Panda Express

Look! The cutest dumplings you will ever pop in your mouf. And there’s enough for everybody.

If you want seconds, The Telegraph has more for everyone.



  1. I want the little one, front row, third from left!

  2. I am going to eat ALL OF THEM before anybody else gets here!
    *stuffing babies into mouth with both hands*

  3. Where’s the dippin’ sauce?!

  4. The two little grey ones in the middle are MINE! KYHO!!

  5. Sorry, Gigi, but I already eated them.

  6. They are so delectable no sauce is needed.

  7. emmberrann says:

    No,you di-unt! Pyrit sez there are enuf for everybodies. An’ I wants at leasts one.

  8. *giggles about both Gigi & sk’mom*

  9. Best buffet EVER!

  10. not even willing to share an ear?
    oh… okay…
    maybe next time

  11. fish eye no miko says:

    Given their coloring, I’ll bet they taste like cookies-and-cream ice cream. (-:

  12. pauvrecita tl 😦

  13. The Original Jane says:

    That’s fine, you can fight over the milk chocolate ones. I prefer the dark chocolate – and I see they made more of the dark for me! 🙂

  14. I slid off the sofa when I saw this photo. And I still can’t get up.

  15. I want to arrange them by size, and eat them smallest to biggest.

  16. oh man. i need a toofpick.

    i got a whole piece of squee stuck between my teeth

  17. Panda Snorgling Canoodle Bowl

  18. fleurdamour says:

    Paw Paw Platter

  19. 🙂

    By which logic system, do you consume [chocolate] Easter Bunnehs???

  20. la logique, c’est parfait!!

  21. Yeahm let’s be honest though, you’ll be hungry again in an hour.

  22. fleurdamour says:

    Reminds me of the 7 piece fried jalapeños at Jack in The Box. Jalapandas, anyone?

    FYI, the one on the far left with his fuzzy paw extended is my favo.

  23. HAW

  24. I thinks they smell like sleepy, warm puppeh, no? And mabbe sound like one too, just with some tiny growls when they are dreaming… and then they all roll over to the other side at the same time and stretch their pawsies and go yaaaaawn and … *drifts to sleep, mumbling incomprehensibly*

  25. I’ll take the guy in the front row, far right. He seems to have the most earage and – like chocolate Easter bunnies – you always nom the earses first.

  26. Ii take it that you and tracylee have discussed this strategy?

  27. preach, sister.

  28. I sooo wanna pop one in my mouth. They must taste like warm fuzzeh jellybeans.

  29. verr’ enjoyable discourse, there 🙂

  30. *giggles, quietly & with affection*

  31. WINS

  32. As my Nana used to say (but she used this in very different contexts….):

    S”a’right ….. 😉

  33. Fird, with Easter bunnehs what is critical is the eating sequence. Ears must be nommed first, then tail, then the remainder to be eaten in a sequence at the nommer’s discretion. 😀

    Regarding these panda morsels, hey everyone, Sharing means Caring…..unless it is panda morsels (or Diet Peach Snapple) and then it is all MINE. 😀 ❤

  34. Raw, really?