Congratulations! More Max’s HolidayOverload© Winners!

santa max 51zGzZad6zL._SL500_AA300_Max Stubbular here with our second set of HolidayOverload© photos! All Sender-Inner Hoomins get our 2013 Cute Overload  Calendar! We’ll do one more set of winners before Giftmas, so send your submishes in, yo. And now, THE WINNERS:

From Christina V: “Jay is now 15 years old…he’s been on your site in the past!”

best holiday2012 cats (1)
Mr. Elvis, from his mom hoomin Melissa S.

Joanne V: “These are the loves of my life Hamlet (the fawn pug on the left) and Ignatz (the black pug on the right). This is their first Christmas picture together from a few years back. I think Hamlet looks like a Dead End Kid in his over-sized sweater, but it’s so adorable how he’s giving Ignatz Christmas Kissies! Pick us, Maxie, pick us!!!!!” [Done. -Ed]

trinket christmas lights
Trinkster returns. In lights. Sent in by Paul P.

“These Christmas snuggle pups are Wendy Penelope and Walter Pierre Jones,” sez Melissa A.

Monty_xmas tree
Here’s Monty from Megan B.

Elaine L. sent these in, with the explanation: “Pansy the Boxer just had some (minor, planned) surgery and has been rocking the inflatable donut to keep her chewer away from her stitches. We thought we’d try something a little more festive. Pansy was not amused.”

Kelly S: “Emmie…( swear she’s flipping me off in this photo).”

Andrea V: “This is one of our four cats. His name is Maybe. He was lucky enough to be featured on CuteOverload a few years back as a wee kitten licking Dr. Phil – one of our other cats. There was quite the thread mostly bashing us for naming our cat Dr. Phil! Hilarious.”

Danielle L.: “I am sending you a picture of my French/English bulldog mix, Butters. We decided to take family Christmas pictures this year. He tends to be over-excited for these festivities.” [We can tell. -Ed]

Brooke M. provides us with thees photograph of Lil’ J.

Flynn the Hedgehog



Jenn S.: “This is Flynn The Hedgehog and Betty The Beaver, who live at the OC Zoo. They are dressed up in holiday finery. The OC Zoo is operated by OC Parks in Orange County, CA, and they mainly have critters who were abandoned, confiscated, or who could otherwise not live on their own in the wild. It’s like an entire zoo of ResQte! The wonderful folks at the OC Zoo take some of the littler guys out into the public to teach kids and other groups about wildlife. It is a wonderful facility, and of course the staff get to play with these cuties all day.” [What? Where do I sign up? -Ed]


  1. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Raspberry the Weasel. That is all.

    (actually, it’s not. Why no hovertext on Maybe the cat?)

  2. Gonna chalk it up to WordPress weirdness. But I swooped in with a CO NINJA HOTFIX and added ’em back in!!

  3. HA! I have a friend whose childhood cat was named Prolly – they got her, couldn’t figure a good name, said it was “Probably Going to be Gloria”, which in time evolved into Prolly :)

  4. YaY Brinke! But where did Raspberry the Weasel go?!?

  5. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Back to the fruit stand. *rimshot*

  6. Um……on vacation?

  7. Raspberry is back from vacation. Here she is:

  8. Betty the Beaver!!
    And I noticed the lack of hovertext for Maybe too…

  9. 1. I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with a cat named Dr. Phil.
    2. I’ve been in loff with Jay (first pic, serious tongue action) for a long, long time.
    3. Beavers have hands? Why did I not know this?!
    4. I loff each and every one of these critters.

  10. and Jay loffs you too! You can follow his world domination plans and daily cuteness on his facebook page if you like! :P!/jay.vitazko

  11. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Rachael, I also had to go back to the other thread to see what the fuss was for a cat named Dr. Phil. It’s a funny name for a cat. Also, have you not seen the hilarious video of a beaver waving at a kid? The hand/paw action is great.

  12. That video is great!! I never knew beavers had so much personality. I have so much to learn about so many animals I’ve often taken for granted.

  13. :) little kid looks up like, What are you laughing about, just bein’ friendly here!

  14. I want a beaver.

  15. warrior rabbit says:

    You already…

    No. Not going to. Today, I’m going to be an adult. I’m sure I’ll regret it later.

  16. 8O

  17. My cousin told me many years ago that in the Washington DC phone book there was a listing for a Dr. Harry Beaver. And he was a gynecologist.

  18. I have a friend who went to the school now known as Arcadia University. For some reason they renamed it …

  19. warrior rabbit says:

    I guess it’s better than a gynecologist named Phil Beaver.

  20. It is true. Dr. Harry C. Beaver is an OB-GYN here in northern Virginia. He used to be the president of the Virginia Board of Medicine. There is also another Harry C. Beaver, he is a forensic pathologist in northern Virginia…

  21. now THAT is NOT right. His MOMMA shoulda told him better.

  22. He must be getting old. It was about 35 years ago that my cousin told me this.

  23. Maybe is GORGEOUS! I must try mimicking that picture with my own Big Fat Orange Cat.

  24. Ana Félix Pires says:

    Jay! Extremely cute as always I see! :)

  25. Jay is the Vice Admiral of the World. Maru, of course, is tha KING & the admiral
    (salutes smartly)

    BTW today at Youtube they sent me what MIGHT BE a New Maru (video).
    Anybody shocked, to hear that it includes a (wait for it…..) BOX?????

  26. Wow, and Jay loves you too! (that’s a lot to be compared to Maru!) You can follow his world domination plans and daily cuteness on his facebook page if you like! :P!/jay.vitazko

  27. Maru Schmaru, Skippy is the King and you know it.

  28. skippymom them’s FIGHTIN’ WOIDS….. HERESY I SAY

  29. fleurdamour says:

    Hedgies don’t need hatpins! They gots their own.

  30. Jay is my all time favorite CO anipal! I love him to bits! And that’s saying something because I adore Maru, Daisy, Boo, Goose and the rest of the gang, but none of them melt my heart like Jay. I’m a sucker for his goofy mug.

  31. warrior rabbit says:

    Yes. And his tongue just seals it.

  32. Wow, and Jay loves you too! (that’s a lot to overpower Maru!) You can follow his world domination plans and daily cuteness on his facebook page if you like! :P!/jay.vitazko

  33. I don’t think I’ve ever seen beaver feet before. They kinda freak me out…

  34. Me too! I had no idea what that thing was… then it made sense… but it still is weird for a cute fuzzy thing that is not a duck to have duck feet.

  35. lisaLASSIE says:

    Beavers don’t need cleavers to cleave trees.

  36. Maybe!! That kitty and his pal Dr. Phil gave the name to a whole CO category– “I Shall Leeeck You.” :D

  37. All those Christmas sweaters and still no Knitted tag…

  38. *pssssst: “sweateUWS”, pweeze !!!* ;)

  39. That last hedgie is concentrating real hard and seeing “Oh Holy Night”.

  40. yay!! Jay will be most pleased when I inform his royal highness he made it back onto the site, and earned his mom a calendar of cuteness!! :)

  41. Yay for Jay! I just sent him a FB friend request. :)

  42. Looks more like the Mighty QUILL to me. Or a couple thousand of them.

  43. These pups and kittehs are tots adorbs!! (yea I’ve been hanging with the kids lately)…but that look on Pansy’s face made me bust out laughing at my desk. I know that look all too well.

  44. smartyboots says:

    Poor Pansy – surgical offense followed by donut indignity capped off by having her halls decked!! Being on Cute Overload is helping her recovery, though (if not her hair regrowth).

  45. Teh hedgie in tah last pic looks like a James Bond villain.

  46. Butters looks like he’s wearing the same sweateuw as Hamlet and Ignatz!

    And can I just say I’m so excited the my Maxie picked my puggies for the Holiday Overload! :-D

    Joanne V. – Hamlet & Ignatz’s hoomin

  47. Obviously I’m so excited proper English grammar went right out the window – LOL.

  48. I just LOVE all of the Christmas kitties :D

  49. smartyboots says:

    I am positively mad for Monty!

  50. Monty is a real catch! I’d love to see him under my Christmas tree.


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