Heartstrings Alert!!!

Me: Hey—-Heartstrings? Yo, you awake?

Heartstrings: Yeah. Whatdya want?

Me: Prepare to get YANKED. Yanked HARD.

Heartstrings: Roger that, standing by. Fire when ready.

SuperAwesum™ video sent to us by Nancy F.; video posted by Julian B. Soundtrack by Queen.



  1. michelle b adams says:

    a fave frame pleez! I canna view videos from work. For pity’s sake, man!

  2. Love how the little tyke gently puts the leash down before running off to play in the puddle.

  3. I would just love to know what breed of pup pup this is. I must have one! D:

  4. What a great dog!

  5. Aww… that doggie is so patient. He just stands there the whole time the little boy is running back and forth through the puddle. Such a dependable pooch.

    And what is it with kids and puddles? Why do they find it so much fun to run through them?

  6. And then glances back to make sure his doggie isn’t running off. That puddle must seem magical to that kid. Love it!!

  7. That dog is over it, almost like he’s saying “Honestly, where did we get this kid from?”

  8. Yes! I knew this would turn up here!

    Now, humbly submitted for your consideration, SUZY the beagle.

  9. And I am proud to say that I knew all of the words to “He’s my best friend.” Ok, then heart strings, yanked ovaries in full swing (which is a neat trick in itself, but I guess they are still there). ACK! This is getting shared! Thank you Cute Overload, you have overloaded my cute.

  10. A friend is someone who will wait patiently for you while you run through a mud puddle.

  11. Subtitle: why I don’t have a holiday tree (or a beagle, sweet though she is). Great vid!

  12. LOL!!! Suzy don’t need no hoomins to have a good time! *victory howl*

  13. Many, many times! And a best friend is someone who will not say a word about it to anyone!

  14. ADORABLE video

  15. He *parked* his dog!

  16. I thought the same thing. That is one patient pup.

    Puddles are fun! You can jump in them…cause messes and its like your own little swimming pool. Not that *I* still jump and run through puddles 😉

  17. DITTO!!

  18. Also don’t forget the sound it make when you jump in a puddle, that the part I love…I mean loved the most.

  19. Just . . . awww.

    /Penny says “Awww . . . ” too.

  20. GAH! I had forgotten how energenic young goggies are. Papa Pennefeather’s pooch was a stately elderly lady very early on (we think she might have been abused before she found her way into our hearts).

  21. SlaveToCat says:

    I still have to inspect puddles when I’m out on hiking trails. Purely scientific research of course. We have a tiny little stream in the woods behind the house. I taught my boys how to clear the leaves out of it so you can race little sticks down it. And build dams across the stream so you can get enough water to float toy boats and lego ships.

  22. SlaveToCat says:

    Sweet puppy. I was waiting for the toddler to fall into the puddle and the puppy to run over to pull her/him out.

  23. Even doggie has the “you’re lucky you’re soo cute!” look on his face a few times.

  24. yes, also my favorite part. so gentle!!

  25. For some reason, this one just got to me. 😮

  26. Martha in Washington says:

    I hope everyone has a best friend like this!

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    omigosh how nice of the people to put up a tree with doggy toys all over so she can get a different one every day! And the happy placement of the trampolines.. I mean, furniture .. Suzy is one lucky beagle!

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes! That’s exactly what he did!

  29. Oh my, they’re both soo cute 😀

  30. In the spirit of the season, my heart grew three sizes.

  31. What a great video! Suzy apparently has the perfect parents for her energetic lifestyle. How I wish I could have a beagle… but our two grumpy old boy cats say no dogs. Harrumph!

  32. That was my thought, too! These two are obviously BFF.

  33. snarkygirls9 says:

    “Who’s a good boy?”

  34. Oh, Harry Nilsson! He was one of my favorites!!!!

  35. Looks like a sharpei mix.

  36. zey bos are zee guud boyzzz (I’m rashly making the assumption, zat zee dogue eez a male of zee species…)

  37. YAY annette!!!

  38. As Garfield the Cat once put it: “For really awesome playthings, give me a Christmas tree!” 😎

    Suzy is a very cute beagle, victory howl and all.

  39. I laughed all the way through, love it!

  40. That brought back memories of my childhood dog Duke, I’m all misty now,

  41. international buddy hound

  42. beagles are rabbit hunters, and they let you know it on their schedule

    Fave Frame: 1:09, mid-leap

  43. I want to be a kid again!!

  44. I suspect this isn’t the first time Suzy has done something like this, hence the nanny cam. I also love how she seems to check the window to make sure her humans have really left before starting to, ahem, frolic…

  45. kibblenibble says:

    The song and the video are just perfect. Just perfect.

  46. This is one of the sweetest thing I’ve seen.

  47. I think he was thinking, and I”m the one with a lead ?

  48. I think there’s something wrong with me. Felt no heartstring pulls or yanks… 😦 But I did think it was cute the way he gently put the leash down! 🙂

  49. That pup squeezed a LOT of adventure into a minute and 45 seconds! And yes, I also love how Suzy checked the window first to ensure that she was truly alone. Smart girl!

  50. That sounds like the best thing ever. All little kids should be so lucky. Well done you.

  51. This is my favorite part too! So sweet and deliberate. And the loyal doggy stays there patiently waiting for his little buddy to resume their walk.

  52. A lot of adventure, indeed!! What a funny video! The howl at the end is magnificent!!!