What Do You Do After School?

I hang out in the barn with the fam.

Then I let my mom cuddle me a little. If I don’t, she gets to be a real pain in my neck.

Then we measure ourselves by the measuring wall.

Well, my Moms and I pose for pictures, cuz we’re famous.

I go into the house and I helps myself to a milk-box. I know how to use a straw, but I need helps getting the straw in the box.

Knobbulars via Zooborns, Blorpular Belugas via Pinterest and Clever Kitten via The Daily Cute


  1. Cats drinking from straws! They are getting closer to world domination!
    Oh, wait, they already dominate the world.

  2. my world, anyway…

  3. At that age though, are they supposed to be drinking whole or skim milk?

  4. Cat just needs crazy straw ™ to be totally over the top.

    PS. There’s a brand of milk called Cowhead??

  5. warrior rabbit says:

    Cowhead. That’s what made me chuckle out loud (col?), as well.

  6. According to Facebook (so it must be accurate) Cowhead milk comes from Australia and New Zealand and is popular across South East Asia.

  7. “Cowhead” sounds like a name the Kindergarten bully would call a classmate.

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    Just how did the kitty get the straw in the carton. I can’t get those ittty bitty straws into the carton.

  9. YAY for longnecks [giraffes] !!!

    YAY for Mom (Dagmar) and bebbeh ‘raffe and YAY for Uncle Pete!!! Does this mean, that Uncle Pete the ‘raffe, is from Theresa’s
    family (spit baths) ???? (I went to Zooborns and looked at the details of the bebbeh).

    Two nifty facts: Dagmar (Mom) met her new Significant Other…..by a COMPUTERIZED DATING (‘raffe) Service!!! and, at least acc. to the Zooborns webpage, there doesn’t seem to be a name listed, yet, for the bebbeh.

  10. Are you suggesting that Theresa’s dad is a giraffe? Well, I never! *much clutching of pearls*

  11. Queen Of Everything says:

    Kitty drinking from milk box wuz SO CUTE!!!

  12. Well, that definitely isn’t his mother in the background.

  13. unless she has gender transference issues ….

  14. I love the leggy, knock-kneed stances in pics 1 & 2. So stinkin’ cute!!

  15. AWW :D I just LOVE that sweet white kitty :D

  16. In photo one, I love how the slightly knock-kneed legs are exactly parallel. They must be supposed to be like that, because the front and back are precisely the same. If I had four legs, I can only hope mine would line up that well. But if I had four legs, I’m not sure what I’d be typing with.

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    Giraffe (esp. in photo 1) reminds me of a young, let’s say about 13 yrs. old, ballerina. All legs and knees and awkward/graceful at the same time. And so beautiful.

  18. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    it puts the straw in the box.


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