Can’t See the Forest for the Pup

There is only one Forrest to look at here. Trees are clearly for chewing.

If the National Parks featured this kind of Forrest, there would be long lines to get in Rory S.



  1. National Parks would then need signs saying “Please do not nom on the animals’ ears” 😀
    Cause otherwise….oooh, those puppeh ears are nommable!!!!

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    Don’t want to be picky but his name is actually Forrest, not Forest. So you could have the Forrest and the forest at the same time! Which is apparently what’s happening here…

  3. Camopup or Pupoflage?

  4. tracylee has propagated an EPIDEMIC

  5. If you yell “Run, Forrest, Run!” it’s going to go crackle-crackle-crackle!

  6. This made me laugh so hard. My husband is named Forrest. (And, for the record, any reference to “Forrest Gump” is outlawed in our household.)

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    Is Forrest’s bark worse than his bite?

  8. missdoubleyou says:

    Never let accuracy ruin a good pun.

  9. Both!

  10. That’s a mighty big toothpick you got there Forrest.

  11. I love the existential hovertext.
    However this delightful pup is the LEAST existential pup I’ve seen in quite awhile. Not complaining; simply enjoying the pup’s happiness.

  12. There is nothing quite so adorable as a golden puppeh. It’s what God created just before He rested. 🙂

  13. *curtseys*

  14. Forrest is exactly the colour of yummy peanut butter fudge—which makes the earses even MORE nommable . . .

  15. Only if it’s a Re-Tree-ver! 😆

  16. wot an elegant acknowledgement, ma’am!!

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    And He probably rested with His head on that nice warm tummeh and stroking those velvety soft earsies! That’s what I woulda done.

  18. Good ones, both. And btw, this puplet..*THUD*

    If someone in the forrest drops dead from Forrest, does anyone hear it? Did it happen?

  19. RUN FORREST RUN!!!!!