Salvador Doggy

Sometimes a mustache is just a mustache. Sometimes a melting clock is just a melting clock. 8261402297_dc4982969b_z
It is important to appreciate surrealistic art. Especially dogs playing poker. 8262470366_0f007e9ba3_b
Augie’s mustache is a work of art, Gail R.


  1. First of all, I loooove the name Augie for a leetle pupster! And second, BOOP!


    a little ottistic license, mkay?

  3. *eeen Outrageux Frawnsche Acksent*

    “darn; the theeeng she deed NOT embed……merde!!!”

  4. Clairdelune says:

    Fird, be thankful the moderators apparently do not speak Frawnsche… :-D

  5. *conceals a slightly mischevious giggle*

    also @ Sharpy: nice cross-lingual (“do”/ “dieu” :) )

  6. Oh but I dieu! And I see your merde and kindly ask you not to wear your shoes in de bed!

  7. Veggie mom says:

    I see two men with huge noses
    discussing rhinos.
    How ironic.

  8. however the Dog in the post above has been named after Salv,ador Dali, due to his mustache resembling that of Dali.

    The film clip( from Midnight in Paris) includes time-travel.
    The main character lands — Unexpectedly — in the 1920s and meets surrealistic artists Dali and Luis Bunuel [your “two men with huge noses”] …. the artists respond to his description of his personal life, with references to rhinoceri; which would, to MOST of us, appear VERY illogical/ nonlinear / unpredictable.

    And actually, as it happens, I’m fairly certain that, when the post first appeared, one of the pics had a hovertext which referenced rhinoceri.

    Try not to sound so *superior* / condescending here.
    In general, people here tend to appreciate geekiness over expressions of “I know coolness better than you”. thanks.

  9. Veggie mom says:

    My comment was simply an observation of an ironic (as I saw it) scene..nothing condescending/ superior intended.
    I have seen Midnight in Paris and thought this interchange ironic even then. I apologize if I have offended anyone.
    Also, as I am looking at CO on my phone, I cannot see any hovertext as was presupposed.

  10. What a little cutie! What breed is he?

  11. apparently a shihtzu
    looks like the one i have

  12. ees a baby Wookie

  13. Hes a gold shih tzu!

  14. Mmmm…sparkling parsnip juice….

  15. He’s so fluffy I could just die!

  16. Killer Klown says:

    Are those Chewbacca’s baby pictures?

  17. hehe!

  18. THAT THAR???

    THAT THAR’s a cute bit o’ pup !!!!

    And whoever decided his ‘stache resembled M. Dali wuz keerect!!!

  19. What a face! I just want to smooch him all over.

  20. @ sugitomo:

    with one *slight* word replacement, I offer you this:

  21. sizzlin’!

  22. Finally someone beside me who likes fruitcake AND he’s cute!!

    Yes Augie I would love a piece of fruitcake, will you eat a piece with me? (batting my eyelashes and tossing my hair)

  23. *thud*

    I keenot survive teh cute.

  24. Clairdelune says:

    I dream
    of Augie with the striped brown hair
    and I see him cuddled on my lap…
    I dream
    of Augie with the cute button nose…
    made for kisses gentle like his eyes…
    (*my apologies to Stephen Crane*)

  25. [that one is a St. Foster item, not St. Crane; but their dates/ birth/ death are probably in the same range of years :)]

    Florida native!!

  26. Clairdelune says:

    Ooops, S. Foster it is of course!! Well, it’s not THEIR dates of birth/death causing the confusion, rather MY date of birth, if you know what I mean… uhhh… what was I sayin’? = [


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