your comments are always a delight!

  16. that’s good news, Elaine :) thx so moische

  17. Way to go, Fird. Party like it’s your birfleday.

  18. Now I’m gonna start wishing people a “happy birfleday!”

  19. yay for Fird and yay for 260Oak

  20. Amen.

  21. jlamusings says:

    Woot! :-D

  22. Congrats! Do we get to read your acceptance speech?

  23. SURE!!!


    “Thanks :)”

    (“They LIKE me!!! They really LIKE me !!!???””)

    The. End of this Speech.”

  24. *golf clap for Shatner-channeling*

  25. lisaLASSIE says:

    See? Seee? This right here as a small sample of why Fird deserves the award. Funny, sweet, creative, high energy, good natured: we don’t just like you, Fird, we LURVE you!!!! And thank you CO for this well-deserved recognition and commendation for Fird. (Plus, that name!!! :o)

  26. you ma’am are a gentleman and a scholar. Except I don’t think you’re a guy.
    So, a gentleWO”MAN and a scholar….

  27. Haha! High five :-D

  28. januaryfarmer says:

    Like you oh wise one? So much admire and seek to be in your presense.

  29. That was the speech?

    It was pointless! It was obvious! It was… short?


    (with thanks to Statler and Waldorf)

  30. (I figured since my street rep is for …erm….a bit of verbal ambling…..that when GIVEN a particular spotlight, it might be a moment of……quiet reflection YEAH that’s the ticket!!! (winky-winky!!)

    (“Pointless???” *momentary pout*)

  31. kibblenibble says:

    YAAAAAAAAAYY Fird! (aka Leslie) We love you!!! :-D

  32. YAY kn — luv rightbackatcha :)

  33. I am not jealous I am not jealous I am not jealous I am really really not jealous

  34. Oh yes you are.

  35. NO, I am NOT. *stamping foot and pouting*

  36. *giggles lurvingly WITH — not at — skippymom, mah HERO and jujube too :) *

  37. I am TOTALLY jealous. Congratulations, Firdie!!! *mwah! mwah!*

  38. I LURVE Mme. Therese. and skippymom IS MAH HERO!!!!

    *cues the John Phillips (sp?) Sousa record*

  39. The Liberty Bell March, perhaps?

  40. yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!!!

    *fist pumps in mid-air*

  41. Speech! SPEECH!

  42. Theresa? Look above, later, maybe in 24 hrs…I put something interesting there for a small speech and you’ll enjoy the subject (books not me) but my verbiage was….not concise….so the Mod Gods GOT ME in a column about me???

    so come back to see what’s there –I linked it ‘specially for you

  43. *ahem*

    *taps microphone, causing a gargantuan sizzle and pop*

    “What I did, over my summer vacation.”.

    “Contemplated the unnerving irrelevance of Life Itself.
    Then went to the local indie bookstore, spent some money and It Was All Betteuw.”

    “The End.”

    PS: THIS is the bookstore of the Known Universe (actually two stores).
    The best part is that the arrangement of subjects/ topics is actually kinda illogical/ quirky around the property. Also the wird is that he has — not kidding —
    two million volumes sittin’ ’round, gathering dust. And Ron is Just Folks.


  44. Mes félicitations Fird!

  45. Merci bien, Mlle. Gigi !!!

  46. So, guys, apparently she doesn’t know yet. Everybody got the pompoms and glitter at the ready for when she shows up?

  47. Standing by, with pompoms and glitter at the ready! Now if we only had Fird Birfle nearby…

  48. “BOO!!!”

  49. (hmmm…. I didn’t mean the BAD response “boo” in a crowd but the “startling you” Boo/ Halloween …..hmmmm….)

  50. … and now you will have to pull the Hello Kitty Defibrimajwhatever TM from the closet. Again. :)

  51. pompoms: check!
    glitter: check!

  52. Fird is the word!

  53. loribelle WINS

  54. Wow! If ever an honor was deserved, this is it. Fird, you rock!

  55. :) thankyou mum

  56. And yet who is suspiciously absent from this post…?

  57. Do you think she is being shy? Or just working very carefully on her acceptance speech? Or so overcome with emotion that she can’t type?

  58. I just hope she doesn’t start out with that tired old “You love me, you REALLY love me!” :)

    I do want to say that our dear 260Oakley deserves a special mention in this category. Fo’ schizzle.

  59. uh oh I DEED start out with that tired old “You love me, you really love me” …..

    now maybe I should hide???

  60. ** Standing ovation. **

  61. *curtseys demurely*

  62. wow! Congratulations, Fird Birfle! And thanks for all your comments, I do love reading them. Keep up the good thing :)

  63. thanks!! Might I satisfy a curiosity? Du bist of the generally male, generally female, or a different gender persuasion/ combination???

    Usually I’ve found a few clues but not so, here.
    Sorry eef eet’s eencorrect fur me to ask???

    Grooviness from Leslie aka Dana aka Fird aka….

  64. I’m generally and definitely female :) “jerzowa” means “Mrs. George” in Polish, but it sounds like “Mrs. Hedgehog”. And I love both my husband and hedgehogs, and my husband’s name. And your comments :)

  65. I’m generally and definitely female :) “jerzowa” means “Mrs. George” in Polish, but it sounds like “Mrs. Hedgehog”. And I love both my husband and hedgehogs, and my husband’s name. And your comments :)

  66. YAY for you and for your h’band and your hedgehogs. One followup question?

    how MANY hedgehogs?

    and by the way, while my own two familles have no polish genetics, we do have some German; maternal family HUTT (cannot sound too much MORE Germanic than that, huh? :) )…some combination of Dutch/ German/ Swedish and, more recently, what ‘Mericuns refer to as Pennsylvania Dutch.

    Or — that’s the Official Family Policy Statement. :)

  67. thank YOU :)

  68. FIRD! FIRD! FIRD! FIRD! Large crowd looking expectantly toward entrance to grand hall.

  69. *peeks around the corner of the hall entrance and *winks* at NancyL*

  70. I hope she shows up in the next few minutes, before I head home.


  72. T.U.M., you and yer tabbees, tinneees or otherwise, ROCK !!!

  73. T.U.M. and his tabbees, tinee and utherwise, totally ROCK .

  74. Yay,we need a blorpy bird for Fird!

  75. Here’s something semi- appropriate… it surely has some blorpy critterz…. but it is lyrically “jistabit” macabre yet the critterz are so jolly while body parts are being annihilated, etc:. It is also deeply habit forming as a song. You have been suitably warned.

    (“Bwa ha ha”)

  76. The juxtaposition of cute critters and macabre death is…bizarrely compelling. I am hooked.

  77. SEE???? I wasn’t warning you for nuttin’ !!!


    (I know the clip doesn’t actually have a rabbit, but nonetheless the two sets of characters and the dialogue does sync up ….)

  78. HAHAHA! I LOVE IT!! Of course, this is coming from a girl who giggled while watching a movie where a Guy got the heel of a stiletto boot jabed square through the middle of his forehead. :-D (yes, you should be worried.)

  79. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    “Dumb Ways to Die!” One of the highlights of Thanksgiving dinner this year is singing this along with my 13-year-old niece.

    Oh, and congratulations, Firdie!

  80. Ahhh, earworm with blorpy cute critterz!!! I shall now go back to ignoring the rules of expired medicine and unrefrigerated food, while humming this song.

  81. Right, then. Who volunteers to drive to Jacksonville and drag her back here?

  82. *raises hand*

    (to SKIPPYMOM’s “here” or to Tha Meg’s “here”???)

  83. Hear, hear!!

  84. :)

  85. Mary (the first) says:

    Congrats to Fird!! And I also endorse the grass roots movement to give honorable mention to 260Oak whose puns are always .. well… punny!

  86. thankyou!! and I agree for 260 too :)

  87. Not to worry. If I wait long enough, they’ll give me one of those lifetime achievement awards that they hand out to folks they think are going to peg-out soon. ;)

  88. bookmonstercats says:

    I hope it doesn’t get awarded for a very long time, then ;)

  89. Thanks, bmc. I’ll be sure to mention you in my speech.

  90. Yay Fird!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  91. YAY yerSELF!!! YAY Saffron !!!!

  92. WOT THA ??????????????????

    Fird Birfle,
    Confuzed but happeh !!!

    *Cancels all pouting fits for the next week!!!*

  93. PS: AH wuz at thuh eye doktor’s ovah ‘cross town, gitting uh new per-skrip-shon for a new set of whutcha cawl them fancy spektackles!!!

    back home now.

    Luv youse guyz including sp menshon for 2600, Tha Megster and Goose,
    skippymom, Theresa, T.U.M, , Gigi, Kaya and everybody else whose name slipped off the other edge of my limited powers of memory ….. Y’all rule !!

  94. YAY!! Someone remembered ME!? YAY! :-D

  95. PSS: If’n ennybuddy’s innerested, Ah haz sum nifty pikctchas (of STUFF, not of me) nature, decorating, cool stuff at and I have a facebook but it doesn’t say Leslie Thomas OR Fird Birfle. That would be too simple. It is Dana Aspen and says either Jacksonville or Northern Fla. When you get the right one, you’ll see music references such as Donovan, Buckingham Nicks, lots of stuff about books and sometimes even existentialist nonsense.

    Peace and existentialism to those who like each!!! Love, Leslie, Fird, Dana, etc.

  96. lisaLASSIE says:

    Hmmmmm suspicious (tho loving) minds wonder why our Fird needs so many aliases.

  97. It’s a Conspiracy, lL It’s ALWAYS due to a conspiracy.

    (Ackshually, once ‘pon a time, I really *DID* have a Leslie Thomas Faceb; but a Bad Guy/ Gal or Gremlin got into it , infected it with the Plague and ruined it. So thereunto appertainin’ …..and stuff….)

  98. Yay Fird!!! So well deserved!! Congratulations!

  99. :)

  100. Chiming in with the congrats! Thank you, FB, for making the Interwebs a kinder, gentler place!

  101. :)

  102. Congratulations, Fird Birfle! How exciting :)

  103. guys/ gals??? I truly think this is tha bestest Christmas present I’ve evah had.


  104. Fird, you rock!

  105. no YOU do :) but thx

  106. Gratz, Fird! :D

  107. a Bear Hug to you!! thx :)

  108. HUUUUUGE Congratulations!!! To you and to all of the other fab CO commentors with whom you banter so regularly! It is always a delight to come to this site, and that is because of YOUYOUYOUYOUYOU and YOU!! Well, and the pictures too . . . but mostly because of the peeps!!

  109. TY!!!! I’m glad fer you to be here too-who :)

  110. Seconded ;-)

  111. SlaveToCat says:

    3 cheers for the Fird Birfle
    Tosses glitter, pom poms, and rainbows in the air. (then grabs the calendar out of the mailbox and replaces with real kitties and puppies.).

  112. :)

  113. A nice honor for such a beloved CO commentator and I’m so glad it didn’t leave her speechless!

  114. :)

  115. Now where is Stephanie, aka the Q of D? We all have to -dance now!

  116. wud U b’lieve I sent her about three email items this mawnin’, buh-foah Ah went to tha doktors…. and even tonight as of eight pm, I’ve gotten nothing from her today (AND she’s off work today specifically; she took a few extra days). That’s VERY unusual. Sometimes there is a day when the I’net gremlins don’t function from her house. Generally on a day off-work for her I would get maybe six emails from her.
    So the only other thing I can think of is maybe she and Princess du Dork are doing something mother-daughter-y. Anyhow, I hope they’re both fine and dandy and having a marvy day. Last emails I had from her were in the evening, Christmas night, not late; dinnertime-ish. I even sent her a video combining the Muppets with Rudolf Nuryev. NOTHING. so that’s uber-weird huh?

  117. Was it Swine Lake?? That’s one of my all-time FAVORITE Muppet Show clips!!

  118. p.s. Multiplicities of huzzahs for Fird. I want to echo so many of the other comments that you (and 260Oakley) are the highlights of my CO experience. There are many wonderful peeps on here, but youse twos takes the well deserved cake!!

  119. thankyou!!! and you’re part of UberGrooviness, maggie :)

  120. nope. not Swine Lake. It wuz holiday-ish.
    The SONG was created in the 1940s but Miss Piggy sure has a good

    Here ya go — enjoy!!

  121. ps — why this no embedded??? ah well.
    hopefully it’ll at least run when you “clickonnitt”.

  122. I hadn’t seen that before, Maggie!!! THAT is EITHER some classical silliness OR possibly some silly class !!! Either way it’s PURE GOODNESS !!!! thx for sharing this one with me!

  123. Oooooooooooooo!! The SAUNA scene!! That episode was one of the best the Muppet Show EVER put together. Between Sam the Eagle expounding on culture, the sauna and Swine Lake, I still have fits of laughter watching it. Here for your enjoyment dear Fird, may I present, Swine Lake:

  124. I can’t get embedding to work either! Pfui. Let me try with this one:

  125. hey Theresa — I’m writing now on Thurs….Turns out I wuzzn’t caught up on the headlines correctly — I just heard from her and she resumed CubicleLand YESTERDAY so that’s why there hadn’t been responses to anything I sent to her HOME email. I haz bof of ’em.

  126. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Love the guy in the backseat who slept through the whole thing.

  127. emmberrann says:

    Oh, mah! Fird, honney, Ah’m a-way-vun mah verra best lace haynkeh bah way of congrachoolayshuns. Ayund verra wayll Dee-suhved!
    (but seriously, I am so glad to know there’s someone who “gets” my brand of silliness! And my outrageux frawnsch is ancapabble to Expressing so great is my admiration!
    A Enthusiaste.

  128. merci mademoiselle!! on est vraiment verklempt!!!

  129. und now ees wen wee dahnce…

  130. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    My favorite dancing video:

  131. what’s esp cool is that it’s SUCH a caucasian dance move!!!
    I am SUCH a nerd trying to dance so it’s delightful!!

  132. this above item was directed about the dance clip from noellebootcutkittenpants.

  133. way cool!!

    Here’s a response clip from my Virtual Stable/ Husbands, CraigyFerg:


  135. ya got THAT right, kid :)

    Mah boy is so silly,

    on one of the youtube-y CraigyFerg bits, the uploader just used the phrase “the insane Scottish latenight host….etc” I had to chuckle. It was not an entirely unreasonable description of his more *ahem* dramatically presented moments….

  136. YAY FIRD!! *backsproings of delight* Huzzah!

  137. W00T wOOt to both GAZ and to Kari, below!!! Thx so moische!!
    Y’all are uber-grooviness!!

  138. Kari Callin says:

    Congrats, Fird! :D

  139. 4leafclover says:

    Yay Fird!! (Showers her with glitter confetti) Well deserved!!

  140. I’ll see your YAY and mate with your glitter confetti. Wait, that didn’t sound quite the innocent way that I intended….


  142. *waves pom poms* Go go, Fird! Go go, Fird!

  143. *obeys and goes*

  144. and generosity for all :)

  145. Fird, I especially LOVE Meg’s comment: “…always chimes in with an engaging comment or two four.” That’s so TRUE!! And so funny. I love coming to visit here with everyone and I look forward to reading your comments!! All of them. :D

  146. *squeals happily* Thanks, Nikki.

    There are times when I tell myself “Stifle yerself, Meatloaf!!” for a few days at a time and don’t even open CO.

    really! Ennybuddy remember two Aprils ago? Hospital-ish adventures and hassles for the whole summer. I came to CO a bit but not much, b’c the location of the surgeries/ procedures made sitting upright/ desk excruciatingly uncomf’table for several months. All betteuw now yay!!

  147. Meatloaf!! Firdie, you never told us you were Meatliaf!!

  148. the one from All/ Family NOT THIS icky GUY


  149. *running in late waving glitter poms* YEA FIRD!!!!!!!!!

    And YEA for CO for recognizing gentle genius and generosity of spirit.

  150. D’awwww shucks, maam thanks!!

    wait a minnit/ you used one word there that startles me truly. wow.

    thank you indeed. def one of the nicest deep compliments I’ve ever rec’d!!!

    (I actually think I might be blushing my face feels warm no kidding)

  151. Meltinsmush says:

    Yay Fird! Your comments often make me smile :-)

  152. YOURS made ME smile, thusly: :)

  153. Wow!! Congrats on a well deserved award Fird!! I’m very happy for you and I also enjoy reading your commentaries. I often wish I could think of such clever things to say…….oh, and I also have a certain late late night talk show host in my stable of imaginary husbands!

  154. THANK YAH, rooanne! You are appreciated par moi :)

    Lesquelle nuits tu desire M. Ferguson??

    “Nudge, nudge
    Wink, wink “

  155. Hello, my fellow intergalactic sisterwives to Craigy-Ferg!

  156. oh YAY for us!!!

  157. I don’t speaka no French but – YES.

  158. Fird Birfle–When I get “behind” on CO, and lament I’ll never be able to “catch up,” my non-cute-obsessed friends ponder why it should take so long just to look at pictures, and I say, “But I have to read the all the COMMENTS!!”
    And that is Your Fault, F.B.!! Congrats! :-) :-)

  159. *wears a convincing “I’m sad about that” facial expreshe* for the benefit of 6rabbits

    *hides TRUE ‘ce n’est rien’ feelings …..bwa ha ha*

    JK, ‘course.

  160. I might be a lil late, but YAY FOR FIRDIE!!!! *shakes it to the left…shakes it to the right* Yay YAY YAY!!!

  161. *leans to tha left*
    *leans to tha right*

    YAY YAY YAY for Emmylee!!! :)

    “Late? Whazzat???”

  162. Waiving pom poms for Fird !

  163. Congrats Fird!

  164. genuine thankful thanks to both Martine and to Mudbug :)

  165. Well, I am WAY late to the party – shame on me for taking a day off and laying on the couch all day with four cats on top of me, reading useless but fascinating fiction – but I just wnat to say: YAY for FIRD!!!! We loff u!!!

  166. Yay for ceejoe and four cats and reading (wuz it a physical paper printed buk??)

    and thank you eversomuch. I can’t suff. ‘splain how surprised I wuz. I’m assuming that it was Meg’s idea and not the suggestion of the Big Green Moderashun Machine, ‘cuz I don’t think HE feels too kindly about me …. ;)

  167. Oh definitely paper! I do not do that electronic book stuff!
    And I do think Meg is the sweetest person ever, to think of doing such a thing! :)

  168. I wuz pretty sure you were The Right Kind in re reading.

    Sp Note: I do not have a Policy of Destroying electronic book thinggies. I simply would rather that people use those in medical/ disability situations or in order to have 10 books avail on a journey to limit luggage. But I want peeps to know the COMBINATION of the visceral BOOK (slight paper odor, turning paper of different thicknesses, etc.).

    WAY back, at the very beginning of popularity on online or gadget recreational reading of literature (as opposed to recorded cassette tapes of books for the blind or other physical logistical obstacles to reading from paper) there was a comic which still has the idea: while one can perhaps read a few “pages” worth of an e-book while taking a bath (not, a wonderful idea/ safety, perhaps)

    one can NEVER lean back in a poofy bubble bath, read for twenty minutes, and then (librarians, turn away here) bend down the corner of the page and put the book down to wash your hair. (AND NEVER with somebody ELSE’s ie the library’s copy of a book ONLY with your own personal copy)

    I felt LITERALLY as the Brits say, “gob-smacked” when I opened CO that day. I literally didn’t think I was really seeing Meg having written that.


  169. Fird, you’ve been commenting on here since I can remember (and that’s a looong time). You deserve it! Yay!

  170. thank you kk :) it has been since approx 2008 or 2009 ish I think when I first deescovered MEG WONDERFUL MEG !!!

  171. Fird pwns the internets today!

  172. reply to Angel (and I’ve attempted a place to reduce complexity of an url/ link to get to an adorable? graphic here. Hope it works??? Thx Angel!! :)

    (the idea orig was, that I had hoped to find a graphic showing Hello Kitty kissing you but I didn’t find THAT specifically. This is fairly close to that idea …..)

  173. *is awed @ Fird’s embedding skilz & thanks her 4 Hello Kitty kisses*. Mwaaaah!!

  174. glad u liked it. I thought the image itself/ pretty but GOLLY I wish it woulda worked in the tinyurl thing. I tried that way, TWICE. ah well. A kid’s gotta fail here and there, huh?

  175. I’ve VERY late to the party so I’ll keep it simple.

  176. only 1/2 my post showed up. Other othe 1/2 was:
    *drops to knees and proclaims “we’re not worthy” ala Wayne’s World*

  177. Congrats, Fird!!! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!!

  178. Congrats Fird! Well deserved. Always entertaining ;D

  179. *curtseys onstage in response to Lisa C , to Birdcage, and to Lynne Davis :) *

    *Elvis Pr. twang* “Thangyew, thangyewverrmuch!!!”*

  180. YAY Fird! Congratulations!!! :) :D :D

    (sorry i’m a little late to tha party)

  181. ehn, we jist went out to tha Piggly Wiggly and did a run for beverages!!! WELCOME!!!

  182. i second that emotion

    (does this post count for this year or next year?)

  183. Nominations for new categories: “wickedestest punster” – 360Oakley; “mostest number of qte images in one post” – Crazy Pants; “fiercest devotion to greyhounds” – the Megster; “most twisted scientifically convoluted posts” – NOMTOM; “amazingest cleverousness” – Pyrit; “newest contributor” – Brinke. And a HUGE honorable mention to all of you CO peeps who keep us in stitches with your witty comments. Is this a gr8 site or what?

  184. I concur wif all dee ‘bove ideas :)

  185. Lewis n' Clark says:

    and let’s not forget “Most Sneakiest Ear Nommer” – tracylee

  186. “tee hee”

  187. Wow, Fird, I’m a newbie to CO and yet you have revived me from the brink of adorability death many times. I’m so glad they recognized you. Getting a plaque? A trophy? A ribbon?

  188. Well, acc. to The Amazing Meg, they plan to send me a calendar. I’m not certain whether my email includes a physical mailing address…so I’m not sure ….?? but if it comes, I”ll surely be able to
    1: make use of it.
    2: enjoy it.

  189. omg yey for fird! dis makes me so happy! well deserved of course.

  190. yayness right backatcha :)

  191. Queen of Dork says:

    Hooray for Fird! She’s not only a great CO commenter, but she’s also a dear friend!

  192. I know YOU are, but whatami!????

    luv, Fird aka….

  193. Queen of Dork says:

    Let us be…Cretin free, wherever we may roam. :)

  194. geez, i am so out of the loop these days…yay Fird!!!!!!!!

  195. rightbackatcha ashagato!!

  196. KittyAdventures says:

    Firdie. Hugs and congrats from me too! You are such a sweetie in all your comments. Love seeing you on here!

  197. hugging you right back! Thx KA
    Be well!!


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