Wrong Side of the Bed

My hair’s messy! It’s early! The sun’s too bright! Why is there no breakfast?!

Photo by Stephane Bailliez via 500px



  1. And yesterday’s perm didn’t work out too well either.

  2. Come back to bed, leetle one. I will hold you and squeeze you and call you George. And we will face this day together.

  3. Looks like the Mike Brady perm….

  4. How did the miniature gorills read mah mind??
    That’s how *I* awaken each morning, too!!! (not the Jheri curl part, but otherwise…)

  5. I was so grumpy in the morning that my 6 foot tall 200 pounds dad bought me an alarm clock when I was 8 years old because he was scared to wake me up! 😆

  6. I think I woke up like this once.

  7. Bettymouse says:

    Who snuck in and took my picture this morning???

  8. hehehe, skeery leetle girl. Um…how about now? Or don’t I want to knkow?

  9. Oooh I see that Pierre The Midnight Hairdresser paid a visit to the jungle last night…

  10. I wish my hair looked that good in the morning…otherwise, yep, that’s me.

  11. It’s Phil Spector!

  12. Tsk, tsk, Skippymom! That’s an insult to that cute little gorilla baby! (Actually, I was thinking he looks a lot like the cute little boy who lives across the street from me.)

  13. That there be the truth.

  14. That’s why you never try to perm your own hair.

  15. The older I get the mellower I get, by the time I hit 100 I’ll be a regular saint!

  16. Everybody has a doppelganger: http://www.bobross.com/