Me Sad

In the aftermath of yesterday’s senseless tragedyeveryone could use a hug today.



  1. As people we see/recognize sad faraway eyes in his expression as if he were commisserating with us at this sad hour for the CT angel kids. But i wonder if all he’s really thinking is “bamboo…sausages…Ditka.” Im looking at you, Panda scientists.

  2. So much of the Cute is projection, for sure. But there’s also the other side of projecting our feelings…sympathy and empathy. Just as you mention we are all feeling today for everyone involved in CT and the difficult road ahead for them.

  3. I’m kinda sad too. . . :’-( 😥

  4. animallover says:

    Aww. Now I want a hug from something fuzzy!!!

  5. kibblenibble says:

    I teach first grade, so this has really hit close to home for me. Having said that, may I also add:

    I weel hug you, leetle panda!!

  6. Thank you for that. Heartbroken barely begins to describe our sentiments.

  7. Anybody who needs one. I’m well padded and I’ve been told I give good hugs.

  8. phred's mom says:

    merci, merci, Gigi. J’ai besoin d’une hug.

  9. Here is a musical hug (about Tiny Sparrows attempting to survive).
    Unfortunately Youtube has placed a very abrasive ad before the song.
    I suggest doing a mute button when you first play it. After 5 seconds it will say “skip ad”. Click on that and then sit back. It’s a very quiet and a very pure song.
    The PP/M recording is based on early, traditional folk music.

    Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies
    From Wikipedia( View original Wikipedia Article )
    Last modified on 25 August 2012 at 07:47
    Form Folk

    Recorded by The Carter Family; Joan Baez; Peter, Paul and Mary; Emmylou Harris; Dolly Parton; Gene Clark & Carla Olson; The Rankin Family; David Bromberg;

    “Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies” (aka “Tiny Sparrow” or “Little Sparrow”) is an American folk music ballad, originating from the Appalachian region….which has been recorded under one of two title variations by The Carter Family, Joan Baez, Odetta, Peter, Paul and Mary, Emmylou Harris, The Rankin Family, and Dolly Parton.
    The title varies from recording to recording; prior to the 1960s, the song was usually known as “Tiny Sparrow” or “Little Sparrow”. In more recent times, the song’s title sometimes finds “Maidens” substituted for “Ladies,” and “Come All Ye” or “Come All You” sometimes omitted. In 2010, Marideth Sisco performed a portion of the song in the film Winter’s Bone.

    Sorry about the length of my entry here
    but it is in case somebody wants to search the data later.
    Peace to all. Including Panda Beauws in twees.

  10. To Mike D (and to the panda) Blieve it or not “there’s a song, for that!!” [ Bamboo]

  11. OK here it is. un gros calin for phred’s mom ((( ))))

  12. panda scientists know. they left the news on at panda tv time…

  13. Me sad too but I’d like to offer as many hugs and prayers as I can. “What the world needs now is love, sweet love. That’s the only thing, that there’s just too little of.”

  14. I’ll take a panda hug anytime, but this guy is particularly useful today. Le sigh

  15. Warm hugs and lots, lots and lots of strength over to U.S from Norther Europe. You are in our thoughts.

    Although you have to share the first place with fuzzy-wuzzy pandas.

    But still. At a loss for words.

  16. Speaking of pandas, 23 children were killed by a knife-wielding maniac at an elementary school in China the other day. I’d like to show some support for them as well.

  17. bob drummond says:

    In China too ? I can’t believe ! We should pray for all those who lost someone they knew in a senseless tragedy such as either of these !!! 😦

  18. 4leafclover says:

    A correction. At an elementary school, twenty-two children, and one adult, were injured, some very seriously, by a man wielding a knife.

  19. yes I also saw an article about this (incident / China) earlier Sat.

  20. the guy in China didnt end up killing anyone. None.
    The mentally ill guy in USA killed many many innocents because he had access to more lethal weapons.
    In Australia, you cant own handguns at all, and limited rifles only, after police checks.
    It’s time to change the laws please.
    Or the panda will be sad again and again

  21. Oh, I thought they’d been killed. I’m glad to hear otherwise.

    I’m with you on gun control. Unfortunately so many people in America are into gun ownership, it will be a long time before the law changes. If it ever does.

    I think an even better way to prevent incidents like this, and much misery in general, is to provide better funding for treatment of the mentally ill. Very few mentally ill people are violent, but whenever a shooting like this happens the perpetrator always turns out to be bat-guano crazy.

  22. I’ll take a hug. On Saturday there was a guy in Newton, Connecticut outside a donut shop with his English bulldog with a sign reading “My Bulldog Gives Hugs.” He said Truman gave away over a 100 hugs.

  23. It could of turn out badly if I had been there. Me being a hugger and the Bulldog also being a hugger. We would still be there a week later hugging each other. 😆

  24. A very sweet gesture on the part of the guy and his dog!

  25. I cannot understand how someone could do something so horrible. 😦 😦 😦

    Maybe seeing some good things will bring a spot of cheer…

  26. AWW 🙂 That is such a sweet story and that man and his bulldog,Truman, are very kind to do such a heart-felt gesture for others 🙂

  27. I am sending you a BIG CYBER HUG, Gigi. I just wish I could give you one in person.

  28. I am sending you a BIG CYBER HUG, kibblenibble. I just wish I could give you one in person.

  29. I am sending you a BIG CYBER HUG, Bob. I just wish I could give you one in person.

  30. No truer words from a song, Rachael.

  31. I am sending by Internet lots and lots of warm hugs and lots and lots of strength over to U.S from up here in Canada. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  32. Carol Easton says:

    Thank you.

  33. That’s precious. Ever notice weird, ugly things happen this time of year?

  34. Lovely. Thank you Fird.

  35. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Thank you.

  36. I’m just glad Cute Overload is here to provide joy and cuteness when so much out there is sad and bleak.

  37. kibblenibble says:

    Thanks, Teresa! 🙂

  38. William Johnson says:

    A long time ago, I was a teacher in a very violent, gang-ridden, inner-city high school. When kids pulled knives, people got hurt. When they pulled guns, people died. People may be the underlying problem but the tools they have easily available make a big difference. This is just common sense.

  39. “bleak” is the single most accurate adjective/ adverb that I’ve heard, for the events of this past five days. Well-chosen.

  40. It’s so important to remember that for every act of senseless violence, there are thousands of moments where man’s humanity shines through. There is always a beacon of light and hope at the end of every tragedy. It gets harder and harder to keep believing that but I know I need to.

  41. phred's mom says:

    “calin” … I have learned a new word
    in Frawnsch! Merci encore, Gigi!

  42. phred's mom says:

    One of my all-time favorite old old songs.
    I used to sing this back in the day. The
    lyrics were especially apropos for me then.
    Beautifully sweet.

  43. phred's mom says:

    Yea, verily, Meaghan. Taking better care
    of the mentally ill would also help with the
    homeless problem. One of the biggest
    sins we as a nation have committed is
    the turning out of the mentally ill, and the
    less then optimum treatment available to
    the borderline functioning people. We have
    become too timid about addressing these
    kinds of folks, for fear of treading on their
    rights. It is a tightrope that free nations
    constantly must walk. Tres dificil.

  44. phred's mom says:

    I wish more people saw this issue like this.
    The tools do indeed make a huge difference
    in the outcome.

  45. eloquent and true. You speak/ write amirably, phred’s mom. Thanks for adding wisdom to the dialogue on this.

  46. oops “aDmirably” *blush*

  47. kibblenibble: if you please, in what state and is the location a smaller town or more of a city? Don’t bother naming the town/ city; I’m just wondering which type of setting and in what part of the country?

    My brother works with elementary school persons, also but he runs the
    [whatever the currently en-vogue phrase is for what I used to call the library;
    “media center”, blah blah blah] in a fairly semi-rural county, just about an hour north of Jax, Fla and below GA line; rather than teaching a subject class in a classroom.

  48. I’m glad some folks enjoyed hearing this as I do. To me, it’s “just the flavor” I need
    for navigating moments like this week. Peace.

  49. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    Thank you for the loving reminder. We may never hear about all the love and compassion that comes out of this tragedy, but I have NO doubt it is there. I find it comforting that I can turn to my friends here for loving thoughts and zen hugs (the hugs you would share if you could).

  50. phred's mom says:

    Thenkew muchly, Fird, my sweet.
    Made me feel good.

  51. phred's mom says:


  52. I came here for comfort and you beautiful people did not disappoint. Love to all.

  53. OH EMM GEE. That is so smart of that guy; what a brilliant ideal!

  54. kibblenibble says:

    Hi Fird,
    I’m in a small town north of San Francisco. It’s a good school. I love it there. I hope your brother is doing okay, this is sad stuff.