Friday Haiku: Fleeting Meeting

The moment we met

Seemed like it was forever

And then you were gone

Terri D. and her beagle, Schnitzel, attending to a finch, who stunned herself flying into the patio door. Terri held her for a long time while she recovered and eventually flew away.



  1. But your memory will remain forever……..

  2. “I don’t need dog lips
    while I am getting over
    the bump on my head”

    (said the boidee)

  3. Maria Baskett says:

    That is lovely! 😀

  4. Maria Baskett says:

    Looks like a warbler.

  5. It’s a goldfinch in winter plumage 🙂

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    “I love your outfit!
    The stripes and the bright yellow!
    And it smells good, too!”

  7. A beagle named Schnitzel. That’s genius. Pure genius.

  8. A bird in the hand
    Is worth a look by Schnitzel
    But he flew away.

  9. We had a cat named Schnitzel who was a marmalade tabby, and another Lorelei, and Max & Moritz, and Hansel, and Liese….but none named Brunhilde, yet….
    Lovely of lady and dog to care for the little bird until recovered. On campus we have one building with a half-glass wall, and the poor birds are always crashing into it. Wish someone would figure out how to prevent this.

  10. God bless Terri D.
    And her beagle-dog Schnitzel
    Who rescued the bird!

  11. Oh heavens to Betsy that’s cute. And a dog named schnitzel?! Lurve.

  12. Awww, I lurves a boid rescute story involving a hound nose. Hey – if anyone is interested in reducing death or injury to birds due to glass collision, please read the tips that can be found at – this is a problem not only with our windows at home but also windows in commercial or industrial buildings in our cities and towns. Everyone can play a part in saving bird lives!!!!!! It’s a sad, preventable problem – especially during migratory seasons.

  13. In my old house we had big French window doors and the same thing happened a few times- eventually we bought some removable transfer stickers shaped like bird silhouettes and stuck them on the glass, which worked and looked quite tasteful! Of course, some people might object to this because it might spoil the building design…

  14. We had a cat named Noodles, so Schnitzel was named before we got her.

  15. Jenny, The only way I know of to stop things from crashing into glass is big ugly 1960’s flower power type flower stickers stuck to the glass. It always worked at grandma’s house. ;oD

  16. I would love having a dog named Schnitzel, but then I’d want to eat him/her. (I *adore* schnitzel, and there isn’t a German restaurant on the island anymore!) *sniffle*

  17. Awww poor boidy 😦

    unfortunately I have birds fly into the windows quite regularly, but luckily most times they fly away.

  18. I realize that this is a sweet, heart-warming story and photo. However, as a wildlife rehab volunteer, it makes me cringe! Please remember that wild animals are not pets. They are very scared of us (and our pets). Holding, handling, petting, and talking and looking at them will only cause them stress, which can be fatal. If you find a stunned bird that has flown into a window, pick it up gently and place it in a box covered with a towel. Put it in a dark, quiet, warm place for 30 minutes. Take the box outside and uncover it. If the bird does not fly away, put it back inside and contact you nearest wildlife rehabber as soon as possible. Do not give it any food or water.
    Unfortunately, our caring instincts often go counter to was is best for a wild animal. It’s very hard to resist wanting to look at and touch the animal, as this is such a rare opportunity. It’s also hard not to want to care for the animal by offering food or water. Please remember that what is in the best interest for the animal is usually to leave it alone as much as possible. Put your energy into finding a rehab centre and getting the animal there quickly.

  19. That’s what I thought, too: Schnitzel…come on w/ the redonk qte of that, will ya!

  20. You can also get owl statues at your local garden supply store. The only thing is that you need a place to hang them so that they’ll be seen by all the smaller birds.

  21. This is a very mean-spirited thing to say. By all means transport the bird to a strange location because that’s not traumatic and disorienting at all. There is no indication that this person did anything wrong; she made it very clear that the bird is fine and flew away after recovering.

  22. “Mean-spirited” is a great phrase to use with nuffers.

  23. For me it wasn’t just the nuffing but giving completely wrong advice is just plain mean-spirited. Offering water and food to birds that slam in glass doors does no harm at all. During particularly hot or cold days, they can lose their way because they’re dehydrated and hungry. Offering respite from the elements doesn’t harm them; so long as you don’t try to put them in a cage or pet them too much and transfer your smell onto them, they’re fine.

  24. I’m so full of loff for the hooman, the boid and Schnitzel that I will say nothing negative about that well-intended comment. I know we all try to help in our own way because that’s what we do. *hugs to all*

  25. I didn’t offer food or water, didn’t bring her any farther inside than just inside the door, didn’t pet or play with her. I picked her up out of the snow, checked her wings, and held her until she flew away on her own. Yes, I let Schnitzel sniff her, which I wouldn’t have done if I didn’t completely trust her.

    I don’t think your comments are mean spirited, just arrogant. I’ve long thought that the suggestion that any contact between wild animals and humans is traumatic and harmful to the animal is just silly. I feed them after all. If I sit still long enough, I can sit within a few feet of the feeder and they ignore me.

    I’m not a child, and I’m not a fool. If she had been obviously injured, I would have found a place to take her.

  26. My German friends get a kick out of her name too!

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    omg Schnitzel and Noodles, I get it!!

  28. Ugh, I finally had a chance to read Maggie’s comment.

    Maggie, you have to know that you’re not the only wildlife rehabber or advocate out there. Your tone is a little out of sync with the nature of this community.

  29. I think I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down. 😉

    FWIW, I was just isolating the phrase “mean-spirited.” It’s one I want to keep around for future nuffestations.

  30. Virginia Macy says:

    I remember two different mountain finches that on separate occasions had flown into our front window and my picking them up, holding them till they recovered and flew away. I’ll never forget how their feathery tiny bodies felt in my hands and the wonder of them peeking up at me as if they were deciding if they were safe or not. The first one seemed to think unsafe and it flew quickly off. The other one must have felt safe and tired as it nestled down and seemed to sleep for who knows how long before flying off like the first one.
    Ah well we’ll never forget.

  31. Awww… poor wee goldfinch got a knock on the noggin. I once had two birds fly into my window in a row. A morning dove, followed very swiftly by the hawk that was chasing it. They both fly away. I think the hawk was actually embarrassed since he hung out in the tree by my window for awhile afterwards, looking a bit shame-faced (or at least as shame-faced as a hawk can look… he did that “I meant to do that” grooming that cats do).

    In other news, Schnitzel is a FANTASTIC name for a beagle!

  32. I’ve scanned through the comments several times, and yours always makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for that!

  33. Agreed with Rachael. I think Maggie meant well as did the caring human that took care of the boidy (poor boo). Hugs!

    As a bird lover and advocate myself, an easy solution to birds running into your clean windows is uv decals! You can’t see them, but the birds can and it will prevent accidents like this. Hope this isn’t considered nuffin… just giving helpful bird-friendly tips (because I am a crazy bird lady). Happy Holidays!

  34. And puh-leeeze, y’all, do NOT confuse big “M” Maggie (Nuffie McNuffersons above) with little “m” maggie (me). I feel like I should change my name now because that N McN has violated mine.