New Sheriff In Town, People

Marshall Dillon? Lightweight.

From Okiedoll’s Flickr.




  2. Are they going out after the Prickly Kid?

  3. omg that shootout would leave ALL OF US DED.

    and I reaaaallly want to see it😀

  4. He’s all “wanna play?! Wanna play?! “

  5. Somehow I don;t think this Marshal will be quite as chummy with Miss Kitty.

  6. Kari Callin says:

    “Rusty the Russell, at yer’ service, Mam!

  7. It’s Deputy Dawg!

  8. The spotted nose needs a thousand boops (and keeses).

  9. I think he needs a chin band to keep that hat in place. This guy can arrest me any time! Squeeing in public is a possible charge.

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    To infinity, and beyond!

  11. Now that would be worth my weight in popcorn to see.

  12. I better go check out this Mongo character

  13. The leetle TOESES!

  14. specifically, the toeNAILSES!!!

  15. YAY for T.U.M. !!!


  17. YES !!!!!

  18. 911…911…91…ah forget it…*plop*

    P.S.- Dear Lordy above, did you HAVE to put the leetle hat on him, too??
    P.P.S- *Thud*

  19. Oh goodie. While pupfanatic has been rendered unconscious, I’ll swoop in and go all grabby hands on this leetle angel.

  20. “No, no. If you shoot him, it’ll just make him mad.”

  21. Ooooh, where are Musky and Vincent van Gopher?

  22. “Mongo just pawn in game of life.” 😛

  23. Long arm of the “awwwwwww…”

  24. I think he’s going to need a bigger horse.

  25. pupfanatic says:

    Good one!!!

  26. Standing Ovayshe.

  27. “Mongo like candy!”