The Mayan Alpaca-Lips Is Here

It’s all going down today. Whatever shall we do? The answer, it would seem…is clear.


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PA276524 Edit D smr J

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Alpaca madness c/o Eolhin.



  1. *sings* The answer is blowin’ in the wind….”

  2. emmberrann says:

    So That’s what they meant, not the end of the world! That’s different. Well, never mind!

  3. Who’d a thunk the alpaca-lips would be so hairy, and I’ll take the chocolate one, please.

  4. Alice Shortcake says:

    Ooh, those little alpacas…all legs, necks and fluff!

  5. I want an alpaca for Christmas..only an alpaca will do..

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    I always think alpacas look like Carol Channing, and especially photo #2!

  7. YES! I was trying to think of who they reminded me of and Carol Channing is it!

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, please don’t do this to me. Carol Channing always freaked me out big time. Alpacas are cute.

  9. Love that Brinke! Ur dear Mother had an alpaca coat (gray) before u were born. She looked beautiful in it.

  10. warrior rabbit says:

    Snaggletooth (#2) needs a dentist and a haircut. And a pat on the head, a nose boop, and some hardcore alpacaliptic snorgling.

  11. fish eye no miko says:

    Alpaca-lips now?

    “Some crazy internet thing”

    People were talking about Dec. 21, 2012 supposedly being the end of the world before the Internet, actually.

  12. Yes,and there are hotels in Seattle that have “End of The World”Packages..and then I saw people having Doomsday Parties.

  13. Now let’s talk about those freakin’ gorgeous eyes! Like wow.

  14. *Inca

  15. sabrina rose says:

    Yes indeed! A visit to the beauty salon would do wonders. A nice top trim would provide an opportunity to show off looong eyelashes. Hope a dentist can fix that overbite!

  16. Jasmine (#1 & #3) likes to nibble on hair, and is generally an unabashed ham for the camera. She also has a puckish sense of humor. The snaggle-toothed fellow (#2) is named Silverado, and he loves to role in the dust. The mother is Buttercup, and her cria (baby alpaca) is only three hours old in this and does not have a name yet. The chocolate cria is Ava Maria at 1 week old.

  17. Folks who Just Don’t Get the Concept (Doomsday Parties…)

  18. pp & m performing,
    photo taken at same stage, same day as MLK Jr’s “I Have a Dream”
    speech, Lincoln Memorial, W DC, Aug 28 1963.

  19. There is an alpaca farm about an hour from me here in NJ and I went with some friends for a tour/picture-taking outing earlier this year. They were so cute!

  20. #2 is like “Whatchoo lookin’ at? Mah ADORABLE floofeh hair?”

  21. CarolChanningCarolChanningCarolChanning… sowwy, I simply could not resist. 🙂

    I pass by a farm every day that has several of each of the following: goats, sheepses, horseys, chickens and alpacas. I cannot express how much I envy those peeps!!

  22. Raaaspberries!

  23. Nertyz…I forgot to put the linky in the above… 😦

  24. I took the alpaca advice and decided that the world would not end on the 21st. Which is disappointing since on the 20th I planned a final shopping spree consisting of diamonds, shoes and the McRib sandwich.
    *sigh* Maybe right before the next apocalypse…..