Personal Peeg To-Do List

Here’s Squishy Kosher Pickle, with a checklist to help you do the essential peeg things you need to do every day. Have you checked these off your list today?

Lullaby a peeg to piggy sleep.

Pedicure a piggy paw.

Provide a piggyback piggy pillow.

Happily hog a puckering piggy PDA.

Squishy Kosher Pickle wants everybody to have a piggy day every day, just like Alexis H. and Randy B.


  1. Love the name “Kosher Pickle,” as well as the teeny tiny hooves in the bottom photo! What a cute wee piglet.

  2. This is so cute! But I’m more of a goat person my self.

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    It must be hard to type with hooves.

  4. Semi-Crazy Cat Lady says:

    Best. Name. Ever.

  5. anonymous coward says:

    it reminds me when someone at work came up to me and asked me where he could find kosher bacon (he was serious). i told him it was just besides the halal wine… i think i was mean, there… eek!

  6. DewiCasGwent says:

    Technically you could have Kosher pork, as all food becomes kosher if it is the only way to sustain life Duet 30:19

  7. he WHA????

  8. Third pic shows Levis’ latest design innovation: smell-bottom jeans.

  9. Available in Petite, Regular, and Porkly sizes.

  10. Yay! Oakley! :lol: :lol:

  11. He is sooo itsy bitsy!

  12. anonymous coward says:

    ? for the peeg experts ’round here: would a miniature porker coexist nicely with cats?
    curious about that.

  13. I HAVE ABSO NO Knowledge about the veracity of this webpage, a.c. However you might have a look. Acc. to the developer of this webpage, piggehs + cats can be a workable combination!! The section about p’s and cats,
    is below the section about piggehs and human toddlers/ infants.

  14. These images are so delightful, all of them! Love.

  15. It has a Mickey-Mouse-Emblem on his nose!!!!! Crazy!

  16. First pic: peegie and blanket matchinks…add the smile and I’m redonked.

  17. Why do I not have a peeg in my house???

  18. *hands Rachael a copy of textbook Existentialism 101*

  19. For some reason I read the entire thing in Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter voice. o.O Also, cute leetle peeg!!! :-D

  20. Ha! With a touch of Glaswegian burr then.

  21. Now THAT is truly a butt bed.


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