Billy’s Story

Here’s a Christmas season ResQte story that will turn you to goo. More deets and a way to donate to the Humane Society right here.

Sent in from Cuteporter Emilie F., who added: “As a Chi Chi owner myself, he made my heart melt and I couldn’t stop smiling after watching his video.” [Second that. -Ed]



  1. It feels like I’ve been shot in the face with pepper spray! Also, I am a puddle o’ goo.

  2. It would be super nice if part of the profit that Cute Overload makes with the calendar could go to institutions like this one. I think it makes a lot of sense, and that would make me buy more calendars for sure! Sorry if you do this already and I’m not aware of it.

  3. CritterMama says:

    There really needs to be a tissue alert on this one! Such a precious, touching story.

  4. I melted. Yup. Gone. *_*

  5. BROKE MY GODDAMN HEART….seriously huge props to Humane Society because I couldn’t do that job – and how adorable is Billy – poor wee boy…

  6. DISLIKE this video

  7. This is NOT a good posting for your site

  8. kibblenibble says:

    I was never so happy to see a wagging tail in my life as I was when I saw Billy’s at the end of this. Another man of Cute Overload for sure. I have to mention that I spent most of my time covering my eyes and crying while waiting for the happy ending while this video played. So heartbreaking, those puppy mills. 😦

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Oops, mod lounge due to saying the word for baby dog. *scouts around for Christmas leftovers*

  10. Second on the tissue alert!!!

    BTW – Men of CO calendar nominee 🙂 Just for being a sweetheart!

  11. Let’s agree to disagree, Dee. It’s a happy-end story of a doggie, who once was deprived of proper care, but was found by the guy who gave him all the love and affection and attention he (the doggie) needed. And both the doggie and the guy are cute beyond the score. And speaking of the goggie: the first moment I saw his face, I was like “OMG, it’s Piglet!”

  12. I thoroughly disagree. This video was a display of pure love, and that’s important.

  13. I’d say a perfect story of amazing resilience and the healing power of love. Very much in tune with the ‘reason for the season’. Thanks CO. i go *thud* now.

  14. Full size tongue on a pint sized pooch!

  15. (maybe I exaggerate a little)

  16. I totally love that little guy and the story!!! I just cry when I think of those animals condissions!!

  17. Not one flaw in personality or ability to love,but many physical problems.
    Happy ending story.
    There is a horse on a Florida rescue site who is a .5
    He is touch and go,but eating and upright.

  18. There was a tight lump in my throat during the initial part of the video….

    But I’m glad Billy has found his guardian angel at the end!

  19. This is a wonderful video. I worked at an animal shelter and what kept me going was knowing whatever had happened to these neglected animals before, I was going to help them GET BETTER from now on. 🙂

  20. I cried! I smiled! (And I sympathize with Dee.. Maybe CO could post a really clear warning for the many peeps who come here to get a little respite from the unpleasantness of real life.) Meantime, that man was beyond wonderful and sooooo nice looking that in addition to his being on the Calendar, I suggest that he be shipped directly to my home so that I can interview him for more heart-touching stories. And he can give me many photos of rescued animals that we can then send to CO. So basically, I am ready to sacrifice myself for CO by taking the Hunk. No, no, don’t thank mel….JUST SEND HIM ASAP!!!!!!!.

  21. Best post C.O. has ever done, since the Japanese Grandma and her cat. BEST BEST BEST BEST! I am out of words.

  22. This is EXACTLY what they should be posting.

  23. You go, girl! I agree: Kind = HOT

  24. My thought exactly, but there is a ring on that wedding finger. 😉

  25. phred's mom says:

    Definitely a candidate for Men of CO,
    bless him.

  26. phred's mom says:

    mebbe we can clone him?

  27. Oh my ❤

  28. Since it starts out by showing that Billy is happy and healthy now, I fail to see what anyone could find objectionable about this video.

    Hiding your head in the sand doesn’t make the bad stuff go away.

  29. Another one that can’t hold his licker! 😛

  30. lisalassie, you are nothing if not selfless, always thinking of others. 🙂

    I almost couldn’t watch the video but I’m glad I did. I have a chihuahua who was rescued from a puppeh mill so this hits really close to home. How anyone can treat a living, feeling creature that way and still call themselves a human being is beyond me.
    Surely there is a special place in h*ll for those who abuse the most vulnerable among us.

  31. Serious tearjerker. What a little sweetheart. He’s so happy now!

  32. We’re all free to have own opinions but I don’t understand how one can dislike this vid. Was Billy in rough shape? Absolutely yes, through no fault of his own. But call me blind if I think he’s an adorable pup now.

    This is Christmas-time, and this is a pivotal time for people to do some good for this world. I think CO is better off not showing only Boo and Daisy and Maru and Teddy Bear stories, and reminding us of the Rescues who are just as cute and much more in need of help. The mix is what makes this site so great: I’d rather CO used its influence for good stuff on occasion. If no one spreads the word, that means more dogs like Billy pre-adoption. That doesn’t seem like something anyone here would want.

  33. I too have a LH Chi, mine is from AZ Humane. I try not to think about where he came from, maybe a place like Billy’s, everyday I thank the powers that be that brought him into my life, and the wonderful peeps that do a job that I could never do. Kudos to them for making this world a better place, the others, they’ll be going to that special place called Hell.

  34. Oh my goodness I started getting choked up! Men of CO ❤

  35. Mary (the first) says:

    Oh Absolutely, on both the tissue alert and the Men of CO. (And not “just for being a sweetheart”, he’s pretty dang hot, even without Billy to up the Qte factor!)

  36. Dear Adam, bless you and all the other men and women who do such a wonderful job. This one made me cry. A kiss for you and Billy. xx

  37. praying for the horse and for the peeps who are providing nutritional and medical support.

  38. I’ve been watching this rescue for a while..
    They will do everything for the horse,but they know when to stop (that is the hardest thing)
    He seems to be doing well-the Vet is amazed..

  39. Bazinga!!

  40. I think that I speak for the majority of us when I look at this mills:

    Oh f&ck no. Not if we have anything to do with it.

  41. Too many onions in the room!! What got me is that even before his rusted cage was pried open (insinuating that he NEVER got snorgled), his tail was wagging and he was so happy to see people! Just shows how much he wanted to cuddle and love on people despite never having been cuddled himself!

    PS. I hope those puppeh mill owners are in jail. Forever. I know they don’t keep people in jail forever for things like that, but maybe they should start!

  42. What did I say wrong?! Boo mod lounge. I’ll just have my leftover Chinese food from Xmas eve.

  43. Really cute, definitely a tearjerker. I wonder what happened to the rest of the dogs?

  44. lisaLASSIE says:

    Here is a petrie dish, Phred’s mom: go for it!

  45. EllenLovesCatz says:

    I know why I am in the mod lounge — I dared to suggest that folks educate themselves on HSUS, before donating. Now, let’s see if this one is mod-delayed, as well. Betcha?

  46. serving h’ors-d’oeuvres:

  47. this was SPOSED to attach to hilz’ question but it stacked as its own comment, hilz please to click on my blue thing right above???

  48. To EllenLovesCatz (and I do too btw)

    have y’ever tried a Midori Sour??? Here give it a try. This isn’t the LARGEST image that I found but its colors and the glass & all looked pretty.

  49. Oooh!! I don’t know if I like radishes, but those look good! Are those radishes?

  50. * I’m continuing to pray. It might be that the horse is just smart and self-conscious enough to know that somebody cares about his quality of life and so is responding to that ….

    I think horses in general, are about as awesome as it gets…although when I see kittens or bebbeh elephants, I get all turned around and decide that THOSE were His Best Days. Perhaps G-d made all of those critters on the Same Wonderful Day???

  51. I lovve most animals,but I’m afraid of Chimpanzees.. Not to fond of primates in general. Baby Elephants are the cutest thing ever! Wish they came in toy size instead of Super Giant 🙂

  52. Personally, I would go with YES the red things with the white centers do seem to be radishes!!!

    However, having backtracked to the source/ pic, I don’t see an abso. verification.
    Voila a menu/ possible homepage for the company whose pic it is!!! To me, there
    doesn’t seem to be specific answer to the “izzit a radish” qu. Have fun!!

  53. When I watch An Planet, in some programs, even some big macho guys will watch their step with some chimpanzees when they are perhaps previously abused by humans who were Idiots and thus this/ these particular chimp has developed some unpredictable behaviors.

    When they go into Aggression Demonstration mode, they basically behave just like Neanderthal Caveman Worst-case stereotypes so there is some WISDOM in not feeling 200 % cuddly-wuddly about their potential. I saw an episode JUST LAST WEEK where the guy who manages a primates rescue property and is their most-skilled handler does not dillydally with the one who used to be treated abusively (elsewhere) and he goes behind a door at those times where the chimp who is acting out cannot reach him.

  54. I’ve been in moderation for the past 10 hours or so. Oh well, as long as there are some leftover Christmas cookies, I’ll be fine. 🙂

  55. *hands KN a sammich* here ya go 🙂

  56. *sniff sniff*…I think I have something in my eye. That video always gets me.
    *helps herself to a kleenex and a sammich from Firdie’s supply*

  57. kibblenibble says:

    Thanks, Emmylee! *munches*

  58. GOD bless Billy & all the rescuers!

  59. Thank you Adam and collegues for your excellent work, wish I could join you.
    It’s very good of Cute Overload to post this item to give attention to these horrible practices. Keep up the good work, you’re my hero Adam.

  60. This is actually the perfect place to post something like this. People who love CO need to be aware of the horrible conditions in these puppy mills. We are all animal lovers and so we’re more likely than anyone to do what we can to stop other animals from having to go through this in the future. Also, hot guy + cute puppy = squee.

  61. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Just to know that cruelty (puppy mills) are involved in this video, I CANNOT CANNOT watch it. Sorry.

  62. LittleLivLiv says:

    Ugh, people who say this is a bad post is what is wrong here. Not only is it ADORABLE, but it makes people aware of all the terrible things about puppy mills and how to help make a change. This is an example of a PERFECT cuteoverload post.

  63. LittleLivLiv says:

    DEFINITELY Man of CO. He is not only attractive, sweet, caring, intelligent, aware, and able to fight for what he truly believes in, he executes it with precision and intellectual and physical strength, and is a TOTAL softee.

  64. This is the saddest/most uplifting thing I’ve seen all year. I love it, makes me hug my chi tighter!

  65. Everyone needs to see videos like this, showing that innocent animals are treated like crap by cruel careless people, and that kind people can make their lives infinitely better.

    This is a reality. Pretending that it doesn’t happen won’t help anyone. Also, Billy is dang adorable.

  66. Well it looks like the mod-god decided not to show my post, which was VERY HEARTFELT AND RELEVANT! I demand a recount.

  67. The Humane Society should remove the baby seal from their TV ad campaign if they want any credibility. Baby seal hunt has not been practiced since 1987. It’s dishonest to keep using the “oh so cute” baby seal image for any charity.

  68. just a guy says:

    I didn’t really smile, I cried

  69. Posting on behalf of a cause is pretty rare around here. Posting stories about this EVERY SINGLE DAY could lessen the impact, but most of all, detract from our whole raisin dater.

    *edited in all caps

  70. I’m with you, but for the sake of our readers, I watched it and it’s nothing as bad as what you usually see. It’s only a little bit. It’s worth it to see the Billy new life. It’s okay, I’ll hold your hand.

  71. I am a firm believer in treatment for these offenders. We give them the same treatment they gave their animals.

  72. Awww, this made me cry for those poor pups and for ones still out there waiting to be rescued.
    Broke my heart when little Billy just wagged his little tail and licked his rescuer. All he wanted was to be loved. I’m glad he is in his forever home now.

  73. oh MEIN GOTT Sharpy!! RAISIN DATER is a smashed-up phrase frum Outrageux Frawnsche !!!! WOW I had to say it verbally, to “get” what phrase is represented there.

    *wild, Frawnsche applause*

  74. Shame on you Dee. Billy is as cute as they come. This video is a wake up call to bring attention to those sweet animals in need of love and food and attention and for people like us to step up and rescue them. If you don’t like it because it made you cry then do something about it and help out. I am proud of Billy’s owner for taking a chance and letting Billy live a wonderful life. I am also a proud mom of someone who works for the Humane Society and tries every single day to get animals like these loving homes.

  75. pupfanatic says:

    I agree, maira. Also GOD BLESS ADAM. And of course, sweet sweet Billy. I know this isn’t a nice thing to say but can we bring back drawing and quartering “human beings” who run puppy mills? I swear, as touching as this is, those monsters that do this fill me w/ rage that comes from deep within my soul. Anyone else feel that way?

    On the nicer note…again. GOD BLESS ADAM AND BILLY!!!

  76. sabrina rose says:

    I agree with both Dee and Rescue Gal. CO is supposed to be cute and happy, all sweetness and light. BUT…we who love animals benefit from knowing the flip side of the coin. I am extremely squeamish about having knowledge of or seeing pictures of suffering. However, it’s mini-documentaries like this which make people aware of evil and inspire some to fight for animal rights. We need elected officials who will pass legislation imposing the same meaningful punishment on individuals who mistreat animals as those who hurt other humans. The Humane Society does a very good job with the resources available to it, and I am happy to make a donation. Most of us can probably help just by contacting a local rescue group and offering to foster an animal.
    Off my soapbox now…sure wish I could bring home a couple of those pups from North Carolina!
    Thanks for reading this.

  77. i do.

  78. I knew you’d get it 😉

  79. Why?

  80. Do trolls stomp their feet?

  81. The HSUS has launched a huge campaign, but keep in mind that your local no-kill shelters need money directly and NOW.

  82. Now we know how Sharpy came by her name: ‘cuz she’s really sharp and crafty and clever. Raisin dater, indeed. 🙂

  83. Heck yeah, Sharpy. They especially excel at stomping their ugly feet all over someone else’s parade. And they HATE rainbows and glitter, not to mention unicorns.

  84. I cried 😦
    But glad at the same time cause they’ve been saved.

  85. Oh great! Now they’ll see those words and come stomping from everywhere!

  86. My favorite Rudyard Kipling story. 😉

  87. P.S. And don’t forget: Sharpies don’t have erasers.

  88. *pulls out the Crayola markers and the posterboard*

  89. I think I could stomp the lot of them with one foot!

  90. I cried for an hour…. I wouldn’t bother with the drawing and quartering…the ‘creatures’ who perpetrate these things would just get a quick bullet from me. No sense wasting time and effort on such evil things. I can’t abide those who abuse the defenceless.
    I so admire the people who do this kind of rescue work…I would be a mess every time, and probably in jail for murder if I came across those responsible.

  91. That’s how I feel!!

  92. EllenLovesCatz says:

    Totally agree, Sharpy.

  93. EllenLovesCatz says:

    Proud mom — I would be proud, if I were you, too. Particularly if your son or daughter works for a local humane society (not to be confused with HSUS, which does not support shelters of any kind, anywhere. Check out their financials, available at www. humanewatch. org). The folks who work on the ground in their own communities deserve every bit of our support.

  94. I have seen this video before and I love it. It has a wonderful, happy ending and little Billy has someone to love him now. Can’t beat that for Cute Overload!

  95. Dixie's Mom says:

    They are still clubbing baby-seals in Canada as we speak. 😦