!Top Corgis Of 2012!

corgi_with_branchMax Stubbular here. I’ve got a bone -er, branch to pick with you, Buzzfeed. You run Top 40 Most Influential Corgis Of 2012—and I’m not on there? So whut if I’m fictional; CO takes a great Corgi photo & BOOM they name him Max. I’m not complainin’- you should see the last royalty check. And you can Google me, unlike these guys.

Wait, that’s me drinking from the faucet! I take back all the bad vibes, Buzz. Much love. -M.





First four photos are from Corgi Addict dot com, final photo from Burnred.


  1. fish eye no miko says:

    1. Can I join you on the bench?

    2. “Soon….”

    3. It might help if you held it right side up. (-:

    Actually, I think the doggie’s human might be using him as a book holder… (-:

    4. [slurp, slurp]

    5. Camouflage, 90% complete!

  2. *chanting*

    To-BEE!! To-BEE!!!! To-BEE!!!!

    *waves pompoms*

  3. The Original Jane says:

    I want a Corgi book holder opener thingy.

  4. SoCtatesX53 says:

    Where oh where can I find a Corgi book holder opener thingy complete with toe beanz!!!???

  5. The Original Jane says:

    The toe beanz are standard…IF you can find the Corgi bhot.

  6. Yes! That is now number one on my Christmas list!

  7. Me too! I tried it with one of my kittehs but he just started to chew on the pages. :D

  8. oh man, it’s a veritable buffet of earses…

  9. *prepares a bed in the Emergency Ward*

  10. Calamity Jane says:

    Which came first? The corgi colored carpet, or the carpet colored corgi?

    And man do we need CO today. :(

  11. Max Stubbular is fictional?

  12. pupfanatic says:

    Sleepy Corgi must be reading Danielle Steele. And to all the pics: *THUD!!!*

  13. The wonderful stubbularity of it all! The hugginess! The cuddleosity!

  14. Privacy book! That’s a new one.

  15. Anyone else trying to read the pages of the book? Just me? Ok.
    (cute pupppieess!)

  16. no not just you. I was able to determine that the author’s name is female BUT it isn’t Danielle Steel nor Erika Leonard James….

  17. I was just too curious to let it pass – the book is Seven Up by Janet Evanovich :)

  18. Good work my friend! :D

  19. What do you man, Max Stubbular is fictional? IS NOTHING SACRED?

  20. the puppy on the bench OMG I am dying from the cuteness


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