I Am Not a Fish!

I am coy.

This bun is very punny, Josh N.!



  1. BWB/REW rule! Mos def bring on the carrot(inis) and pets!

  2. In before “disapproval” comments…

  3. That look is more than just disapproval.

  4. But, is he/ she “koi”????

    Also? “Boop”!!!!

  5. It burns the soul 😐

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    I would like to share the amusing hamminess of Nugget the bunny (not mine), which I look at most every day for a laugh.

    Nugget's concerns

  7. SlaveToCat says:

    You may be a fish, you may be a coy, you could be called Roy.

    Thank the stars you are not made of Coyduroy.

  8. lisaLASSIE says:

    Thud. The brilliance and adorableness of Nugget knocked me over. How could those hoomans NOT pick him up? Why would they not want to?

  9. That’s a blorpy bunny.

  10. Nugget really is such a hambone!! I don’t know how his hoomans can possibly resist.