In Otter News

Apparently cats are not the only ones who need to go to BOXHAB!

Cuteporter Mary H. reveals the latest otter expose’ from the Gulfarium at Fort Walton Beach, Florida!

“Here is a pic of the big otter pile. It was like a feeding frenzy, then we walked away for a few minutes and next thing you know… Boom! Giant, napping otter pile! I like the otter in the corner who is lounging lazy-boy style, head hanging over the edge. These otters were OTTER this world cute! Check out 3:20 on my iPad video where they bring up their ice to show us!”



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Given a good box and naptime, I think many things could be ready for boxhab..

  2. Certainly me.

  3. Uh-uh, that’s TUBHAB.

  4. “Look at my ice, look at my ice!!”

  5. I’d like a box full o’ otter for Christmas, please!

  6. “OM NOM NOM… This is the best ice EVER!”

  7. “What are they doing with the ice?”
    “Here! I’ll show you!”

    And where do I sign up for a job in which I get to give an otter a hug?

  8. Awwww they nap with their pet rock. I wonder if they call it George?

  9. Ginger Avenger says:

    Otters are too adorable, but I like how it had to be specified that the video was taken on the subby’s iPad. It’s a super cute video, that’s all we otter know.

  10. The one on his back needs some belly kisses stat.

  11. “Who maked my water hard?”

  12. Will you take a box of opossums, instead?

  13. I love how they use each others as pillows.

  14. A box of Otteheres for Christmas? OK!!!

  15. And just like its land-living equivalent, the wiener dog, the otter is also a vacuum of all that is food.

  16. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The weinie my granfather used to have would sometimes only eat out of jealousy. He had to get a croaking and moving robot bufo toad and set it next to the food bowl.

  17. Laura DragonWench says:

    Does anyone else really want an otter for a pet? Or a dozen? I know what I’m asking Santa for this Christmas!