The Night Before Christmas (Maru Version)

‘Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the flat
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a cat
The stockings were strewn on the floor in disarray
Because Maru the kitteh…wanted them that way.

Merry Christmas to Maru and Mugumogu. Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.



  1. I want this stocking. With the content.

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    If Ridley Scott made an “Alien:Christmas Special” the whole thing would look like 0.16 – 0.22

  3. Maru has the most beautiful huge eyes.

  4. And the sweetest chubbular face.

  5. *shakes Maru pompoms*

    GO Maru GO GIT that thang!!!

  6. Msdove-thejrtlady says:

    I want a fav frame. His paw stuck out and becoming a sleppeh kittie.
    Merry Christmas to Maru, all the COers out there and all military families thank you for your sacrifice.

  7. lisaLASSIE says:

    For a minute there I thought Maru’s peeps had rushed out and bought a SHAG RUG!!!, possibly traveling in a time machine. To cover the world’s cleanest floors. Then I realized it was Mugumogu’s house. All is well.

  8. Merry Mary to one and all !!!

  9. My favorite part is when Maru’s first peaking out on the brown carpet.

    (all through the FLAT? what’s that?)

  10. Don’t you mean “The night before kiss-mouse”?

    [sigh/ okay to “his”] FEET

  12. “the flat” = UK/ Britspeak for “an apartment” and, by transference, places which receive English training via humans from Gt. Britain rather than from “Mericuns .

  13. so you *DID* recuperate? I was attempting resuciwhateveryoucall it, the other day, when you fell down *splat* over s’thing cute ….

  14. Did everyone see what an awesome present Maru got this year? :O

  15. Nice catch, Andrew! Added with a NINJA HOTFIX POST UPDATE!

  16. who makes that toy? my cat would go NUTS!

  17. Thanks, my mom and I came up with that a long time ago. 😉

  18. Randall Patee says:

    Where do I get a cat toy like that flying dragonfly!? Send answer, please to Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

    Sent from my iPad

  19. Where can we get one of those magical toys for our kitties?? It’s like the best cat toy EVER!!!

  20. I want to know too 😀 Please send to Thank you and Merry Christmsa 😀

  21. I AM FIERCELY lovvin’ tha part around 1:15-1:20 where Maru sits back and lets the powder-blue sparkly flying dragonfly spin around its base in a circle while he watches it.

    He’s so obvy strategizing and calculating its speed at IPS (inches per second), its path and various other necessary logistical aspects needed to catch that thang in his maw…
    jist as calm as a thirty-year admiral, at the helm of a giant aircraft carrier calculating a breeze out on the open seas ….. No sense of glee or playfulness; just doin’ hiz jobbbb ……

  22. here is A
    dragonfly cat teaser toy whose ackshon is similar but is a human hand-held item
    and I don’t see the pricing, etc. not quite the correct one but the dragonfly’s appearance and ackshon are def similar and enticing I think….