!Top Corgis Of 2012!

corgi_with_branchMax Stubbular here. I’ve got a bone -er, branch to pick with you, Buzzfeed. You run Top 40 Most Influential Corgis Of 2012—and I’m not on there? So whut if I’m fictional; CO takes a great Corgi photo & BOOM they name him Max. I’m not complainin’- you should see the last royalty check. And you can Google me, unlike these guys.

Wait, that’s me drinking from the faucet! I take back all the bad vibes, Buzz. Much love. -M.





First four photos are from Corgi Addict dot com, final photo from Burnred.



  1. fish eye no miko says:

    1. Can I join you on the bench?

    2. “Soon….”

    3. It might help if you held it right side up. (-:

    Actually, I think the doggie’s human might be using him as a book holder… (-:

    4. [slurp, slurp]

    5. Camouflage, 90% complete!

  2. *chanting*

    To-BEE!! To-BEE!!!! To-BEE!!!!

    *waves pompoms*

  3. The Original Jane says:

    I want a Corgi book holder opener thingy.

  4. oh man, it’s a veritable buffet of earses…

  5. SoCtatesX53 says:

    Where oh where can I find a Corgi book holder opener thingy complete with toe beanz!!!???

  6. The Original Jane says:

    The toe beanz are standard…IF you can find the Corgi bhot.

  7. Yes! That is now number one on my Christmas list!

  8. Calamity Jane says:

    Which came first? The corgi colored carpet, or the carpet colored corgi?

    And man do we need CO today. 😦

  9. *prepares a bed in the Emergency Ward*

  10. Max Stubbular is fictional?

  11. pupfanatic says:

    Sleepy Corgi must be reading Danielle Steele. And to all the pics: *THUD!!!*

  12. Me too! I tried it with one of my kittehs but he just started to chew on the pages. 😀

  13. The wonderful stubbularity of it all! The hugginess! The cuddleosity!

  14. Privacy book! That’s a new one.

  15. Anyone else trying to read the pages of the book? Just me? Ok.
    (cute pupppieess!)

  16. What do you man, Max Stubbular is fictional? IS NOTHING SACRED?

  17. no not just you. I was able to determine that the author’s name is female BUT it isn’t Danielle Steel nor Erika Leonard James….

  18. I was just too curious to let it pass – the book is Seven Up by Janet Evanovich 🙂

  19. the puppy on the bench OMG I am dying from the cuteness

  20. Good work my friend! 😀