Go Trinkster, Go!

The stubbiness of these Trinket feets, plus the huge Indecision Factor, make this a #WIN. Oh, and the trotting ‘tocks at the end. WHAT.


Ton O’ Trinket here.



  1. There goes my brain.

    I remember when my kittehs were that size and had the same problem. It took them about an hour for their legs to grow long enough for stairs.

  2. The leg-to-ear ratio peoples!!! save meeeeeeee………

  3. Sorry, Emmm, I’m cute-a-fied beyond the capacity for rational thought.

  4. I wonder if Trinket is related to Butterball?

  5. for what results would G-d create a doggeh whose earses are bigger than his stumpy lil laigs??? Heck, even ELEPHANTS’ ears aren’t bigger than their legs …

  6. because it’s fun to watch?

  7. kibblenibble says:

    Those dadgum stairs are super high! 🙂 Poor little Trinket.

  8. Mr Stubbular is certainly not made for stairs. I shall volunteer to carry him everywhere he wants to go.

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    I really, REALLY hope Santa leaves a Corgi under my tree!!

  10. *giggle*

  11. *shakes tiny little fists at dadgum stairs*

  12. this seems like a reasonable solushe.

  13. I’m putting snausages out just in case.

  14. *wise nod*

    That’s ALWAYS a sound policy, Emmm.

  15. Dear Lord in Heaven: Why oh why do you make em so cute? Rendered totally useless by watching a corgi pup contemplate going down TWO stairs, and *thunk* I’m useless. Why, Lord, WHY?

  16. pupfanatic says:

    P.S.- and he HAD to be named Trinket, too??!! *THUD redeux*

  17. pupfanatic says:

    BUTTERBALL!!! Those little teeny squees from him are music to my ears.

    Oh, and *thud.*

  18. Why? ‘Cause He really loffs you.

  19. Oh great, now I get to be completely useless for yet another day. I hope my boss doesn’t notice the big pile of goo I’ve turned into.:)

  20. oh my freakin’ lord – this much adorableness is IMPOSSIBLE
    (so many pleas to deities this morning!)

    I have a theory… that corgi ears are unusually nommable. but I can’t prove it, as I have no corgi in my lap.
    I must procure a corgi. for science!

  21. @ pupfanatic:

    see dgerish’s reply to my similar question, above 🙂

  22. 😉 tl is now referencing BOTH science *AND* religion, in pursuit of her objectives!!!

  23. TRINKET! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!

    That’s such a perfect name for a perfect doggie! I giggled in front of my screen at work (good thing my coworker’s out of the office right now)

  24. It’s scawwy going down head first!!!!

  25. well I have to cover all my bases

  26. Love the carpet on the stairs – corgi color. (Good defensive action, in case you missing a vacuum day!) One suggestion (unsolicited, but I’m going ahead anyway): Put a non-skid rug at the bottom of the stairs on the hard surface; it’s kinder on the back and reduces unintential skidding.

  27. You had kitties THAT size?! LOL

  28. I’ll carry him when you’re busy, K?

  29. Trinket’s hoomins should remodel their home and make it without any stairs. Poor puppeh 😦

  30. Max Stubbular has some major competish in Trinket and Butterball. We need to see more vids to do a complete comparison. MORE! MORE CORGIS!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Once, a long time ago, for about 5 minutes. Then they got much, much bigger!