The Luck of the Draw

Three of a kind

beats two pair


but a full house wins!

Every hand’s a winner just like Anry’s 3 poodles, Kikuma, Saya, Rinka, and Timo V.’s, two Danish Swedish Farmdog pups, and two kittens by Catherine at Lovemeow and Mama’s pups by r/aww.



  1. That looks like one tired mama…but look at all those puppeh bellehs to snorgle!

  2. kibblenibble says:

    (sound of kibblenibble melting into a puddle of rainbow glitter goo)

  3. *thud* *melt*

  4. Stick a fork in me, I am done! The 3 leetle poodles began the melting process but the mommy with her babies just finished me off. I think there’s some mixed metaphors in there but I’m lucky I can even type, never mind think.

  5. ZOMG thank you! Best Doomsday surprise ever!!!

  6. AWWWW! *dies *

  7. Sooooooo cute! 🙂

  8. BWAHAHAHAHA! This reminds me of a trip to Seattle… One day, driving out to Mt Rainier, we were behind a truck with a sign that said:

    A Straight Flush Beats a Full House.”

  9. According to my cat a pair of kittens trumps everything. Must have a talk with that cat.

  10. Spewwwww Theresa!!!! *wrinkles nose*

  11. OMG I love mama dogs so much.

  12. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    1..2..3..4..5..6……..6?!?!? Hey that moma dog is cheating!!!!

  13. OK that’s it, the world end tomorrow, I’ve seen all the cute there is.
    P.S. I expect C.O. to prove me wrong of course.

  14. *begins resucitation, with Hello Kittty Defibrithingamajigg*

  15. *vaccuums up kibblenibble*

    *empties kibbleknibble goo into a pyrex dish*

  16. Them thar grey kitties is right floofy!!!

  17. Little McFlufferson kittehs – tummy, toes and tiny nose…I’m done for.

  18. phred's mom says:

    …bakes for thirty minutes at 350 degrees until
    golden brown and crisp. Yum.

  19. kibblenibble says:

    Next I’ll be the featured appetizer in the mod lounge. Watch out for the sparkly rainbow cookies, peeps! 😆

  20. You keep the chips. I shall happily take my two pairs home.

  21. there’s nothing in the world like poodle cuddles. nothing.

  22. Oh, I so want to cuddle and snorgle those two sweet little kitties 😀

  23. Golden Mama and offspring; they look desperate! Helpless! Alone! I’ll just borrow them all, get em strong and confident again, and give em back…we have a deal??


  24. It’s the poodles, man. They just slay me. I can just FEEL how floofy and soft their fur must be….

  25. *tee hee*