And Santa Said, “Surely you jest.”

♪ ♫ Oh I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

Only a hippopotamus will do ♪ ♫

Peeps, share this song over and over to make SURE your hippo wish is known. DO EET at your own risk:

Prince Harry the pygmy hippo has been very good this year, Zooborns!


  1. RIP PH :(

  2. lisaLASSIE says:


  3. Holy smokes, the ridiculous blorpitude! Also, the cartoon hippo is delightful, as well.

    In addition to my CO calender, there bettuh be a house hippo under the tree!

  4. fleurdamour says:

    He has his tongue out to test his PH balance.

  5. Clappity clappity clappity clap!

  6. Shiny!

  7. House hippos have to be rubbed with Crisco every day to keep their skin supple.

  8. awww, I was just wondering if he was naturally shiny….like me….

  9. (psst: I made that up)

  10. 8-O
    ya don’ SAY????

  11. Well it SOUNDS plausible!

  12. Another bebeh blorp. Wonder what makes hippo babies glisten.

  13. Oh gee thanks for that earworm..

  14. And did it have to be THAT one??? (shudder)

  15. You don’t want a hippopotamus for Christmas? How about, oh, hmm, maybe a donkey? :-)

  16. @ pyrit: “Jiggedy-jing!!!” :)

  17. e z reader says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted a donkey. I would name him Maxwelton (because Maxwelton’s brays are bonnie, where early falls the dew) and I would loff him.

  18. Oh! Oh. That is DREADFUL. And doubly painful to me, as a Scotsman. If this were not a company-owned keyboard I would be banging my head against it and not my fingertips.
    /Penny, I need a hug.
    //Penny says you should go stand in the corner for that.

  19. Lionheadlady says:

    am heartbroken :(

  20. I haz a sad. Loved that little guy so much. The photo of him eating his person’s nose always makes me laugh.

  21. canadianmary says:

    I too want a hippopotamus but prefer the house hippo….

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    I love that song! Thank you!! :D

  23. Sooo SHINY! :D

  24. Cans we also have a toe-hance? Pwetty pweese?

  25. Will this do while your request is being processed?


  26. HONK!


  28. I would so keep one bathroom especially for a house hippo. Even build a ramp for him a la tony soprano.

  29. Are you calling Tony Soprano a hippo!?

  30. Looks at that bathrobe, well…

    Nah, those ducks in the pool are stuck in my head. Along with the “No F***king Ziti” comments.

  31. So sad that he’s gone but he made people happy while he was here.

  32. The very first time I ever saw a pygmy hippo was a brand-new baby that had just been born at a zoo in Chicago. It was literally the size of a football, I couldn’t believe how teensy it was in its precious little blorpitude! So I fell madly in love with Prince Harry when he was born, too. I just found out this evening that he’s no longer with us. Now I haz a sad. :( A great big sad, bigger than little Prince Harry was. :( But yes, he did bring a lot of joy in his short life, didn’t he? Such a happy little boy!

  33. fleurdamour says:

    Maybe the Neiman Marcus catalog has Pygmy hippos.

  34. And then I said to Santa “I am not jesting…and don’t call me Shirley” :D

  35. I was VERREH VERREH corn-swaggled (aka puzzled) when nobody tossed that line here,
    DAYS ago. B’lieve it or not I managed to restrain myself, and decided to see who would do it, when ….

  36. he joined the Marines & jumped ranks straight from boot to Major Blorpage

  37. fleurdamour says:

    I’m still singing this, FYI. I also was doing some interpretive dance to it last night. My own family is ashamed of me.

  38. You need some ear wash.

  39. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow. He’s very…glossy. 8O


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