Puppehs. In. Snow.

Here at Cute Overload’s Northern California HQ, we don’t get much of a chance to see Puppehs In Snow unless we put the chains on the tires and trek up to Lake Tahoe. These little guys SNIFF THE CAMERA LENS AND BOUNCE IN THE SNOW so let’s take a look at some RIGHT NOW OKAY THEN?

PS U in or near the Great White North? Learn more about these puppehs– they’re looking for a nice warm home, just sayin.’ Video c/o submitter Allan D.



  1. I KNEW this was shot in Canada- just by the puppies’ festive collars- they are from Dollarama, the national dollar store chain. I have some for my babies!

  2. These puppeh could ALMOST make me like snow.

  3. GAH!! *ded*

  4. fleurdamour says:

    This deserves a free CO calendar.

  5. Love the all tie-tie ones……

  6. ooooooooooh, my. GOO”ness!!!

    *plugs in the HK Defibrathingamajiggy*
    *hooks victoreia up to the HK Defibrathingamajiggy*
    *refastens the duct tape on the hoses & lines*

    *flips the power switch*
    *kneels in prayer*

    Signed, Not That Shirley Temple Black, the Other Shirley Temple Black

  7. I want the brown one with the red ribbon ’round his neck!

  8. I LURVE ’em all. Also? Esp. LURVE all the power/ poopeleh Power Play Lunges.

  9. lisaLASSIE says:

    *running outside to check for magical white igloo that dispenses one adorabale puppeh after t’other.*

  10. Puppeh fur. With sprinkles.

  11. Ooooh, there’s some eyebrow dots there!

  12. OMG ::poit::

    Clean up
    On aisle painfully cute. My hed jus ploded.

  13. This is nothing but puppy p0rn aimed at uh, ‘taking this action home with you.’

    I blame Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl for this disturbing trend.

  14. Best video EVER.

  15. Aww, poor pupperoni who had some snow dumped all over him on the behind-the-scenes shots. Looks like he loved it! I will gladly take him and warm him up and call him George.

  16. If only these puppehs were in Ontario, I’d give one a home! Alas, Manitoba is too far away (and way too freakin’ cold! The Weather Channel indicates a current temp of -6F with a windchill that feels like -22F….Brrrr!).

    Also: don’t let the puppehs eat the tinsel and ribbon!


  18. My family is up by Tahoe, and it just snowed, and those pups could be frolicking right by them, and I wasn’t out visiting when it happened!

    I have exploded from this cuteness. Pups = happiness

  19. That has got to be the cutest thing I’ve seen all year!! Snowes on puppeh’s noses!

  20. There’s gonna be some Tinsel Turds soooon!

  21. I agree about the eating thing. I was glad to see at the end that they were closely supervised (that it was a quasi-commercial shoot and not pure amateurs), so someone probably made sure none of the tinsel was swallowed. But it’s not a good thing to depict, lest it be imitated.

    That said, very cute video.

  22. I’m still not sure how that worked! It’s like the clown car, but with puppies, which is a definite improvement.

  23. pupfanatic says:

    That pretty much says everything we need to know.

    Also @ 1:09, pupperoo looking bewildered in igloo= *Explosion*, and *THUD*

  24. @ Murkle46: Yup. eez true !!

  25. Unless there’s a Tahoe in Canada I don’t know about, there are a few states and provinces between Tahoe Nevada and Winnipeg Manitoba, I wouldn’t call that “frolicking right by them” but I agree Pups = happiness.

  26. Carla Oliveira says:

    I just checked the website and the puppy with the St. Bernard markings is not on the list. *sniff* I wanted that one but I guess he has a home so good for him, sad for me

  27. Mischief Girl says:

    I loved the so tie-tie puppehs, needing naps while the others puppehs played around them.

  28. But maybe there is someone else who is looking for you!

  29. Such beautiful music! Lovely bassoons!