A Cat With a Pwan

A wonderful, terrible pwan.

But, where is he going to get bubblewrap, jello, 200 bungee cords, glitter and a cape?

Good ol’ wackadoodle kitty genius and Buzzfeed A Plus Computer Support provided the battle plan for this assault.


  1. Mary (the first) says:


  2. I was stunned at how few of the Buzzfeed cats I’d seen before. Thanks to NOMTOM for originally linking, and thanks to you, pyrit, for pushing the envelope some more!

  3. He already has a generous supply of cyoot.

  4. Some outstanding shifty eye action there!

  5. Shifty eyes and wackadoodle eyes at the same time!

  6. Classic! I love the webs.

  7. Kitty’s got a little list. To the left (or his right). :P

  8. I like kitteh is all ‘down here to my right, you see that, what is that on the ground?’ [suddenly disappears and reappears like a ninja]

  9. lolol ExACTly!

  10. He is definitely pondering some dastardly plan.

  11. SlaveToCat says:

    I ez scared.

  12. Those Russkies man. I tell you they’re planning a world take-over of cute.

  13. Only slightly less (adorably) evil than the original stalking cat.

  14. Oh gosh, that kitteh looks evils…

  15. Kitteh — come by my house. I have a bungee cord and some bubble wrap ….


  17. Cats: The original jump scare.

  18. :lol: That kitty has some serious wack-a-doodle eyes there just before pouncing on the human with the camera :lol:

  19. fleurdamour says:

    Every sweet little housecat has a whiff of the jungle about him or her.

  20. Alice Shortcake says:

    Sign this cat up for the next James Bond film IMMEDIATELY!


  22. The shifty eye action is fantastic!!! :)

  23. Agree! You just know kittehs are planning some sort of evil plan to make us their servants and feed them noms constantly…oh, wait…..

  24. :lol: Kittehs already do that, Saffron :lol: They already do :lol:

  25. Excellent!

  26. I want to note that credit for a stream of recent (and awesome) cat videos goes to the Russians –specifically Ignoramusky, who has this YouTube channel… I believe the most recent Cats ‘n’ Racks was also from Ignoramusky’s channel.

  27. At least I think it’s Russian, anyway…

  28. Catsquatch says:

    “But, where is he going to get bubblewrap, jello, 200 bungee cords, glitter and a cape?”

    Man, sometimes the captions just kill me….

  29. Miracle Max of course, he had the doomsday cape. And I know where you can get a wheel barrow.

  30. Captain Kuro: “My plan must not fail!”

  31. “Sasha’s missing, but we found his IPhone. There’s only one video on it…..”

  32. My cat gave me shifty eyes once. I burst out into tears. I hate it when cats look out of the corner of their eye! It’s so creepy!


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