Go Niners! Verrrry Slowly!

The San Francisco 49ers are in Seattle to play the Seahawks tonight, and here’s one of the Niner offensive linemen modeling the latest protective body armor for use on the field. “We’re working to get the colors to match the rest of the uniform,” says a spokesman from Nike, who supplies gear to the league. “It’s hard to get that green to blend with the red and gold.”

(This really is a 49er tortoise named Sammy, the pet of QB Colin Kaepernick. It seems Kapernick has had this tortoise since he was 10 years old, and Sammy could fit in his hand. Well, 15 years later, Sammy is now 115 pounds. A little light to protect Kaepernick’s blindside. Thanks to Karen W. for sending.)



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Sammy is smilingk! 🙂

  2. YAY x fifteen years or so and turtle-age!!! Also, turtle/ tortoise laigs are AWESOME, n’est-ce pas?? All those rough “petals” protecting him from who-knows-whut 🙂

    Turtles / Tortoises RULE

  3. 😦 *whines*
    WHY did my one little, celebratory comment get nabbed by the Big Green Moderayshe Machine??? No singers named Roger, no young canines, no mention of people selling young animals, no curse words ….

    *pouts too, just for effect*

  4. Sammy looks like he’s wearing some kind of bow tie made of leaves!

  5. WOW.

    Hoping my Giants show up to play, in Baltimore this afternoon, and stop horrifying me like last week. They made a Happy Holidays card for their fans

    but the best present they could give me would be to win a freakin’ game. 😛

  6. PS Don’t miss the secondary singing “Jingle Bell Rock.” 😀 Click the first present on the left. 😛

  7. The sad news is, Sammy is Colin’s fastest receiver.

  8. I know, right?

  9. lisaLASSIE says:

    *puts consoling arm around dear Fird and says “there, there, it’ll all be alright” while wearing hidden earplugs to mute loud whining

  10. lisaLASSIE says:

    Meantime, as a sobbing Eagles fan, I ask, must we discuss football at all?

  11. *sniffle*

  12. Surely that’s a tortoise rather than a turtle – or do you use the same name for both in the States?

  13. Nope. Just the ignorant. Tsk.

  14. There, there. Just be happy you’re not a Jets fan.

  15. Actually, the Giants are looking pretty pathetic, too. 😥

  16. awwwww….he’s adorable! Well at least the 49er’s are doing better than the Lions right? Seems like everyone is doing better than the Lions.

  17. Handing Fird a hankie…….

  18. lisaLASSIE says:

    Meantime, shouldn’t the QB who has taken such great care of a tortoise all these years be one of the Men of CO?

  19. Or a Lions fan.

  20. Hahaha… I just posted something to that effect above. Thank goodness us Michiganders are a tough people…

  21. That explains why the 49ers got beat!

  22. bob drummond says:

    U R absolutely right !! I see it too !!!

  23. TY Mudbug *snif*


  24. @ Theresa et al: I’m not even VAGUELY familiar with general feetsball win/ loss stats of various teams however i can surely add something to this convers. thread.

    Ya want pathetic win/ loss stats??? Here ya go. Look at the left edge of the page, where the headline says “2012 Regular Season Schedule” and enjoy browsing through all the Red letter “L”s 🙂 :


  25. phred's mom says:

    Monday Mourning (get it?): maybe next Sunday
    the Birds will have half a chance agin them Jints!
    ‘Twill be a game of equals. *sigh* Just might be
    a good game, though. Go, Birds!!!!!!!!!

  26. phred's mom says:

    Yes, indeed.