DisapprovaCat Prevents Wasted Lives!

Are you getting the latest gadget for your loved ones, but concerned it might sap all their time? Then add DisapprovaCat™ to your gift list! DisapprovaCat hovers near any electronic devices, issuing a stern glower that says “Really? Another eight-hour gaming marathon? And it’s such a nice day, too!”

Via Ari Helminen.



  1. But will he stop us from looking at the cute?

  2. Lol… You’re right, I’m not a gamer or a tv watcher, but I do spend some good amount of time checking out the qte!

  3. He makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong. Whatever it is I’ve done to displease you, I’m so sorry!! *gulp*

  4. Aww! I want to squeeze him and narrate a curmudgeonly anthromorphization dialogue for him. And also, put a hat on him. He needs a Santa hat.

  5. “I got your iPawed right here, pal…”

  6. win!

  7. You got an app for that?

  8. Awesome!

  9. I know what you mean, Racheal–I’m feeling the same way!

    Disapprovacat, does this tuna offering please you?

  10. Be warned, you WILL draw back a bloody stump if you try to insert or remove any disc from the Wii. I have seen that look WAY too many times to even attempt to play a game…..so sad or mad?
    But cute kitty, bet he’s a cutie when he’s not all disapprovin’

  11. That’s pretty much the look I expect to get from my cat Penny when I pick her up from the vet this evening. She had to have 3 teeth pulled on the left side and the 2 canine on the right side.

  12. Awww, give her extra lovin’ for me! I have several kittehs with many missing teeth, and a couple with just about no teeth. After a few days of pain meds, they do just fine – they adapt much better than we would!

  13. Oh…I bet there are funny kitty drugs that go along with such a procedure.

  14. AWW 😦 Poor Penny 😦 Please give her lots and lots of cuddling for me, Gigi 🙂 I would help you, if I could, with the cuddling to help make your dear sweet kitty, Penny, feel better 🙂

  15. AWW 😀 I will pick you up and give you lots and lots of cuddling, DisapprovaCat, before using my computer 😀

  16. Thanks everyone, I’ve been through it with one of my other cat this summer so I know Penny will be OK but I’m still going to spoil her for the next few days: extra special fancy wet food and lots of cuddling!!.

  17. Hugs and smooches to Ms. Penny. One of my dogs had all her teeth removed this past summer and it has only made her more adorable. I bet your little girl will recover in no time and quickly discover new ways for you to spoil her.

  18. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Use the game’s case as a shield. Or a shovel.

  19. Martha in Washington says:

    *adds DisapprovaCat to son’s Christmas list*

  20. SlaveToCat says:

    DisapprovaCat says, “Why would you need all these dumb tech gadgets to keep you connected to people who don’t care about you when you could have me all to yourself.”

  21. That’s the cutest grump I ever saw!

  22. Eep. That goes waaaaaay beyond disapproval.

  23. WAIT — wot?? CATS have “canine” teefses?????
    Who decided THAT???

  24. I ez feelin scareded. I thinks it looks like eet’s gonna attack mah face *gulp*

  25. lisaLASSIE says: