Everything’s Just Ducky

Sender-Inner Aileen M. says “Duke is a Cavachon (half Cavalier King Charles/half Bichon Frise mix) in a pair of duck slippers. Overloading with cuteness, no?”



  1. Ohmahhgawwd! Now I’ve seen everything. Now if only they squeak or quack every time Duke takes a step..

  2. el pauvre!!!!

  3. Oh my, what an overcute thought….esplodin’ mah haid!

  4. I think putting duck slippers on your dog is illegal in half the states and most of the Commonwealth. 😆

  5. Actually, he’s in TWO pairs of duck slippers.

    Now the question is, why?

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    That first photo is the most classic epitome of “BAROOO” I think we’ve ever seen on C.O. (and we’ve seen some good barooo’s…)

  7. Decidedly cute! Especially the last picture with the huge sorrowful eyes. Why?! Duke asks.

  8. Alice Shortcake says:

    2nd pic: “I’m drunk and somebody’s put duck slippers on me!”

    6th pic: “I’ve just woken up sober and somebody put duck slippers on me when I was drunk!”

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    This years Academy Award for Costume Design goes to:
    The fashion house of PAWS and its lead designer Jimmy Chew, for its paw wear
    in the movie Easter Parade.

  10. And this submish makes him a shoe-in for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

  11. This is EXACTLY why the interwebs wuz invented.


  13. With their wings extended, he looks like a canine Hermes/Mercury.

  14. cause it’s hilarious! and you are correct!

  15. emmberrann says:

    As if a single pair of ducky slippers wouldn’t be enough to try the patience of a doggeh saint! Le Petit Pauvre Chiot, that must be driving you absolument FOU!

  16. Number of duck slippers: 4.
    Number of times Duke tried to take them off: 104.

  17. Dog or god?