The Very Breast in Protection

Armed with caterwauling alarms, claws and surprise attacks, Rack Security Systems protect against intruders and marauders.

Now with optional purr mode to let you know all is swell.

Fave Frame™

Via MSN, video by Ignoramusky.


  1. Those Russians are picking up where the Japanese left off! What a cutie patootie (I’m referring to the kitteh, not the rack). *snicker*

  2. I was thinking the same thing. They’re definitely re-emerging as a supepower in CUTE

  3. NOOOOOO. We (I’m a Japanese) are still the reigning champion of cute.

  4. Chastity belt upgrade 2.0h !

  5. lisaLASSIE says:

    Yes it’s called a Catstity belt (without the double “t” that would have landed me in the Mod Lounge).

  6. michelle b adams says:

    Thank you for the fave frame! Leetle paw of doom – eek!

  7. A++ with bonus Gold Star

  8. I needed that. Thank you.

  9. Same here, H. R. :D

  10. I could use one of those!

  11. Can’t wait to watch this one tonight at home!

  12. What a cutie!

  13. Sharp leetle claws too!

  14. also known “locally” (on CO) as “pointy bits” :)

  15. Pointy ENDS is the correct term, I believe, Firdie!

  16. (“bits” is for the naughty parts)

  17. *blushes fiercely at the mere/ euphemistic use of the idea of the “naughty —‘s”

    MYSELF, I don’t HAVE any naughty bits !!! :)

  18. Tony James says:

    Ahem. Those who were paying attention during my last lecture will know, of course, that the correct spelling is “poyntee enz (let me show you them)”.

  19. TONY JAMES!!! Why do you stay away for so long, pop in and then disappear again?! We miss you.

  20. Tony James as I live and breathe!

  21. I love this site, but as a young woman I always cringe at the Cats ‘n’ Racks posts. Without a doubt, boobs are great and the female body in all forms should be celebrated…but it’s not exactly what I come to this site to see. Feels a little crass, and takes away from how adorably cute that little bebeh kitty is. To each their own, I suppose.

  22. Ah, to criticize is human; to nuff, divine…..

  23. *prepares fainting couch and smelling salts*

  24. prepares fainting couch and smelling salts

  25. When cute animals are present, I have an amazing ability for boob-blockage. I don’t pay much attention to anything else but the cute.

  26. Not sure how this could be considered crass: whenever we see videos like this, they’re always in the spirit of women expression their maternal feelings toward baby-like cute little critters. They don’t seemed to be made by men, for men.

    If this were a TV show, what ratings would you give to it – PG, PG-13, R? And what would be the reason behind the rating – language, violence, strong s…… content, mature …? And what demographic (eg. male teens) would you like to exclude from viewing it? What is the crime/wrong, and who are the victims? How does this make society worse…

    If this were crass, could you provide cases where display of racks are NOT considered crass, whether on the internet or in real life?

    p.s. Yes, there is Rule 34, but if we have to be concerned about that there’d be no internet.

  27. I’m a Gemini and I have “more than a little bit” of decolletage; and as such, I have mixed feelings on this. I suppose the shortest version of my perspective, is, that if I could read 10,000 items of sweet animals and of humor and NEVER see anything which involves/ includes womens’ breasts as an element, I will admit (also as a “recovering ex-Catholic”) that I’d like it better.

    However I will say that this particular post is more sweetness and fairly modest than some others ….

  28. Wait, what? Your zodiac sign governs the size of your, um….? Never heard that before.

  29. Well, see, the ocean tides are affected by the phase of the moon;
    and therefore …. ;)

  30. Thank you, that was beautifully put.

    My response to the OP would have been described as ‘crass’.

    Also, LOVE the print on the tank top!

  31. Today was a hard day, so I’m sorry if my comment came off as judgmental. It was more contemplative commentary. I’m a teacher, so I popped onto the site today to get some cuteness and light, away from all the news. I was slightly disappointed to see that post (though that little kitten IS very, very cute), also because I see girls every day at school who sexualize themselves so, so young. But, that’s just my context and really has nothing to do with this girl or her life and decisions. It was a hard day for teachers, so I probably should’ve just saved my comment and not posted blindly. Let’s all keep celebrating the cute!

  32. Crazy Pants says:

    Thank you LRS. Today is the hardest. You feel all of your feelings and have all of your opinions. I celebrate the cute with you today and everyday.

  33. Dissenting opinions are what this country was founded on (ie: the colonies had a very different opinion on how they should be governed…) and as long as we don’t use them to actively hurt each other, its what will continue to make this country grow. Its hard to remember that when people DO hurt each other, especially when its directed towards babies. America had a bad day. This site seems to foster a nice community of people, so I think we can all forgive, forget and happily wake up to another cute kitteh, peeg, pygmy hippo or baby sloth bath.

  34. And hug a kitten. And tell a teacher that they’re your hero.

  35. Totally see your point of view. I was pretty raw, too, and I apologize for my knee-jerk reaction to your post.

  36. Thanks for being a teacher, LRS. I am an old bat and still remember my fave teacher in grade school (Mr. Falatko who taught History).
    Teachers are awesome. <3

    I hope CO remains a safe haven for all of us to post what we feel.
    I am off to hug my kittehs now….

  37. Fair enough. In the spirit of this, as a not-so-young woman, I would like to petition CO to come down hard on the rampant sexualization of men that I often see in the comments (and some posts as well). It’s crass. Also, since I’m gay, it doesn’t suit me personally, therefore, none of you should be able to experience it.

  38. “….that all iSWELL” !!! YAY CP

  39. After what happened in Connecticut today could we please be a little more tolerant with each other please.

  40. If you got it, put a kitty in your shirt and flaunt it!

  41. even if you don’t got it, everyone should experience warm kitten in their shirt. Just sayin’.

  42. I’m a guy so I put one in my underpants.
    Note To Self: Never Again!!

  43. Thank you for that image.

  44. :lol: You are also glad that no one was recording said event, huh, jnyjny :lol:

  45. Was it the pointy bits that made you change your mind?

  46. Of course this begs the question “is that a cat in your pants or are you glad to see me?”

  47. fft fft

  48. :)

  49. Meltinsmush says:

    I don’t like it. There, I said it. No like cats n racks.

  50. The thing is, the cats do like it.

  51. Yeah. If kitties like it, it must be good! ;)

  52. Meltinsmush: way to express yourself, yet not create buckets of drama! Well-done :)


  53. Meltinsmush says:


  54. AWW :D What a cute little black kitty :D

  55. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    And oh, them’s some wackadoodle eyes!

  56. Wunnerful things: Teeny fang. Paw of doom. Purrfect leetle fase. Whiskairs.

  57. Blue Footed Booby says:

    There is no safer place to rest, than nestled in a lady’s chest.

  58. Here is something for LRS and everyone to make you feel good…

    I was cutting up onions when I read this….

  59. LOL, It’s the header that really got me!

  60. Ah, I could watch this all day long . . .
    /Oops, Penny says I dang well better not.

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    I wish I had a kitten in my rack.

  62. Nice booby trap.


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